Nature knows no tables and so vary the normal temperature from child to child. Nevertheless, there are approximate values ​​from when physicians of elevated temperature and when speaking of fever.

Young high fever

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Fever in children - what is it?

When a child begins to glow, never fails to do his parents cold. So commonplace it is and so often children are afflicted with fever - when the thermometer signals a rise in temperature, this enables mother and father reliable light alert: Has raged just too much the child or is sick? If so, what infection is now well into the house? When to bring the fever down? Add to that prefer home remedies, suppositories, a juice? When should you go with the young doctor? Urbia collected Important Information about fever, explains causes and effective aids - so that parents can keep a cool head even when fevered offspring.

Fever is not a disease but a symptom. It usually indicates that the organism is with pathogens apart. The body is trying to create by increasing its temperature, an "unfriendly" environment for invading viruses or bacteria and killing them that way. Some parents have however already observed that their child feels very warm in the sun or in warm rooms after the romp. If you measure now, however, the body temperature, usually turns out that this is not more than 38 degrees. The increased temperature has no clinical significance in this case. Too little drinking, vomiting or heavy sweating can sometimes trigger this rise in temperature.

When has a baby or child has a fever?

Nature knows no tables. Still, doctors are trying to divide different stages fever. There are different limits. Fever in infants from when one really speaks of elevated temperature, at what point of fever ?:

  • Normal temperature 36 to 37 degrees Celsius
  • Elevated temperature 37 to 38 degrees Celsius
  • Fever: from 38 degrees Celsius
  • High fever: from 40 degrees Celsius

This division but can be interpreted somewhat flexible in the lower part: Some doctors speak only at 38.5 degrees body temperature Children of fever. And a temperature of 37.2 degrees can still be normal. Individual normal temperature fluctuates namely from child to child, as pediatrician Dr. Andreas Busse says. He advises, quiet once to measure the temperature of their own child when it is healthy, and indeed several times ". So you know your base temperature that can change depending on the physical activity, ambient temperature and time of day"

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