Am I pregnant? Hardly a question triggers such deep emotions in women. We reveal what symptoms apply as early and safe signs of pregnancy and from when they occur.

The magic moment of fertilization: As the pregnancy symptoms arise

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If the egg is fertilized in the course of their five-day journey through the fallopian tubes, it begins to divide and is only four days later on 58 cells. This so-called blastocyst produces enzymes that allow it to infiltrate into the uterine lining. Even now, a lot happens in hormone levels, so that the still completely unnoticed pregnancy is maintained. The corpus luteum hormone progesterone does not fall as usual - when the period starts - from. And with the implantation of the organism starts to produce the pregnancy hormone HCG. These hormonal changes cause the first pregnancy signs.

Safe and unsafe pregnancy signs

Is there a more exciting subject than the day before the "meet"If you wish for a baby? Come or they do not come? Are pulling in the abdomen and the chest strained perhaps early pregnancy signs? Stems from the fact the fatigue that you expect a baby or just from working? What are the first symptoms that a child on the way? Some women know their body very well and know shortly after conception, that it worked, others come first inklings when their rule fails: There are many pregnancy signs that - in one more of the other less pronounced - on the point miracle that is taking place in her body. Important to know, especially if you have a desire to have children: There are safe and less sure signs that you are pregnant.

How do you know that you are pregnant, is also the subject of our videos:

Early pregnancy symptoms: breast changes, fatigue, nausea

  • Breast changes take women often perceive as a first pregnancy signs. The breast is larger spans, the nipples are more sensitive. Behind this is the increased hormone production, which stimulates early on the pituitary gland of the mother's mammary glands to grow. But breast tenderness does not take a pregnancy signs. It can also simply announce only the early onset of menstruation.
  • Fatigue can also be a first pregnancy signs. may be sleepy therefore suggest that you are expecting a child. but it can of course also have many other causes. For example, many women are also easy on the days before their periods tired than usual. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can feel very much like the beginning of a pregnancy.
  • Nausea is also one of the first signs, yet often quite distinct pregnancy symptom. However, the sickness is less pronounced. In some women, morning sickness occurs in the morning, with others throughout the day continuously in waves or. For some it remains a nausea, vomiting other more than ten times a day. For the nausea the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is blamed.
  • Mood swings: saddened sky high shouting or death - as in the course of a cycle, the changes in hormone levels at the beginning of pregnancy may also provide some confusion in the sense of balance. However, such changing moods can of course also have other reasons and therefore are among the first signs uncertain.
  • A drawing in the abdomen, sometimes in the groin area can also be among the first signs of pregnancy. Background is stretching and growth of the ligaments that hold the uterus. At the beginning of pregnancy, it can feel as if the rule would be. When will then be a real pregnancy belly or R a -bäuchlein shows, but can still take weeks.
  • Frequent urination: the body of every woman reacts differently, some women shortly after a missed menstrual period, the feeling of having to constantly go to the toilet, because the pregnancy hormone HCG is then guilt. In late pregnancy, the child and the large uterus repeatedly on the bladder and can cause also increased Harnddrang.
  • Cravings: Most of the large appetite of pregnant women occurs later on, as well as food cravings can be considered as an indication that you are expecting a child - but no safe.

Quite safe pregnancy signs: a missed period and high temperature

  • The absence of the rule is one of the safest pregnancy signs. Because if the egg has been fertilized, it does not come as usual to the hormone drop and subsequent shedding of the uterine lining.
    But here still applies: The rule can fail for other reasons - for example by stress, hormonal fluctuations or an organic disease. Conversely, there may be a slight bleeding in rare cases, the time of menstruation, even though you are pregnant.
  • High temperature: If your temperature after ovulation no longer drops, but is above the normal temperature for 18 days or more, which is also a very safe pregnancy symptom.

Security by pregnancy test or ultrasound

All pregnancy tests based on the detection of the pregnancy hormone "human chorionic gonadotropin" (HCG).

At the pharmacy, there are urine tests, which already provide fairly reliable results by the time two weeks after fertilization. Typically by the morning urine is needed. A color change indicates whether a pregnancy or not. Since the pregnancy hormone from woman to woman is being produced at different rates, it may take longer for one or the other until a test deflects positive. Of course, urine tests can also be made with a gynecologist. Some manufacturers advertise that the test could be carried out earlier. but tests before the expected menses are not reliable. You can, for example, be negative even though you are expecting a baby because the pregnancy hormone is not yet sufficiently available.

Also, a blood test can be performed in exceptional cases the doctor. He is more sensitive than the urine test and suggests even a little early. Most shortly after a missed menstrual period is pregnancy by a special ultrasound examination - the vaginal sonography - detectable. This study also indicates whether the baby in the womb or perhaps in the fallopian tube or abdominal cavity has taken root with a positive pregnancy test. In the ultrasound you can see the heart beat of the embryo already three or four weeks after fertilization.

The gynecologist Dr. Heidi Younes-Kressin explains that the pregnancy hormone in both urine and blood can be detected:

If you're pregnant - "the all-or-nothing"

An important issue for women who have just noticed only that they are pregnant: Many women want to have children are concerned that they have harmed her baby in the belly in the first two weeks unintentionally since fertilization - perhaps by a splashy party , tablets or cigarettes. But nature has made provisions.

At the time, because the woman does not even know about her pregnancy and she has not noticed, this is true "All-or-nothing mode", It states that the pregnancy early again comes to an end and the fertilized egg is shed when something is not going according to plan in this first phase. The woman experienced this sometimes by a perhaps slightly more or slightly shifted menstruation. But it may also be that they did not notice the miscarriage. Stated conversely, this means that over the first two weeks (SSW) fertilization do you need to do not worry. Only after the first 14 days begins the time when mothers should set the consumption of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs for her baby. organogenesis, so the formation of the internal organs of the child - for now an extremely sensitive stage of pregnancy begins.