to be afraid of giving birth is normal. Almost every woman, it goes like this. Because a birth is a huge event. Our article gives suggestions on what options are available to deal with the fear.

Fear of pregnancy and birth

resting Pregnant

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When Claudia Sturm * thinks of her first pregnancy, she remembers mainly to unpleasant feelings. "I was at that time except me", Reports the translator from Hamburg. "I had intense fear of losing control, letting doctors and midwives decide about me. The notion of being able to determine not over my body, has caused great fear in me." Because her baby then wanted the Po first born, she gave birth by Caesarean section.

Tension leads to more fear

Fear of childbirth is normal and all the women they know. In women who are expecting their first child, it is above all the fear of the unknown and before the mercy of a completely foreign situation. And out of concern for the health of the child, it is the thought of the pain of childbirth, which frightens many women. Because no matter how natural and safe birth today typically runs: There is rarely a truly "litter" Birth. Birth is almost always a dramatic, huge event, and the pain it are part of the experience. Unfortunately, there is that great fears can lead to stress, which in turn does not just relieve the pain. But there are many ways to learn how to deal with fear.

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Dealing with the fear

discuss fears with the midwife

Andrea Wehling, midwife in Cologne, explains its strategy for dealing with the fear: "First, it is important to acknowledge the fear. Then the woman should seek a midwife that responds to their needs and talk to her about these things. Unfortunately far too rare specimen midwives who care for women during their pregnancy and accompany to the hospital." Personal contact with a familiar midwife who can afford the checkups, offers the safest opportunity to deal with the anxiety. "The explanation of the birth process is important and anxiety-reducing effect"Explains Andrea Wehling. "Because the more familiar I am with what's going to happen there, the less fear it makes me. However, birth movies with sound are not the best means to do so."

For confidence in the own body

An important task of midwives to encourage women to find confidence in themselves and their bodies. In childbirth class pregnant women, aware to relax and breathe properly learn. Anyone who has learned to relax and to concentrate on his breathing, although still has a lot of pain, but can better deal with it and does not feel delivered that way. Also, relaxation techniques like yoga or autogenous training can be very helpful.

the epidural

Pain control by PDA

Normally, no pain medication during childbirth come first to application. Is the pain but unbearable and the birth no longer goes ahead, it is reassuring to know that there is something about it. A woman who thinks "I have my child definitely get course"Just tense up. Pressure to perform is out of place and the fear is more likely to intensify. The epidural anesthesia (PDA) can ease a difficult birth lot. "In the US and in France, the PDA has now become a standard, with us, we encourage the women are more likely to try it so"Says Andrea Wehling. Many women who predict that they want a PDA, win during childbirth so much strength that the syringe is no longer an issue.

The caesarean section

Cesarean for fear of pain?

superior sometimes to bring particularly women who have experienced a traumatic first birth, her second child with a caesarean section on the world. This possibility is, of course, if the fears are overwhelming. But midwives advise against it prefers to look into such cases as early as the prenatal these fears, their causes and means together with a midwife in the eye. A sensitive, maternal companion can be very helpful in fighting large fears.

"It is good that there is this possibility of delivery (caesarean section), but the decision should, only from a medical necessity to be hit"Says the midwife Andrea Wehling. Women who have experienced both a vaginal delivery and a caesarean birth say frequently that normal birth despite the pain was the more beautiful experience.

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