Nausea, head, back or hip hurt the baby pushes against the ribs, you have leg cramps or it is a dull, because the vena cava is disconnected - in pregnancy is good sleep makes often scarce. But help is possible - as we say.

Need for sleep - the cleverer give in

pregnancy sleep

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Many women do not expect with being already so tired at the beginning of pregnancy, that they could ever lie down with the first child. "I can but now not even start" or "I just do business as usual, because I'm just pregnant and not sick" are frequent (Nevertheless) reactions to the increased need for sleep. But that will be the body that now accomplishes excellence, not just. On the one hand it is processing a dramatic hormonal change, the embryo is, on the other fully formed in the first three months, skeleton and internal organs are created. "The creation and design of the embryo demands a lot of energy from the mother. Although nothing can be seen of a pregnancy to the outside world, the pregnant woman does in this week most of the work for their child, "midwife Christa van Leeuwen and gynecologist Bartholomeus Maris stress (" pregnancy consultation ").

Time out against leaden weariness

Therefore, women should not fight against the need for sleep, but it give as often as possible and z. B. introducing a Mittagsnickerchen. Who is working, should at least extend the night sleep and clearly go to bed earlier, although this is unusual. Who fatigue but too much is added needs not to be afraid to take sick leave for several days, because "Who wants to assert itself in the same way as before pregnancy in the workplace, fails to recognize the work that the body 24 hours a day in the first three months of pregnancy, "said van Leeuwen and Maris guaranteed. After the first 12 weeks not only the embryo is then ready created. The hormonal change is made and the duration fatigue mostly disappeared.

If headache scared to sleep

Who is prone to headaches often plagued particularly in the first three months of pregnancy it. Cause is (again) the hormones, but also the cycle conversion. However, hypoglycemia is often the cause in pregnant women. And who has not been drinking regular coffee, but the baby's sake now waived completely out can also get a headache.

The best remedy for the pain in the head is enough night's sleep, the researchers said the American Pregnancy Association. But here the cat chasing its tail, because that is notoriously difficult to find with head hum. Remedy but you can do something. The basics are, according to the researchers, regular meals (against hypoglycemia), healthy diet, daily exercise and relaxation. Pregnancy is therefore a good opportunity to teach the weaker some manners and to register for a course in meditation, progressive muscle relaxation or autogenic training. In parallel, a few bad habits can be stored, as there would be lack of exercise, incitement and too heavy fare: A detailed walk every day relieves headache and makes the evening pleasantly tired. When eating, it is sufficient to reduce dead carbohydrates (pasta, cakes, white bread) and replace them with good (whole grains, potatoes) and consume less meat and animal fats (cream, sausage), but more Green and fruit. Especially at night should only be eaten easily. In order to simultaneously reduce the heartburn that particularly disturbs also lying down. Perfection claims from before pregnancy may mothballed and repeatedly short breaks are installed daily. And a (per day) to two cups of coffee which are allowed.

Painkillers only as a last option

Midwife Ingeborg Stadelmann also recommends an evening not to hot relaxing bath with honey or cream plus a few essential oils. In question here are Roman Chamomile (good against anger), geranium, lavender, mandarin, rose, sandalwood or cedar. The oils can be ordered in many pharmacies. In strong headaches in exceptional cases, the active ingredient acetaminophen is allowed. you talk about the frequency of use and the dose best with his gynecologist or at least with the pharmacist.

Somehow, everything hurts

"Couch potatoes" suffer more

Hardly a pregnant woman is not prevented from about pregnancy center of occasional back pain at slumber. The reason is not only the growing weight of the baby belly. The pregnancy hormones loosen joints, ligaments and cartilage connections. This is a preparation for the birth, which also the multi-part pelvic bones to be somewhat resilient. It often helps against back pain to sleep on its side, this relieves the intervertebral discs of the lumbar spine and protects the stricken sciatic nerve. is more convenient with the elongated side-sleeper pillow or nursing pillow, which are pushed between the knee and also support the belly. But the nuts and bolts for back problems adapting exercise. Yoga, swimming, Nordic walking, belly dancing, tai chi or natal exercises help - if you look at two to three times per week operated. In many of these sports there are courses especially for pregnant women.

The witch in the hip

The relaxation of the skeleton by the pregnancy hormones often affects the hip joints. Some women have in phases not only pain when walking, but also at night which tortured if they want to turn around or move his legs involuntarily. A bullet does not exist here, woman have to try that sleeping position causes the least discomfort. Suddenly einschießenden Pain also prevents who makes no abrupt movements, but concerns every layer change slowly. The pain often exist only temporarily and not during the entire pregnancy.

If wild leg cramps wake

Particularly unpleasant to be torn from a calf cramp from the slumber is. Whom this happens more often, which can then start a naturopathic attempt. Midwives recommend here a tea blend of valerian, hops, marjoram, lemon balm and thyme (can mix in the pharmacy) that is drunk every night. If this does not, a magnesium supplement can also be taken, because this electrolyte relaxes the muscles. Often here 150 mg range (1 effervescent tablet).

Ribs pressure - in the belly of the space is running out

From about 24 weeks pregnant can be plagued by pressure pain below the ribs. Because in rare cases, a severe metabolic disorder may be behind the side (or upper abdominal) pain, is here in the first place always going to the gynecologist. Usually it is clear, and it is fixed and large uterus, which (the gallbladder z. B.) expresses the internal organs from the inside against the ribs. This is harmless, but can do common hurt. Since this pain is often right, sleeping on the left side helps.

Stuffy nose without coryza

Especially in the last trimester of pregnancy, many women suffer in addition to a constantly stuffy nose, which especially at night hinders breathing and keeps you awake. The reason is that the mucous membranes are hormonal particularly well supplied with blood during pregnancy. In addition, the amount of blood in the body is now bigger, so that the whole tissue becomes firmer, which also applies to the mucous membranes. Here helps a nightly irrigation with nasal irrigation and saline (pharmacy), as well as nasal sprays with sea salt and baby nose drops with hyaluronic acid (endogenous substance that binds moisture, eg. As "Hysan" pharmacy). If this does not help, you can talk to his wife doctor if it allows low-dose decongestant nasal drops (z. B. for infants).

When the bladder presses - nocturia

Some women will have noticed in early pregnancy that they go to the bathroom need a lot more often than usual. As soon as the pregnancy hormones are active, the entire abdomen is better supplied with blood, which also affects the bladder and enabled. Unfortunately, this is true even at night, which is why many pregnant women find themselves regularly on nightly walks towards the bathroom. Later in pregnancy, it is additionally also the heavy uterus pressing on the bladder. It helps as much to drink throughout the day to take (important for a stable circulation during pregnancy), but in the evening only a little fluid.

Is the supine dangerous?

With ever becomes larger baby bump have many pregnant women afraid even to sleep on their backs. They fear that their child Disconnect the large vena cava in the abdomen (the vena cava) and could take anoxic damage. It is true that from about the second half of pregnancy in the supine position, the vena cava can be pressed, which runs along behind the uterus right of the spine. It is thereby a reduced return flow of blood to the heart, which is reflected in a drop in the baby's heart and very quickly leads the mother to dizziness and a sick feeling. Many women notice this during the CTG in their preventive examination. This so-called vena cava syndrome but is fixed in the (best left) side location within a few moments.

During sleep, the body makes do yourself

The best way to prevent nighttime occurrence of this problem is no longer to sleep after advice from gynecologists, from about the 26th to 30th week on the back. "But there is not an endorsement, not to create or already in the 20th or 25th SSW on the back even just to sleep on its side - how one should realize that too," says gynecologist Dr. med. Vincenzo Bluni. But what if it turns night in late pregnancy by mistake on your back? Dispatched in his sleep the vena cava syndrome, it is intolerable to continue to stay the body within a few moments in this position. It automatically wakes up briefly and (often without that you can remember the next morning) lies down in the lateral position.

Babies love the nightlife

But sometimes it is the baby itself that makes mother's sleep in the last trimester of pregnancy to naught: as the oxygen supply is particularly well through the placenta lying down, belly dwarfs are by preference at night. Since they are resistant against this cajoling, there is only one way to better night peace, namely to change his own attitude as midwife Ingeborg Stadelmann advises: "Children in the abdomen try to prepare her mother for the coming restless nights. It's a nice gesture of the child to point already in the pregnancy that the by sleeping through the next few years, perhaps over, "is the midwife.

If you can, now already get used to lie down during the day. Especially the first child this is a good way to sleep to come to sufficient once the child is there. Why not start already in pregnancy it?

With the nightmare-Express through the night

As if it did not already exist enough sleep obstacles, often is also the soul of their two cents and disturbs sleep with nightmares. Since too small, sick, disabled or even dead babies are brought to the world the birth runs somehow strange or happen other bad things. Many affected women also wonder anxiously whether the nightmares perhaps a bad omen. But this fear is unnecessary, calm midwives: Such dreams are common in pregnancy. You are not looking into the future, but transform current fears in mind images. Having a child is a profound experience and brings not only joy but also fears the plan - which are reflected in dreams. Against the nightmares help balm tea, warm milk, a bath with lavender oil before going to sleep, but also conversations with your partner or friends about feelings and fears. Proven fact anxiolytic effect and relaxation methods such as autogenic training or meditation that time considerable success after a few weeks training.

evenings can, however, who remain concerned do not fall asleep or nightly plagued by very massive nightmares should not be afraid to seek advice. Sometimes you may want to be worked up old fears that have been re-emerge through the pregnancy, in order to disappear. First contacts are midwives, women's or family doctor. You can, if necessary, call addresses of therapists.