Eggs are our center of Easter. But where does this matter? And why the eggs are painted colorful? Read the answer at Urbia.

Easter eggs flower meadow

Photo: © rotofrank

The question, which came first: the chicken or the egg, into perspective, as we approach Easter. Then it says: Whoever lays the eggs? The chicken or the Easter Bunny?

Hardly anyone is able to solve this fundamental problem. It is, however, no question that the Easter egg next MeisterLampe has become the main characters of the festival. For symbolic of the egg for the Victory of life over death, for purity and for fertility.

Already in the early Christians was given dead eggs to the grave, to the relationship with the resurrection make: creates the egg as something from which new life. This practice was also widespread among the Greeks and Egyptians.

From the symbolic meaning it's only a short way to the development of today's Easter tradition to paint eggs.

The consumption of eggs was forbidden for Catholics during Holy Week. At the end, on Easter morning, so the consumption of eggs was higher than average. It was decided to paint the eggs of Holy Week, to give them a meaning beyond the "normal" to give eggs. Thus arose the painted Easter eggs.

The traditional color with which the eggs were painted since early times, is the color red. With her was reminded of the blood of Christ during the crucifixion.

a veritable art of egg Bemalens arose from the tradition over the centuries. still exist today for the different colors mean different things:

  • Red symbolizes Christ's sacrificial death
  • Yellow means the desire for wisdom and enlightenment
  • White is the color of purity
  • Green stands for youth and innocence
  • Orange symbolizes strength, endurance and ambition

The most famous Easter eggs in the world were first made by the goldsmith Peter Carl Fabergé 1,883th The idea came from the Russian Tsar Alexander, a gift for his wife, the Empress Marie, was in order. 57 exist Faberge eggs, which have become a sought-after and exclusive collector's item.

But even the less expensive but more palatable Variants of chocolate Nowadays delight children and adults alike. And if in doubt, it is a matter then, who hath now laid this egg.