"Congratulations, you're six months pregnant!" Expectant parents who have for months not guessed by her happiness should react expresses shock at such a statement from her gynecologist. But can such a thing really happen?

Fairy tales or facts?

Woman pregnancy test

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The period is from, you will be awakened by nausea in the morning, stretch the breasts, the belly grows. Most pregnancies become apparent with typical signs. Hard to imagine how because of the growing baby in nothing shall noticed. But that's what you always hear: Pregnant women who for 20 weeks did not know about their joyful anticipation. Are the only stories? Or is that really possible? We asked, in women who have known.

I assumed that the signs were clearly

Dental assistant Anne found out about her pregnancy until the 18th week: "After stopping the pill I had not expressed my irregular days at the beginning of three months. Then I had to have been hoping pregnant. I have almost a year measured temperature, made ovulation. All to no avail. Not to mention the countless pregnancy tests. In August I decided to let it go as it has really driven me crazy. I let it come to me easily and was thought that the signs were very clear. At about the eighth week I even made a test, but it was negative. So I assumed, I can not be pregnant and have not tested further." Besides an increased hunger, there were no signals, such as nausea or chest pain that the "Surprise egg" had alluded in her uterus.

Suspected that she might be pregnant, Anne has therefore only when the usual Christmas kilos did not go down. A test confirmed the suspicion and a few days later, the gang followed to the gynecologist: "I was really flabbergasted when you something about the 17th or 18th week told me! At first I was a little overwhelmed, because then it went so fast. I've been looking forward though, but it comes to mind every little sin that you have committed in recent months. Looking back, I see it more positively, that my worst 'Bibberphase'erspart remains. However, what concern has given me, my work: the risk that, or I could have infected me with something that dealing with the X-rays could have harmed the baby. According to gynecologist nothing but happens to the little ones, thank goodness!"

People who eat a lot, takes hold to

As a pregnancy feels, would Urbia-Licensees "pupsik_1984" need to know. . Nevertheless, the then young mother of two of No. 3 has long suspected nothing: "The third pregnancy was not planned. Since I have nursed for a long time, I did not have my period." But the 28-year-old was asked repeatedly whether she was pregnant again, "Well, I had a little weight, but it slipped my food portions. I was kind of more hungry than usual, but no other complaints. My husband said, 'Anyone who eats a lot, takes hold zu.' After my sister spoke to me for a possible pregnancy, I was getting a bit annoyed and wanted to do a test to prove to everyone that I am NOT pregnant." to "can the result pupsik_1984" remember it well: "The two strips were turning bright red in seconds. I was shocked at first!" From this point, she could feel the unborn in her womb: "My mother said, I imagine that. But I kept asking myself, what month I was comfortable and had even researched at Urbia, from when you can feel fetal movement."

Quickly she led the way to the gynecologist: "She did an ultrasound and said, 'Congratulations, you have a boy' Then they calculated the due date: I was already in the 21 weeks! My husband was shocked and I had the whole first digest once, but was glad I until the due date no longer had so long." Since the family planning was actually completed after two daughters, "had pupsik_1984" baby equipment already sold, so everything had to be bought new for the Sohnemann: "I'm really addicted to buying mania, afraid I would not make it in time to get everything. I sometimes had the feeling that ran me out of time. But on the other hand, the wait struck me as less heavy. Our son then came three days before due date, even today it is now and then affectionately called our 'blind Passagier'."

I'm still allegations that I have not checked it

Andrea and her husband have a child and wished for a long time a second. But the daughter has had to wait two and a half years away and when it finally happened, the mother did not notice her happiness: "I always had problems with cysts on the ovaries, so very often remained my period from. So I made no thought, why is not there again." The typical gestational ailments did not exist until the 27-year-old felt a slight knock in the stomach: "The fact that I'm pregnant, I realized only after 23 weeks. It was a shock to find it so late. It was already more than half to without that I suspected something. My mouse was then another four weeks early, so I just 13 weeks had something of pregnancy."

In retrospect, Andrea raises still before that they did not notice it sooner, "When I think of what the little girl had to go through everything. At that time I renovated my apartment and am rumgeturnt on ladders. I drink alcohol actually very rare, but just as it was once before. I'm still allegations that I have not checked it earlier."

Expert: Particularly affected very young mothers and women before menopause

Besides irregular period, lack of signs or failure of the test strip also other reasons for the non-perception of pregnancy for example, a small strong body sensation or obesity may be responsible. In case of unwanted conception, it also may be that the pregnant woman simply displaces what was going on in her body. Dr. med. Andreas Birkhofer, a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, explained that often a mental conflict is to blame: "The mechanism of repression is a tackle attempt by an otherwise unsolvable problem, more common in women who find it difficult to resolve conflicts openly. By an expectant mother ousted her pregnancy, she can at least temporarily achieve an inner psychological stabilization."

That pregnancy such a massive mental and emotional chaos triggers, sees Dr. Birkhofer due to the increased social expectations: "Pregnancy is women with major challenges. For one expects the environment and also to yourself that you are happy about it. On the other hand, are at large, especially career changes. In addition to feelings of happiness, the pregnant woman now developed concerns, fears and ambivalent with regard to their new life. but it is difficult to talk about these doubts, as this is against the cliché or stereotype of the expectant, happy mother. The existing only in the German word 'bad mother' illustrates admonishing the social expectation of expectant mothers. On the one hand experienced women through the media more and more about 'optimum' conditions for children, but at the same time they are so as never to turn to the practical implementation - for example, departure of parents who already second generation of small families or unavailability of nursery and kindergarten places."

Cherishes you suspect that someone might be pregnant without knowing it, advises Dr. Birkhofer to carefully manage the theme: "The more stable and sustainable relationship, the sooner you can work revealing and confrontational. is important to offer support and advice, possibly ready to hold concrete addresses and phone numbers or even to arrange an appointment." When asked about the frequency of such a displaced pregnancy, the specialist responds with his own practice in Munich-Bogenhausen "on 475 pregnancies is a repressed. Frequently this occurs in very young mothers, sometimes even in women who are at the beginning of menopause."