a pair wants a baby, it may not be fast enough often. But often, does not adjust the desired pregnancy for months. Because the "practice" it depends on the right timing. The most fertile days of the female cycle not to miss ovulation tests can help.

Ovulation calculate tests

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The chances of conception are highest on the day of ovulation and the two previous days. But sometimes it is not easy to determine exactly these days. By an ovulation calendar, the period can be narrowed quite well. But factors like stress, a higher age of the woman or pre-existing conditions can adversely affect the regularity, so that cycle time and the time of ovulation vary. As opposed to merely counting the days an ovulation test can predict the most fertile time very reliable and thus is particularly suitable for women with irregular menstrual cycles. In addition, can be determined whether any held ovulation in this way.

Operating principle of ovulation tests

About 24 to 36 hours before it comes to ovulate (= ovulation), the concentration of luteinizing hormone increases (LH) in urine significantly. An ovulation test detects this sharp increase in LH level and thus predicts the best time for intercourse. This can be a chance that it comes to the hoped-for pregnancy significantly increase. This principle is the same for all tests, but now different systems are available. There are systems in which cassettes with a pipette a few drops of urine must be dripped onto a test field. In addition, test strips or LH test strips are available, which are the result based on two lines, similar to pregnancy tests. Digital Ovulationscomputer show after the sharp increase in LH at an egg-symbol on the display, which leaves no room for misinterpretation.

Determine the average cycle time

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The first day of testing every woman must individually calculated for itself. For it's own cycle length should be monitored for a few months. A menstrual cycle begins with the onset of bleeding and ends the day before the next. If this period is always fairly regularly (less than four days difference), you can take an average. For larger differences is taken as a precaution the shortest length for the calculation in order not to miss the day of ovulation. This leads to the exact day for the start of the test, you can see the package leaflet. Since ovulation occurs about two weeks before the next period is 17 days before starting the application of the ovulation test. With an average cycle time of 28 days is started, for example, on day eleven with the test.

Quite simple and straightforward: the implementation

The rods contain tests, depending on the manufacturer, five to seven test sticks per pack. The time of day for the execution of the test is in principle not care, but the time must always be the same. Note, however, that one should not go four hours before the application to the toilet and not a lot of drinking. When I wake up so may be an effective implementation, timing, however, not every manufacturer recommends (see package insert). As with a pregnancy test now test tip needs for a few seconds (see instructions) are dipped in urine. Either you manage to keep the rod tip directly into the beam or to catch a little of it in a clean dry container on, allowing a more accurate immersion. After a few minutes the results can be read. Every day from now on must be repeated this uncomplicated procedure until a positive result indicates ovulation. Are the test strips used up, without this being done can be tested with a new package. The reason could be a late or absent ovulation, which is basically nothing unusual. but if it comes more often to should be spoken to the woman doctor.

Two lines for determining the timing

The chopsticks tests now two lines appear: The control line indicates whether the test is working and the result line indicates the concentration of luteinizing hormone to. The higher the levels of LH in the urine, the more intensive this line appears. At no or a very weak result strips the LH-set is not yet high enough. But this line stained as intense or even stronger than the reference line, the ovulation test has detected an increase in the hormone. Now the most fertile time begins! Within 48 hours you should now grab your partner, because the chances of success are in this time window is the largest. But the sooner the better, because the next day it could possibly be too late.

Effective but not cheap

In pharmacies, drugstores or specialized online stores various ovulation tests are available, as well as the Clearblue Ovulation showing the test results for the fertile days via digital display, very cheap is the desire for children according to plan, however. Depending on the manufacturer and system tests per cycle cost between 20 and 40 euros. Stay test strips left over, they can be reused in the next application period. As a contraceptive ovulation test is but totally unsuitable because the determined time, the possibility for conception, although the largest, may be pregnant you but also before and after. If you want to avoid pregnancy, one can determine with contraception computers, the period in which you can have unprotected sex without hesitation.

Stäblein, Stäblein in hand ... - Oracles with ovulation tests

Under Kinderwunschlerinnen the so-called "oracles" with the misappropriated ovulation tests is widespread. This (rather vague) method should give an indication of whether it could have worked with the longed-for baby early. Since the LH, to react the test strips, the pregnancy hormone hCG is very similar to the ovulation tests suggest in the case of pregnancy to the hCG. And much sooner than a pregnancy test.

How it works: About a week after ovulation can be started with the oracles. From then on, as usual tested on several consecutive days and considers the strength of the result line. In case of pregnancy, the hCG doubles approximately every two days. Similarly, the key test line is always more colorful to see what can give an indication of pregnancy. So there's no point to test only once whether a second line appears. It is crucial that the intensity of the line increases significantly!
But beware: Before menstruation and the LH concentration in the urine rises slightly, which could lead to an incorrect interpretation of the result. Or there could be an unnoticed disposal, which unfortunately is not rare at this early stage. Therefore, the outcome is very uncertain at the oracles and can only serve as an exciting pastime while waiting for the day of the expected period. Because from then the normal pregnancy tests can be applied. Due to the high error rate clairvoyance with ovulation test is therefore only for those "Hibblerinnen" which could also deal with the disappointment if, despite positive Orakelns sets the menstrual bleeding.

Please do not lose the fun! 

Among all the testing and planning must not be lost as a pair of eyes. Mutual pressure and traffic on command quickly leads to disillusionment and makes the act of love for the necessary appointment be. If you both like it, then you love each other, even if just is not a fertile period, and respect you if your sweetheart on the day of ovulation does not feel like to be stroked. With a lot of fun "working towards" the blessing of children, it turns hopefully soon the longed Babyglück one. is to monitor the outcome then again a test to: The pregnancy test.