In the Middle Ages chaste tree slowed the engines of religious brothers. Today, the fruit is rather known that it helps the Wunschkind on the jumps.

Chaste Tree: medicinal plant with a long tradition

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The monks of the Middle Ages used the fruit as a substitute for pepper, because spices were almost priceless. He also helped them to comply with the vow of chastity, for he shall dampen the male sex drive. Of this "side effect" the chaste tree has since also its other name: chaste tree (read Keusch Lamb), the translation of the Latin term Agnus castus. The inconspicuous meadow plant from the Mediterranean and the Near East helped the holy brothers, so to speak, to always remain meek.

Today, the chaste tree (of insiders is short "Möpf" called) one of the most commonly prescribed remedies in gynecology. Meanwhile, it has namely been found that this verbena plant mainly produces its strengths in females. so is of course by no means a loss of pleasure meant for sex ...

Can the chaste tree help the child?

Remained unfulfilled desire to have children yet, because a woman has an irregular, too long or too short cycle, it does not have access to the same hormone tablet. Often sufficient for several months taking the chaste tree for stabilizing the cycle. Even with early spotting on the days prior to the rule, if they are caused by an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone (progesterone), acts of "Möpf" often excellent because its mode of action is similar to that of this corpus luteum hormone. Quite often by the chaste tree herb also Follikelreifungsstörungen (leading to incomplete or missing ovulation) fixed the egg "jumps" again, as it should.

However, on their own, the herb should not take women, menstrual disorders and bleeding out of turn can also indicate a disease and have to be clarified by the gynecologist. And as for all the herbs also applies here: The Möpf often helps, but not always. One should, however, be some months to exert its regulatory effect the Möpf.


Fertility: Can Chasteberry help?

The chaste tree herb makes a good mood

But not only when trying to conceive the Chaste is announced. Even with the proverbial irritability and bad temper, which often affects women before the days (the so-called premenstrual syndrome.) He is a great help: He makes namely good mood, depression and grumpy Knurrigkeit disappear. Other vormenstruelle complaints such as the typical breast tenderness, fluid retention, acne and headaches can prevent the herb, when taken over a longer period.

Also, many nursing mothers has already done valuable help the chaste tree herb. Remains during breastfeeding times the amount of milk behind the child's appetite returned, the chaste tree can stimulate milk production often successful.

Actually, the Möpf for almost every phase is called for in a woman's life: even for women in menopause, it can thus replace some hormone pill. he still can the annoying side effects of hormonal changes, such as hot flashes, depression, fatigue or nervousness alleviate.