Finally the time has come. The signs can be no doubt that you are pregnant! An exciting period of life begins, marked by joyous expectations, but also raise questions and doubts, perhaps even fears. We guide you through the pregnancy.

pregnant belly

Photo: © Rolf Georg Brenner

They just keep even the positive test in hand, plagued with morning sickness or other signs of pregnancy or put the maternity pass even in your handbag? But you can believe it might not still: you are pregnant! A new and exciting phase of life begins. Many questions will now go through your head. The joyful expectation of a own babies alternates with uncertainties, fears and perhaps fears. As you are maybe the only - and certainly not at Urbia!

Urbia want to guide you through this exciting time and will provide you with many tips about your pregnancy and your baby's development aside.

At the beginning of pregnancy

  • As you realize that you are pregnant
  • Pregnant - so I have noticed
  • Pregnant - as I tell my partner?
  • Urbia-tv: Pregnancy Signs
  • Pregnant without a partner
  • Pregnancy calculator
  • Prenatal care by the midwife

Accompanied by pregnancy

  • Pregnancy Calendar
  • Pregnancy Newsletter
  • Newsletter for expectant fathers
  • Pregnancy Overview
  • Guiding through the Mutterpass
  • prenatal care

Health Tips

  • Pregnancy symptoms
  • pregnancy symptoms
  • What pregnant women should not do better
  • 10 good reasons to quit smoking
  • Smoke Free (in pregnancy)
  • For a healthy pregnancy
  • Infections during pregnancy
  • 10 good ideas for pregnancy
  • Wellness for pregnant women
  • Relaxing with a big belly
  • Travel during pregnancy

Finance and Law

  • Money entitled to the parents
  • parental benefits
  • Legal provisions for (expectant) mothers
  • Pregnancy must remain secret
  • parental leave
  • Right to part-time

Contact with other pregnant women

  • Urbia forum pregnancy
  • Pregnancy Chat
  • Service birth list

Toward the end of pregnancy

  • Well prepared for the birth
  • What should my kid's name be?
  • Urbia-name lexicon
  • Strategies against the fear of childbirth
  • fear of childbirth
  • Labor, or not? birth signs
  • onset of labor
  • dealing with labor pains

In addition, we supply you with information constantly at Urbia: Channel in pregnancy.

The entire Urbia team wishes you a wonderful pregnancy and will enjoy Urbia!