Fever in pregnancy is only dangerous for you and the baby if it lasts longer or is too high. Then it says: From the doctor or midwife ask! With a few simple home remedies you can with a slight fever down the fever itself but also.

  • Fever in pregnancy: You should note now!


1. Fever itself is not bad!

If you have a fever during pregnancy, which is a natural defense reaction of your body to pathogens. He then mobilized defenses to resist typical diseases such as colds or gastrointestinal infections. Therefore, even if the body temperature rises just a bit, most germs can not survive in such a charged atmosphere.

2. When is a fever for pregnant women dangerous?

As long as the fever does not rise above 39 degrees Celsius and the usual symptoms of a cold or other type infection - such as Head or body aches - is accompanied, you need not worry. but increases the fever more than 39 degrees to or enters an elevated temperature without scratch, you should consult a doctor or your midwife for advice.

3. What consequences can have a high fever?

Is your temperature longer time over 39 degrees Celsius, can be risky for you and your baby. This is especially true in the early weeks of pregnancy, when the baby makes the most important development steps. High fever increases the risk of miscarriage and birth defects such as cleft palate or Neuralrohdefekte.

4. Lukewarm bath and Wadenwickel

Increases your fever or over 39 degrees Celsius, or confirmed to you doctor and midwife that the fever is not a cause for concern? Then you can with a lukewarm bath down the fever, for evaporative cooling conducts heat out of the body from. Do you have a poor circulation? Then rub you better off with a sponge with lukewarm water. Also Wadenwickel or a cool, damp washcloth (the water is not too cold!) On the forehead down the fever.

5. Drink plenty of fluids: Cool tea or hot lemon

Make sure to drink a lot. Through sweating, the body loses fluid, which is considered to compensate for it. For example, cold drinks and fresh fruit juices, which positively affect your body temperature. Linden tea and elderberry juice on the other hand support the sweating when necessary. Are you cold? Then you can take with you include vitamin C in the form of a hot lemon or hot elderberry juice.

6. fever? Light clothes and cool places

Put on light clothes, lest you sweat even more. If you will be cold, you wind up best in a light blanket. Make sure that your home is not overheated and you're sojourned in cool rooms. When it's hot outside and you're on the go, stay as far as possible in the shade.

7. paracetamol for fever

Paracetamol is still considered the only antipyretic drug that pregnant women can take during pregnancy. Although some studies indicate lately for possible developmental disorders of the baby when taking. As much as necessary, as little as possible - here recommends the independent Center for Embryonaltoxikologie the Berlin Charité on the use of acetaminophen or ibuprofen, can take in the first two trimesters, the pregnant alternatively.

8. Fever: Insert gentle program!

If it only goes some way, then spare yourself and rest from much - in bed or on the sofa. That you may give your weakened by the fever body the chance to act with all force against the pathogens.