Sexuality can be particularly beautiful during pregnancy, this experience make many women. But initial displeasure and later the baby bump at certain positions may hinder the love life. Read here what you should know about sex during pregnancy.

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy

Sex pregnancy

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The love life is known to be significantly stimulated by hormones. but often reach several times their usual concentration in pregnancy. No wonder then that many women in pregnancy have phased especially much want to have sex with their partner. Expectant parents sleep an average of 1.5 times a week together as a study of the Berlin Charité revealed. And that's good, because sexuality strengthens the bond of prospective parents, and healthy physical love is also happen to be. Therefore, couples should enjoy sex during pregnancy quiet extensively. Which phases the desire of men and women can go through in the course of pregnancy, why most concerns are unnecessary here which sexual positions are now highly recommended and what helps when "He" suddenly no more right to "You" approach dares:

Early pregnancy: No stomach, but no sex

The positive pregnancy test is not old, yet to see a belly so good as not and contraception have become superfluous. Thus, the desire would be absolutely nothing in the way - if it were for there, because especially in early pregnancy seems to have temporarily adopted in many women. This pain is normal, as the initial hormonal change beutelt the body with many pregnancy complaints. Make you feel weary, tired, dizzy, perhaps intestinal problems, frequent headaches - all still in addition to the unpleasant breast tenderness and a latent feeling of nausea. Women need now to have no fears that this would now nine months whipped remain - the desire comes mostly at the latest after the first trimester of pregnancy back.

However, currently is the "quickie" often only one out. Rather than retire but now, men can use this time to put more emphasis on tenderness and extensive cuddly hours - which may be a prelude to sex, although not everybody. Nearby is now important because mentally pregnancy for both partners is a big change. They feel that they are on the amazing journey from the couple to the family, and that the whole day and the previous behavior patterns will change. Most women enjoy it now, if the partner is also looking times without sexual ulterior motives skin contact, because that comforts, soothes, gives courage and confidence. And here too often applies the old saying that the appetite comes with eating, especially when there is no expectation behind it. Finally, sex is good for the circulation and to relax, which can only be good, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. And then there is also this amazing day in the first three months, where all pregnancy symptoms are temporarily away ...  

Fear of Sex: Most unnecessary

But some women not only makes the invasion of hormones to create, but they toil with secret fears: Can not be introduced bacteria into the vagina during sex? Can an orgasm may trigger labor? Runs too violent sex might end up even cause a miscarriage? All these worries are completely unfounded, white gynecologist Dr. med. Katharina Larisch from Munich and declared emphatically: "Sex and sexual intercourse not hurt during pregnancy." Sexverbot does not exist. The baby is well protected by the amniotic fluid in the womb, and from the thick uterine wall. The mucus plug that seals the cervix, kept the baby also against germs. As well as the acidic environment of the vagina that makes foreign germs difficult to reproduce. Studies have shown that there is no connection between sex in pregnancy and premature birth, as long as it is a normal running pregnancy.

Diffuse and not quite resolved anxiety can also lead to vaginal dryness and pain during sex, which of course in turn increases the mental blockade. Thus "woman" again dare help her times quite simple measures, such as a fatty cream, milking grease or lubricant cream from the pharmacy that make the fabric a little smoother. But no one should force them to love yourself, it can also be right, just once to pause a while.

Can we in pregnancy continues to have sex with?

Second third: sex is fun

In the second trimester of pregnancy the body has usually wonderfully adapted to the pregnancy, the energy returns, the enterprise is sometimes larger than before. For many women, the hormones provide also for particularly intense pleasure to the man and better sex. The messengers cause namely among other things that the clitoris and vagina are better supplied with blood and are more receptive to sexual stimuli and sensitive touch. Therefore, pregnant women reach orgasm more easily and quickly. Speaking of Orgasm: The quiet may turn out really hard. Even if a woman feels that her unborn child fidgeting wildly after the climax does not mean that the baby noticed something or even if in pain. The whole thing is just a normal reaction of the unborn child to the elevated blood pressure of the mother and her loudly beating heart.

If the partner wants to have sex

The returning desire of their partner, most men would be naturally very. Many of them feel physically very attracted to her pregnant girlfriend now. However, there are some instances that suddenly shy away from sex with their partner pregnant, do not want right out with it, some of: "No, in the end I still Carry broken something!" Mumble and himself issue an Sexverbot. Privately, some men are plagued by the idea that a small onlooker in the belly of the woman see them having sex or could it be even injured. A little education about the female anatomy can already reassure many procrastinators: The embryo floats in the warm amniotic fluid, surrounded by the amniotic sac, which in turn is surrounded by the thick and tough wall of the uterus. The whole is tightly sealed by a rather lengthy "bottleneck" (the cervix). It is the man so anatomically impossible to push or to the baby to hurt him at all.

But some men just need a little time to perceive the prospective mother at the same time as a love partner to new and impressive is the role of the pregnant woman. What is important is that "man" still not fully retract, because who can imagine sexuality currently not quite need not shy away from cuddling sessions on the living room sofa or to have in bed - and they are on for the sense of togetherness actually more important than Sex. Cuddly moments with talks on the post-pregnancy and a future family make secret fears air, give familiarity - and allow insecure men often are more trusting again.

prevent bladder infections after sex

The joy of returning common lovemaking sometimes also brings unwanted consequence with it: Many women just tend to bladder infections during pregnancy. This is nothing not called "honeymoon disease" because it is often triggered by sex: under the foreskin of the man move germs that like to ascend into her bladder. Who is prone to urinary tract infections, should go within 10 minutes after sex in the toilet so that bacteria have begun to rise in the urethra are flushed out. Even a glass of water in which a teaspoon of vitamin C is solved, may - have a preventive effect because bacteria do not like acidic environment in the bladder - shortly before or after drinking.

Sex during pregnancy

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Good sex positions for pregnant women

Even if they previously faced all sexual positions minded - acrobatics in bed a la Kamasutra is the most women in late pregnancy then too cumbersome. The abdomen may have increasingly resembles a medicine ball (and also seems to weigh as much), you feel as mobile as a hippopotamus and therefore often recover from the love the more comfortable position before (exceptions prove as always the rule). Comfortable is by no means unimaginative. Five sexual positions (at least) can now be used:

  • In this position, the woman is lying on his side, the couple turns with the faces to each other. In a lateral position not overloaded most of the weight of the partner on the uterus.
  • The "Löffelchenposition"In which both lie on the side, but with her back to him: Thus, the penis can penetrate less far. Deeper joints can be uncomfortable as the pregnancy progresses.
  • In this position, the bed serves as a prop: The belly is no longer an obstacle when woman lying with legs bent close to the edge of the bed while supported pelvis and feet on the mattress. The partner can either kneel before her or stand.
  • The woman lies or sits on top. So no weight is on her abdomen and she can control the depth and severity of the intrusion itself.
  • The seating position, in which likewise is no weight on the uterus: The pregnant just sitting on the lap of her partner as he sits on a (stable) chair or in bed upright.

Contractions after sex: Quite normal

During or after sex, it can happen especially in the last trimester of pregnancy that a woman has abdominal contractions. This is unpleasant, but not dangerous. By orgasm a shaft smaller contractions is triggered in the body. You can just wait a few minutes and breathe gently into the stomach until the tense uterine muscles loose leaves again, similar to the practice in labor. Such short spasms can not set in motion the birth.

No sex for pregnant women in exceptional cases

Runs a pregnancy normal, is the cheerful enjoyment of different varieties during sex against anything. Only in a few cases, the Professional Association of Gynecologists advises caution: If a woman already had several miscarriages; in bleeding; in true preterm labor (not labor exercise), which already shorten the cervix; if the placenta is above the cervix (placenta praevia), because sex sometimes leads here to bleeding; in chronic diseases such as diabetes, bacterial infections of the vagina; when the amniotic sac at the end of pregnancy is already burst. At the doctor should be a precaution also apply when bleeding occurs after sex.

Oral sex is permitted during pregnancy

However, in these cases often caution does not mean that a couple must now completely renounce physical love: Variants of pleasure in which the penis is not inserted into the vagina (and nothing else), are almost always allowed. For example, oral sex is harmless, and even the purely superficial stroking of the clitoris, including orgasm is usually not a problem. Women should calmly discuss openly with their doctor whether and how much restraint is really necessary. Often, care must also be temporary, has stabilized, for example, until a shaky pregnancy with initial bleeding, or is successfully treated by a vaginal infection.

Induction of labor: Sex takes pains drip?

Also, if you can read it again and again: Sex alone solves close to the due date no birth, not even real contractions (more than the normal exercise contractions). Although the hormone prostaglandin can be in the ejaculate prove, but the amount is so small that it is not blowing effect. But at least it makes the cervix soft and prepares it to contractions. Sex at term but is close not only because a good method to coax the baby. But also because he just relaxes and good mood. And this can give the starting signal for the birth.