How do babies deal? Can my baby play really know? And if so, what to see Is toys really been useful? Information and many suggestions for playing with babies for the first few weeks and months, there is in this article.

Baby Games: Just not too much action

Baby Games Pezziball

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"Put the little ones but here back"Says Tina, bringing a whole mountain Babyspielzeug cause. "How about the rattle? Or the grip ring or check it out, this Teddy liked Anna Lena always so happy." January but does not like the teddy and begins to cry. "I think that's a bit much for him"Says his mother and takes her son on the arm. sitting on mom's lap, Jan calmed quickly and his playfulness returns. He grabs a key from the table. He is concerned for half an hour while the mom and her friend drink coffee in peace.

"The mother has acted just right. The girlfriend has probably meant well, but children should not be zudonnern toys and basically express nothing in his hand them" assessed diploma remedial teacher and educator Marijana Gladbach the situation. "You can even put some things around them, but they should decide which toys they take." When you think about games in the first year, which is one of the rules that you should keep in mind. Many parents mean well, but seem their child often end too much. One should not be recorded as an entertainer with too much action but his child. "Pay close attention to his reaction." This works best if you handle quietly and slowly with him. "In a moment, it's still funny when you cut a grimace, in another moment it scares." If they turn his head or cry, both small signal clearly: do not like the game to me (anymore).

The basic rules: Do I deal with my baby?

Next to Mom and Dad

Most of all babies playing where they feel most comfortable - close to mother and father. "Push your child to the nursery from. The little ones are looking for closeness and security of parents", Marijana Gladbach recommends.

Once it is absorbed, one should not tear out of his game: "If you have to interrupt it, then only with prior notice and in such a way that the child can see you - so from the front"Advises the teacher. For example: "Dear Jan, I see that you just exactly are examining the screen, you can do it like to take, but I have to lift you."

Too much promoting creativity inhibits

When it comes to baby games, should not be thinking only of the promotion. The creativity tends to be restricted by too much promotion. Of appropriate toys the teacher holds nothing: "This loud educational toys with Dingel Dingel, Muh and Old MacDonald has a farm-noise is terrible. Fördermaterial promotes only the expectations of parents, nothing else." By playing on the child learns enough, we do not have to deal with special educational toys.

In any case, the little ones do not distinguish between playing and learning. In its first seven years of life play about 15,000 hours - which are seven to eight hours a day. At the age of a few weeks, they begin with their future "preoccupation" to: in the game to gain experience about the nature of the world. After playing all by itself promotes development. "The meaning of children's play is the action itself", The pediatrician Remo H. Largo explains in his book "Baby years", They investigate, the objects with which they come into contact in everyday life: "Ui, the pen makes great noise when I hit it on the table - I must equal still trying times" or "Aha, the cup falls down when it is released. For real? I'll try it out again prefer."

In addition, they practice according Largo so that a congenital behaviors. "The child crawls without the parents had fooled him this mode of transportation. It carries out this kind of locomotion a playful way." By imitation new skills are acquired in the game. In the first year of life it starts, for example, sounds imitate. An important step to learn to speak.

In order to properly develop, babies must therefore of the pediatrician's opinion have sufficient time and opportunity to "mundeln" (Ie to feel objects with the mouth and examine) to manipulate and view objects. The "toys" should of course be dangerous, so

  • be large enough that infants can not fully take in your mouth,
  • do not have sharp edges and points,
  • be unbreakable,
  • be nontoxic.

On the following pages you'll find suggestions on which games your treasure can perceive their environment with all their senses.

Zero to three months old: Does my baby have toys?

Real toy is those first weeks and months, not an issue. Babies deal fully in order to perceive the environment. However, mothers and fathers can be a great help to her child. If you give him close, a lot of talk to him and it can always be with you, it is best to absorb its environment in itself.

  • However, you can already begin to sing to him. Your song you wanted to actually inflict on anyone? Even if you do not always hit all the notes, your treasure will enjoy singing anyway, because your voice recognize it again. The melody of a (not too flashy) Music Box is also listening to the baby already interested.
  • Make his lute after by looking gurrst, chuckles, quiet waxed and laughing with him.
  • Another game in the first few weeks may be changing your facial expressions. Distort the mouth or blink his eyes. For this you can also make funny noises. Since the infant can not look very far to offer the game, especially when winding, if one is very close to the face.
  • Karin Mönkemeyer has in her book "Games for all five senses" in addition to many game ideas a very useful tip for "Baby's First sight for sore eyes" - the mobile. Usually it is placed over the crib or on the changing table. Therefore, only those mobiles are useful, where you can see anything from below while lying down and not only sharp edges can be seen. Leave you so do not hide in the selection of the beautiful side view, but simply lie down before buying even less.
  • Even at that age you can first finger plays pretend, for example,

    "This is the thumb,
    shakes the plums,
    reading them on,
    takes them home
    and the little wretch she eats at all."
    Here, take one finger at a time and gently streichst about it.

    Or the "Ten Little Zappelmänner":

    Ten small Zappelmänner fidget back and forth,
    ten small Zappelmännern falls the not difficult.
    Ten small Zappelmänner wriggle down and,
    ten small Zappelmänner do that again and again.
    Ten small Zappelmänner fidget around,
    ten small Zappelmänner which are not stupid.
    Ten small Zappelmänner like to play hide,
    ten small Zappelmänner are suddenly gone.
    Ten small Zappelmänner are now back,
    ten small Zappelmänner shout: Hurray!
    To make your hands the corresponding Zappelbewegung.

How important old children's songs and rhymes are already in the first 12 months for the overall development, the speech therapist Heide explains Mende short: "The old nursery rhymes are irreplaceable practice fields for lips, tongue, teeth and palate." Just because they are slowly, clearly and distinctly überartikuliert, nursery rhymes are essential for language development. "In them, the child can taste the essence of vowels and consonants and taste. Not its content makes its value, but its rhythmic force that developed the mouth, nose, throat and ear space healthy."

Three to six months old

Hands, feet, everyday objects

During this time the baby wants to deal with their own hands, especially - they get together and consider, is a game that is fun for a long time the little ones. A gripping ring or a rattle are now meaningful toys - but just like they attack even after normal everyday objects such as a spoon or a comb in his hand.

If the feet also come into range, they find it at its most beautiful when they touch her bare feet themselves may or may you they caress or sometimes tickle. When snort on the abdomen or in the neck, the little ones can not stop laughing almost. Perhaps like you and your offspring fondling so good that you want to try baby massage? In the German Society for baby and child massage you'll find training courses in your area.

Crackle, rustle, splash

After the first three months, the baby looks wide awake and takes great interest his surroundings. It trains all his senses and looks forward to any suggestion. It noted that it can even produce sounds. Give him to papers with which it can crackle (plain as possible because of the printer's ink, which may contain heavy metals), listen to together as water flows in water or as it splashes when a hand claps to the surface. This is best done in the bathtub - the time in the water is already a feast for the senses: the skin feels the warm wet, see the eyes as it splashes and the ears hear the same noise, clapping plus their own juchzen , Who has great fun with water games on the domestic pan out, found at deals in every major city.

Tip: Organizing but even a "concert"Smite together with wooden spoons for example pots or cardboard boxes and pillows.

The world of light

Quieter is the common sight of candlelight. Take your little darling's lap and enjoy the flame and the amazed eyes of a child. In addition there is also an electric version: Lasse scurrying the beam of a flashlight on a wall.

First hiding game

Now is the right age for the famous cuckoo game: For this you keep your hands to his face, especially before your eyes, then you pull it away suddenly and calling "cuckoo", Instead of your own hands, you can take a cloth and then do sometimes to his face of the child. The short voltage until the "disappeared" emerge parents again, they like to keep out.

A variant of the game is the following song:
"Our eyes have disappeared (eyes behind their hands). We do not have eyes multi egg, because the eyes are back (hands back away) - trallalalaa." Thus, the mouths, noses and ears can also disappear. Eventually, the baby also hide themselves behind their hands. Then you have to react naturally quite frightened. These repeats the children can occupy forever.

to hide even things themselves, the kids find very exciting. For example, a spoon, they drop to the ground (and the out of the field of the baby "disappears"). Mom and Dad are the subject again "conjure up", The game is and is not boring. Do not worry: It will not bully you with this game. By repeating it learns: "Aha, even though I no longer see him, it seems the spoon still to give."

mirror Mirror on the wall

Looking together in the mirror while you kämmst your hair or brushing the teeth. The baby is interested in looking at your reflection. Then the attention distract on your own reflection in which you show it and ask, "Who's the baby?"

Body Games, crawling verses

Gentle body games you can already start also, for example:

The locomotive:
The adult holds the baby by the ankles and moving the legs to the rhythm of a steam locomotive anfahrenden - sometimes faster, sometimes slower. It makes use of the hissing sound of a steam engine to or sings: Tuff, Tuff, the railroad, who wants to take to Grandma? I do not ride alone, I nehm' me with (name).

The crawling snail:
You let to the tune of "Frère Jacques" your finger on the little body up and down and finally crawling tickle his belly. The text: Small snail; Little snail crawling up, crawls up, crawls back down, crawls back down, tickles you on the belly, tickle you on the belly.

It can crawl even mice, spiders or other animals high.

Six to twelve months old: How do I deal with my baby now?

Hurray, I come forward!

During these months, the little ones are becoming more flexible. Rotate, roll through the apartment, some crawling, some slip to the bottom around. Therefore, moving objects are now interesting. Animals you may use, as well as electric cables, where hanging heavy objects in part. By now, you should make your home a potential: instead of an electric cable you can a harmless object such as a paper towel hanging on a string - the baby understands the cause and effect principle when it realizes at some point that can be adduced the subject.

In these months, children love it too, romp with parents. For example:

  • When "Hoppe Reiter"
    For this you take the child on her lap and sing "Hoppe Hoppe Reiter, when he falls, he cries, if he falls into the ditch, eat him the Ravens, he falls into the swamp, then makes the plop riders." These boxer shorts and countenance fallen you the knees and the "plumps" lets you easily drop the child, and then hold it again.
  • In the body slide
    sitting on the floor you have your son or your daughter on her knees or thighs, you lift your legs slowly, making it slide on the belly.
  • When lift game
    Lift your treasure up quickly and then let it down again. It is particularly important to pay attention to the reaction. Some children is too wild, they get scared.

explore objects

But not only movement is important. Point play with different materials: things made of cloth, wood and plastic. Pack a small box with various items together. Therein can be included: golden lid, empty plastic tubes without cap, drawn onto a cord stopper, a filled with cotton and firmly knotted handkerchief, wooden spoon, a fixed supplied Bolt-plastic vial containing a few dried peas (rattle), and much more. Almost everything is suitable for a game. If you exchange things in the magic box again, the little deal for weeks always enjoy it.

Sand, soil, stones

If the weather cooperates, then baby games with sand, earth or stones are ideal. As long as the sandbox is not full of cigarette butts and dog shops, you can also enjoy the experience, even to have a mouth full of sand to the child.

Towards the end of the first year they love things to collect it and to sort or stack. Building blocks or ring pyramids are now suitable. But phones, for rotating the disc, cars used to marshal vehicles for loading, balls, sand toys; Finger puppets and picture books.

The absolute favorite"game" but stays during the first year of life: Born to be - on the arm in a baby carrier or cloth, very close to mom or dad - no matter what the case else does: cooking, cleaning up, chatting or shopping. feel the movement, feel the breathing, hear the voice and smell the vicinity. This multi-sensory experience exchange the most against any toy in the world like one.

Further links and literature on the subject:

  • German Society for baby and child massage:
  • Remo H. Largo: "Baby years"
    (New edition 03.07.2017, 576 pages, Piper Verlag, 25,00 €)