No! Call almost all parents in the choir. And rightly so. With a small limitation. It may also be important to stay a little firm and not to give in immediately. For your child to create an important development step.

Crying is not the same cry

let screaming child

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Whether it comes to sleep, around weaning or matter that only Mom can bring the young into bed, but not the dad - many parents give for in these situations when their child begins to scream. They remain reluctant drains, they want to change really long. But whether a child crying hurts him or not depends very much on the age and the specific situation from - and also on whether the parents remain comfortingly nearby, or leave their child alone.

Especially for older babies and toddlers it may even be important for parents to endure a conflict so that their child creates a pending development step. Give Mom or Dad always, they also hurt their own borders. This makes permanently tired and impatient - and is therefore also bad for the child. When you should never let your child cry - and when you can trust him that it grows at a accompanied by tears conflict!

When hungry at night: Do not scream!

The situation: Baby Jamie is eight months old and would like every night several times the bottle. His parents are just tired, and the pediatrician said, now needs a baby in Jamie's age at night nothing to drink. Now think about it: If you Jamie sometimes a cry be to wean him gradually from the nightly bottle bit?

Wines can - yes or no? No, absolutely not! Very many babies under one year old have at night still real hunger. But they cry not the only reason. A baby cries, is "which is a clear signal to be read for parents: It takes mindfulness, care and natural interest - plain love"Says Florian Heinen, head of the Division of Pediatric Neurology at Hauner Children's Hospital of the University of Munich in a newspaper interview. Whether they so an extra dose of milk or security want to: infants have only primal and deep needs, and who wish to be met, otherwise you trust in the world is damaged.

The best response: A baby that night want the breast or the bottle, they should always get, even if this time is very stressful for parents. Because the child would now not only drink, but it will also be held. So it gets not only the food but also the proximity and security that it needs in the long night.

New Einschlafgewohnheiten: Without protest hardly possible

The situation: "My daughter is almost nine months old and sleeps from birth solely on the arm of one. Both day and night"Sighs a Userin in Urbia forum. "If I lie down asleep, she notes that immediately sits down, crawls through the bed and is wide awake. At night, she sleeps a maximum of one hour at a time." Other babies again want to fall asleep only to his chest and scream as soon as they are deposited. Such sleep habits go mothers to the substance.

Wines can - yes or no? Yes - but accompanied by close and comfort! The baby would not willingly give up his cherished habit and crying so. But a mother has limits of their endurance, and are exceeded here. A baby does not take emotional damage when it when Mom (or Dad) rather than sleeping on her arm. If it cries for a few minutes because it has recently been laid awake, this is a comprehensible protest, but the it can withstand without damage.

The best response:  No longer need the arm or the chest to fall asleep, is a development stage, parents should allow the child. Even if it is crying first. For it is not alone, mom or dad are with him, it caress and talk to him. They must no longer be crying than a few minutes her baby. Once the baby starts to scream in rage, parents can try whether it is sufficient only half on the arm take (forearm under the baby's body slide). little one "breast sleeper" You can create short, until they have calmed down before you start a second attempt (but no further for that day!). The familiarization takes time in the course of several days of protest of the baby is getting less fail outraged.

Baby cries because only mom should wrap: This wine may be

The situation:  Many small children want to be almost supplied only from the mother. "My son, 1.5 years can no longer bring Papa to bed himself. Bin helps totally desperate, he just yells on and crying out for me nothing", Posting a Urbia-user. Other activities can hardly take some fathers: "The 24-month-old daughter is totally Mummy fixed. So much so that her father should not do anything. In all, she says 'make Mama'. If it makes her daddy, she begins to weep bitterly and scream"Complains another helpless Urbia-mother whose partner is loving, but unsuccessfully tried Childbirth.

Wines can - yes or no? Yes. No baby or toddler suffers if his own father lovingly cares for it. but children are habitual beings: If mainly the mother takes care of everyday things, it often happens that the child in this case no longer accepted the dad. His crying is therefore an angry protest against the unfamiliar.

The best response: The father should not be insecure themselves. The child does not reject it, but simply want the usual routine. is now important that the Papa spite of weeping his "job" makes and remains behind. So that the child does not cry too long, best initially only a short activity book (Wrap). The mother should stand aloof, not advise and possibly not even be in the room. So the child accept more easily that now the father is responsible. Thus, the success is achieved, but it is crucial that the father takes over certain tasks on a regular basis now. Only routine finishes "fremdeln" the child from the supply by the dad. 

Baby will be worn continuously: Short wines inevitable

The situation: Some babies will be worn during the day, otherwise they cry. ". Sohnemann No. 3 is now five months developing well - except that he wants to be worn all day, only permanent. That makes me slow but finished. Alas, I put it off for two seconds, he screams his throat out, running on blue and increases' in it until he can not breathe"Reported a Userin in Urbia forum, which can not even walk without her baby on the toilet.

Wines can - yes or no? Yes, but only shortly! If the mom in the room, talking to the baby and can be seen by him, it is not harmful if the child needs a while lying on the playmat. Of course, babies have liked physical contact. Keep it but mentally from that full-time wear is not always possible. More importantly, they are in the middle of the action, that is, where even mom or dad are.

The best response:  The baby is not too heavy, it can sit part of the day in a carrier, even with the housework as their parents or go. Nevertheless, a baby must learn that the world feels okay, if space is not being worn. At first, parents should place the baby only a few minutes. If it cries, she can talk to him, stroke him and soothe, to turn to in between but also short of another activity (within sight). Depending clingy baby, the shorter the drop should be first to be gradually extended.

Breastfeeding: When weaning tears are usually unnecessary

The situation: The mother wants to gradually wean, but the child is crying right away if it does not get the chest. So it is with a Urbia-Userin: "My son can (9.5 months) from the beginning is an absolute breast child. It takes up to now neither bottle nor cup. Then, crying, and he throws from left to right and is really angry. I really have never let him otherwise cry, but I would like to wean but happy times"Writes a mother in Urbia-breastfeeding and diet forum.

Wines can - yes or no? No, because that is not necessary at most, weaning almost always without tears. Since breastfeeding should be a mutual thing that always concerns the needs of two people, a mother should not breastfeed against their will. However, they have to calculate more time than initially thought for weaning often. A child-friendly weaning may take loose six to eight weeks. This takes time, incidentally, usually the chest in order to face, or face engorgement.

The best response: the "gentle weaning", In this method, the mother offers the breast not by itself, but waits until the child answers. Want the child then to the breast, the mother is reluctant at first a bit and tried to distract it again a few minutes. They are the offspring also before the feedings a small bottle or some porridge, so that the first hunger is gone already. Thus, the close breastfeeding can loosen gradually.

but accepts a baby any bottle nipple, recommend midwives to try these measures: with the sucker Always wipe over baby's mouth at the side (rooting reflex triggers), let the dad trying feeding, wrap the bottle in a garment of the mother, the bottle for the first time offer if the baby is not too hungry (and therefore less tolerant) is. If necessary, the milk can be instilled with a small plastic spoon, which does not take more to experience as a midwife breastfeeding. From six months to a training cup with soft spout is.

Do not cry at parting let in kindergarten

The situation:  It burdens parents very much when their child cries every morning at the farewell at the daycare center. "For a week it's awful. My daughter (2) do not want me to go. She always says, 'Mom stay here', and weeps bitterly. I really stay there long, so they have time right to get there. But once I'd like to go, she cries and clutching my leg"A Urbia-Userin posting a loss. 

Wines can - yes or no? Only when there is no alternative! The best that emphasize developmental psychologists, is for children called "gentle acclimatization", Here, parents are allowed to stay for days and weeks with the Kiga. They go after a few days of minutes later for a long time away. unfortunately most nurseries do not offer the gentle settling or only in a very limited form. Therefore, many parents are not entirely around children tears at parting.

The best response: Starts a child to play quickly once Mom or Dad are gone, parents and child a short wines (about five to ten minutes) must bear at parting. But crying is long or has it in between crying again on Kiga morning, you should talking to the teachers - if necessary quite strongly - looking for an individual solution. It now can help as long to stay for some time in the morning there, until the child into the game. Or it for a few days earlier (after one to two hours) to pick up again. 

let such cry long? 

So although there are situations in which parents can withstand tears of her child. but you should never be longer than a few minutes to cry or sit idly by as it cries out in shrill desperation inside. Also parents should not let their child here alone, but have kind, loving and calmly comfort him.

How can a baby crying a long time can not be determined with the watch case, here parents should just listen carefully. You can estimate: Knöttert her baby only? Crying there, but not very energetic? Or is it already in the process itself "wegzuschreien", Restrained Knöttern one may allow longer than real wines. And this in turn may be tolerated somewhat longer than high-pitched crying, which may last only a few moments.