About 90 percent of babies are not born at the expected date. Since it is helpful to know the signs that go into labor soon and the baby makes his way.

Senkwehen and their signs: the baby slips deeper

pregnant labor

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In recent weeks, the idea of ​​pregnant women focus more and more on the upcoming birth and the first signs of parturition. But her body has the arrival of the baby firmly on the screen and is preparing now amplified to the big day. From about the 35th week of pregnancy, therefore, go exercise contractions that had many women starting at pregnancy center in Senkwehen over. What they do, says her name: you maneuver the child upside down deeper into the maternal pelvis into it, it looks thereby gradually his birth position.

But what one recognizes Senkwehen? Some women who have not yet felt the exercise contractions get for the first time a drawing or abdominal distension and / or back. It comes irregularly, several times a day and takes less than one minute. Who had noticed the previous exercise labor, perhaps feel that they are now stronger and more frequent.

Senkwehen: Finally breathe again!

The good thing Senkwehen: who quickly got far bloating or felt breathless, can breathe now. Because the stomach slips deeper, the pressure of the uterus decreases to stomach and lungs. Sometimes, however, you notice now a stronger urge to urinate or constipation because the baby pushes more on the bladder and colon.

Not all women, however, the abdominal occurs deeper, this is especially true from the second child. This may slip just before the birth of the basin. Here the Senkwehen are often much later than in the first pregnancy. But at first pregnancy, it may happen that the child lowers into the pool just before the birth. 

The cervix shortens

And the closure of the uterus needs to prepare for the imminent exodus of the baby: The fixed cervix is ​​in the last weeks of pregnancy softer and shorter, sometimes even the cervix opens even a little. In individual cases, this can indeed mean that the child does earlier on the way, but often these babies come in time. "For me, the cervix was open early two centimeters. Three weeks before the ET (expected date) then already three centimeters, a week before the ET only four. But my son was only when ET + 2"Reported a Urbia-Userin forum pregnancy.

Mucus comes from

opens the cervix, even the little mucus comes from, who has closed the entrance of the womb and protected from germs. This can be done weeks or even days before the birth. Some women simply notice any discharge, in other is a little soul into it, the baby "records"How midwives say. But many pregnant women do not notice the replacement of Schleimpfropfs too. Is he departed, some doctors recommend not to go to the pool or sauna because germs can easily penetrate into the uterus.

Nesting instinct: The soul gets ready

But not only the body, the soul gives signs that susceptibility to delivery soon. Such signs is the "nesting instinct"Where many expectant mother feels the strong urge to do everything again really nice for the baby: There they coat the unusual desire to clean all the windows, wipe the cabinets or at the hardware store to load the vehicle with wall colors to the baby room still to emphasize in a different color. "I again changed the whole bedroom two weeks before the birth of my daughter. Actually, that was 'crazy': Heavily pregnant I pushed back and forth a heavy bed, and also the changing table and cot" a mother in Urbia forum recalls.

Restlessness: body and soul make ready to

Other women turn to feel a kind of inner restlessness. You can not relax and sleep poorly. "Since last night, I'm totally nervous. I could go to sleep until about 4am. My night was marked by insomnia and cravings. Above all, my thoughts carousel has turned without a break"Complains a pregnant woman in the 40th week of pregnancy Urbia forum. The unrest means that body and soul no longer want to completely 'shut down', but combine energy because the birth is coming. When exactly but after such signals the baby comes, is different.

The baby in the belly moves less

has rather gone the rest now, however the baby: Just before the start in the outside world, the fetal movements are often weaker. Because the unborn baby laying in the last two weeks again up to 400 grams in weight, so that it will work closely in Mom's belly. But it can not be a bad sign when a baby moves little? "The end of pregnancy the movements are no longer as expansive as less space is available. but they are still similar in amount"Says midwife Martina Höfel in their online advice forum. Children who are do not go well, however, often behaved so quiet that the mother mean, the fetal movements are almost completely gone. If this feeling emerging, midwife or doctor should check.

Signs of the beginning of the birth

Even before the first noticeable contractions occur often notifies the adjacent bowel: He is restless. Because the growing tension of the uterine muscle irritates him: "In my great daughter I had two days before the birth mild diarrhea"Says a mother in Urbia pregnancy forum. "I had three times soft on the day of birth within a few hours defecation"Says another, in which shortly thereafter went into labor.

When the little belly guest really sets off, it determines itself: Experts believe that the child is a hormonal start signal when it is mature. It is believed that his pituitary then secretes certain hormones, which in turn act on the maternal endocrine system and thus trigger the first contractions.

How do I know that the birth goes wrong?

Real contractions are most intense

But how does a woman that what she feels are really genuine labor and thus a sure sign birth? Most pregnant women notice pulling in stomach or back, often in the thigh inside. These contractions are more intense than the previous exercise contractions, and they come regularly. Initially, perhaps every 20 minutes, almost feminine can watch make it. Over the hours the contractions distances are shorter. That the baby makes his way, but some women know instinctively: "I knew at the very first Woe to get going now. She felt different than practice contractions, was somehow sharper and more intense"Recalls Melina Pfeifer from Bonn. During the opening phase eventually the amniotic sac jumps.

Important: Midwives can sing a little song. As different as the individual women, so too her pain. Information about how contractions feel, that are always highly subjective and are just trying to facilitate pregnant identifying labor.

If the pregnant woman is not sure if they really "right one" Labor has, it can, for example, take a warm bath. Hear the contractions in the pleasant warmth again, then it was not really serious. They remain as they are or even more, the race is on for the birth.

Rupture of membranes: Start with surprise

But with one in ten women prefer the baby starts with bang in his Birth Day: The waters break before the first contraction. Sometimes it is woman within seconds in a small pond, sometimes it trickles also more likely. but thus differentiates latter of involuntary loss of urine? The trickle of amniotic fluid can not stop by tension of the sphincter one. Also midwife or doctor can determine with a PH test whether it is amniotic fluid. After a rupture of the opening of labor employ within a half to a full day.

When and how the clinic or to the birthplace?

Is the birth "classic" with labor pains going on, a woman must only go to the hospital or to the birthplace or call their midwife when the contractions are three to five minute intervals. Midwives sometimes call it the rule of thumb that there will be times when the woman is no longer likes to talk during a contraction. Until then, it usually takes many hours.

Although normally much time is still not wait with the transition to the clinic should in bleeding, persistent pain in the uterus, fever or malaise. But even with twin pregnancies, as well as other special features (certain problems in advance, some of the mother disease).

Lying to the hospital with ruptured membranes?

One often reads that a woman should be placed lying by ambulance to the hospital, if the birth starts with a rupture of the membranes. Reason: It can happen in rare cases that the umbilical cord is below the child's little head. then comes the amniotic fluid, and the head sags deeper, it can disconnect the umbilical cord. This risk exists but only if the child had not previously lowered into the basin of the mother.

What should I do if my water broke?

But what does this mean for a pregnant woman? "In the last weeks before the ET gynecologist at the pension appointments should always tell if the child's head has been lowered into the pool. The pregnant woman can ask usual self"Explains gynecologist Dr. med. Patrick Hirsch from Unna. "If a woman has a premature rupture of membranes (ie before onset of labor) and knows that their child's head is still high, they should lie down and call in to their midwife or maternity hospital." In rare cases, is actually - after consultation - a Lying Transport advised the hospital. 

Rupture: When should I go lying in the hospital?