Many Urbia users are responded to our call and have sent pictures of their unborn baby us. The photo gallery shows the exciting history of child development in the womb. Many outing images are: Will it be a girl or a boy?

Images from any stage of pregnancy

flea Utraschallstrecke

For most pregnant women, the ultrasound image is the highlight of the screening. The view inside the stomach is a special reinsurance.

Here you can see a special collection: Our users have sent us their ultrasound images from various stages of their pregnancies. From the fourth week in which only a small gestational sac is seen on sex"outings" to the finished baby in the last weeks before the birth, everything is possible. Have fun clicking through! 

Week of pregnancy from 4 to 8



4 + 3

Week of pregnancy 9-18

8 + 0

From pregnancy week 19

SSW 19 Outing Boy