If your baby was born and manifests itself by screaming, usually the big guessing game begins: Why my baby cries? Our article shows the most common reasons why babies cry and explains how you respond best to.

Baby language is the cry

cry baby

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Your baby cries and you have no idea what's wrong? With your uncertainty you as a new mom or -Papa not alone: ​​even the baby has no idea what's going on and what it actually wants. It just feels a uncomfortable feeling and so to speak, calls for help to get rid of that feeling again. His screams could therefore translate into the following words: "Man Mami, I feel something of modest, please help me to make the stop." Whether this bad feeling caused by hunger, fatigue, the desire for closeness or otherwise, knows the little creature in the beginning just as his parents.

Therefore, the first few weeks are a very important time of getting to know. And as long as you have not learned to distinguish the two screaming what your baby now just needs (that there should be, but is probably not the rule), you have no other choice than try out anything.

Checklist - The most common reasons why babies cry:

Before you look at the reasons that may be behind the cry of your baby, one more important remark in advance: the cry of a baby is mother and father instinctively alert, they feel a strong desire to comfort the baby, usually beginning by it - if it's just - high take and record physical contact with him. This instinct parents should definitely trust. On this point, it is a broad consensus in research today. to respond to the cries of the baby, not to ignore it, is the most important basis for ensuring that a baby can develop properly and build basic trust.

Is the baby hungry?

When the baby cries, it may initially help to invest it to her chest, because babies often are hungry! the infant, however, was just breastfed or given the bottle, hunger may be providing the cause of crying.

just needs it your neighborhood?

Babies are so used to from their time in the womb ago closest physical contact with the mother. Since it is not surprising that they also call for the birth after that. When the baby cries, it therefore may mean that it will be very close to mom or dad - preferably on their arm - and would like to be rocked as in the womb, to feel secure.

Is the baby tired?

Many, perhaps most babies do not sleep easy if they are tired, they do not even know that the solution to their discomfort would be asleep. So they scream like crazy. How to help a baby to sleep? There is really no magic formula, but once it is more important: Every child is different! It may be, therefore, that a baby who falls prefer at the breast to sleep that it is often rocked in a cradle, or that his best eyes close on a ride in the stroller. If the parents are lucky, it can be accompanied to sleep with a song or gentle stroking. Some babies seem to feel the sound of the dishwasher as a particularly relaxing and it should thus be restless spirits whose vociferous currency can only be parked at a drive around the block or through the loud fan of hairdryers temporarily.

It has three-month colic?

Babies in the first months often suffer from the so-called three-month colic. However, actually is not determined what that is exactly. On one hand, has long been believed that babies have abdominal pain especially after meals, because the digestive system is still immature and around toil for example, with flatulence. Then the theory came up, babies cried not because they had bloating, flatulence but would arise only through the crying not because the little ones while swallowing air. And finally there is also the view that the term "Three-month colic" would simply for all the unsettled states of malaise that is experiencing a baby during the first month and easily find no explanation for the adults.

Whatever, it is actually often observed that babies are satisfied after breastfeeding or bottle feeding for a short time and soon begin to squirm and scream. Suitable antidote: the baby move, preferably in the so-called flyer handle. It is placed with the belly down on the forearm, the hand of an adult holding the baby between the legs; Shoulder and head of the little worm are the Ellbeuge or on the arm of the adult. Many babies love it too when it easily knocks with the other hand on his butt. Often it can be in this position "let off some steam",

Other options: Gently massage baby's tummy, maybe with a few droplets cumin oil, thereby underline hand clockwise on its belly. Or baby's legs bend and make circular motions. Some parents swear by a warm cherry stone pillow she put her newborn to the abdomen.

As you calm your baby, also shows our video:

Po miracle or other discomfort?

When a baby cries, it is also true to check whether, perhaps, too much heat or as a wonderful Po could be the cause of cold. Babies love it as not particularly if they Mützchen her to slip in the face at walk that they can not see anything. Some actually scream even when the diaper is too long fully what others are not a bit disturbing. Still others feel at all comfortable with that, when pushed into the overheated department store in the stroller and in full winter gear. No wonder if there so many small sprout out of patience snaps. Sometimes rolling, tangled and babies jam and so unfavorable in their sleeping bag or for example on the blanket under her baby coach to reason that they have no more room to move and catch annoying screaming. So Again, When a baby cries, necessarily react and see if everything is in order. Sometimes visible external reasons are to blame.


When the baby cries frequently, it may also be that first tooth comes - especially after the fourth month or later. It may be, for example, a reference to teething when the baby is, actually tired enough to sleep, was sometimes even dozed off and then suddenly fierce cries. Parents often report that children are very fussy and unbalanced to teething around. Frequently teeth come through in conjunction or immediately after a cold.

Teething children need to suck a particularly strong need and around to bite on something. Often they stuck to everything in their mouths, what they can get their fingers, the whole fist, their Holzrassel or the arm of her cuddly animal. Relief may be chewing on something coolers, such a peeled carrot or a teething ring. Are the racks lit and the child is very deprived of sleep, you can try it by massaging the rack with a clean finger - to help - possibly soaked in strong chamomile tea or a pain relieving teething gel.

Get your baby's first cold?

When a baby cries a lot, is also a first infection - a cold or diarrhea - be the cause. This occurs frequently between the third and the sixth month of life. At this time the maternal passive immunity has been used up and the baby infected with increasing mobility more and more things in the mouth and thus comes into contact with many germs.

When a baby cries a lot and common cold symptoms shows, so for example, a runny nose, it is especially necessary to consider whether it also has fever. In fever, the pediatrician should be consulted. Is not a fever because it helps to pay attention to sufficient humidity (wet towels on the heater) to carry the baby much with him when it calls for it, and possibly boiled him of nasal congestion with a pipette one to two drops slightly to sprinkle salted water into the nose.

A diarrhea of ​​the baby by the way indicates green slimy chair. see also in this case the best pediatrician.

Is the baby over-excited?

Most parents can sing a little song. Restless many babies, especially in the early evening. Maybe it is the many impressions of the day, which then lead to a sort of irritation - can sometimes be removed only by extensive screaming - as it seems. For indeed, many babies are calm at this time nothing and often is the first thing the working partners are already pressed gets the evening at the front door in his hand, a screaming bundle, while the or the home-at-heart straight to a room withdraws, slamming the door behind him and there laboriously struggling for composure.

Against this cry hours helps first and foremost, to carry the baby to the body, perhaps with the help of a sling or -sacks and there before you lose the nerve to give to another person in order to be able to collect a little again. If no one on the spot, it's better just to another room to a safe place to put the baby plays (his crib) and next door to breathe deeply for a few minutes. Sometimes happens in these moments the miracle that the baby completely exhausted suddenly falls into a deep sleep and the mother or father can finally relax again.

Did it boredom?

No one would find it exciting, always staring at the ceiling or on the substance of a sky lounge car. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that there is also baby's always the same places sometime boring and they yearn for new ideas and games. How fast and often this happens is entirely dependent on the temperament of fresh earth citizen again. Some babies are just beginning to whine when they are already an hour on the baby blanket, others find it already outrageous, even being placed there and not constantly exploring on Mother's Arm news that the apartment offers. This can also be the way eventually maxed out and most inquisitive babies calm down wonderfully with a walk.

If a surge in development?

All parents will notice over time that there are quieter and more restless phases in the life of a baby. When a baby cries frequently, for some unknown reason is restless constantly smiles less than usual and prefers constantly want to be with mum or dad again, often a surge in development in the offing straight. First, is not to see what is going on, the baby is restless and affectionate than before. But suddenly, after a few stressful days or perhaps weeks, remember the parents that their baby evolved and acquired new skills has. Then again, a quieter, more relaxed phase begins - until the next burst of development approaching. To soothe babies at this stage, it is beneficial to give in to their need for more close and not getting upset that this may be seen as a step backwards. When developing new skills in the brain of the infant, this seems to unsettling effect on the small, it is looking increasingly protection for mom and does this also needed at this time.

And how much crying is normal?

One thing is certain: There is restless and calmer babies, regardless of the particular abilities of his parents. Mothers and fathers of babies who cry a lot do, first of all, nothing worse than others who are lucky enough to have got a calmer baby. Because even the newborn brings a very unique, distinctive temperament with the world.

According to a British study (March 2017) crying babies during the first six weeks of life an average of about two hours a day. After that, the daily cry duration significantly decreases and is around 10 to 12 weeks on average only one hour. However, there are big differences between the scream duration of individual babies.

But when a baby cries too much? For many years, there is a scientific definition here: Then it is called a cry baby when a baby cries on three days a week for more than three hours. But more important than this criterion is the subjective experience of the parents, the psychologist Frauke Ostmann, and "that the child's persistent crying is perceived by parents as a burden - whether a half or eight hours a day",

One thing is certain: Restless babies represent a major challenge, their parents are often exhausted and nervous tension. In such babies, it is particularly important that not one person - is around the clock alone with the baby - usually it's the mother. Parents of babies need strenuous particularly common and special support. Because for all their love - constantly disturbed sleep and the loud tone of the baby just go every man to the substance. Especially the relatives and friends of young parents are called to do these teach not only with clever comments, but instead actively help ensure that the parents are not with their great task alone.