More than half of all pregnant women are plagued by nausea. But some women vomit so often that damage to her and her child at risk. The pregnancy is an enormous burden. What causes the nausea has and how it can be alleviated, you will learn here.

Nausea in pregnancy: Great suffering

morning sickness

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Excessive vomiting during pregnancy (hyperemesis gravidarum) speaking doctors, if a woman needs to pass more than four to five times a day and has already lost at least five percent of their body weight. Even who is plagued week after week from the normal nausea in pregnancy, longs for the day when it finally stops. In women, however, affected by the extreme morning sickness, the suffering is so high that they often have little or no good feelings about her unborn baby. "I am now in the 20th week, and I am still all day bad. I can keep in it no eating or drinking and already lost eleven kilos. Time I have been in hospital and am afraid that I have to be hospitalized again"Describes Jeannette * Userin in a pregnant forum their condition.
"I am using my powers at the end. I can not move without a bucket in the home. Reaching out - it is not to think. Right now I'm on sick leave. But I would like to live simple again. Because I feel so bad, even my fear by the hour grows. I like no longer deal with the issue baby me"Simone portrays * in the same forum their suffering.

Hyperemesis forum: covered Good feelings Baby

What makes it for those affected by severe pregnancy sickness particularly difficult: you are suffering from the first SSW at besides the frequent vomiting often under a strong feeling ill and very weak. "The kitchen was my horror room, even as they pass was my first road to the loo. The nausea was unbearable, after two weeks I could not smell my husband and my son. Eventually, my circulation was over that I could not leave the apartment. Meanwhile, I had vomited about 15 times a day. The kilos tumbled, the urine had turned orange. I've been thinking about a termination of pregnancy, but I just could not", Britta *, a mother reminds of a hyperemesis forum.

Constant morning sickness makes you sick

As bad as in the cases described it meets estimates of experts, only about five to 20 of 1,000 pregnant women. The disease often begins in the second month to the sixth to seventh week of pregnancy. The almost insatiable vomiting means that even if the pregnant woman can eat, not enough food and fluids reach the intestine and be absorbed. This can lead to dehydration of the mother and indirectly to a lack of supply in the child. A third of patients must be hospitalized in a clinic in order to avoid harm to herself and the child.

The hyperemesis gravidarum is then divided by doctors in two levels: For Grade 1 is the pregnant woman "just" sick and she feels miserable, at Level 2, a so-called metabolic derailment is added with dehydration and electrolyte loss. In grade 2 doctors recommend inpatient admission to a clinic.

Body functions threaten to derail

In addition to the morning sickness sufferers sometimes also suffer from other symptoms. To an extreme weakness often a dry tongue, motion, light and sound sensitivity is added. Also a strong perception of smells that even no longer smell her own family literally "like Britta," could come before. In addition, the pregnant women suffer at the onset of dehydration under an elevated heart rate and low blood pressure. The dehydration often manifests itself in abnormalities of urine (discoloration), in strange obstartigem or chemical (acetone-like) bad breath and eye-catching laboratory findings in blood or urine.

Rarely, fever and jaundice occur (liver problems), and dizziness. Frequent vomiting can also by the overpressure which it is produced in the body that cause damage to the esophagus, at the transition to the stomach, lungs or nervous individual and pre-eclampsia ( "eclampsia"favor) and growth retardation to an unborn baby, take Dr. med. Ioannis Mylonas u. a. up the research results from the Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich (German Medical Journal 2007).

Morning Sickness: What are the causes?

But as it comes to this unusually strong nausea and vomiting? "The hyperemesis not presents itself as an isolated event. It must as the interaction of biological, psychological and social factors are seen", The gynecologist explains Dr. med. Vincenzo Bluni pregnant women in his online forum. "The exact origin of nausea and vomiting is not safe clarified. While some authors hormonal causes, such as a rapid increase in estrogen levels in the first trimester, abnormally high HCG, progesterone and androgen serum levels have postulated, other studies on the importance of psychosocial factors out (like a unwanted pregnancy or conflict). Still other studies show an unstable electrical activity of the stomach and reduced electrical response to food ingestion." But obviously certain bacteria, such as Helicobacter pylori bacteria in the stomach in some cases played a significant role, so that their antibiotic treatment is needed by the family doctor. "Likewise, thyroid function should be checked during prolonged nausea"Advises Bluni.

When physical or psychological pre-existing conditions, the risk is increased

In addition, studies have shown that hyperemesis occurs repeatedly in the Western world, and that it affects statistically more often women with an immigrant background, obesity, eating disorders and multiple pregnancies. Even those who have already suffered in a previous pregnancy under, has a high risk to be affected again next time, at the same time primiparas have a slightly increased risk. Also in disorders of the embryo and various organic maternal disorders (liver, thyroid dysfunction) the extreme nausea is more common. Mental diseases and disorders (eg. As depression) also favor the hyperemesis.

What helps with hyperemesis

If a pregnant woman often ill and needs they often passed, it should first adjust their diet: give up fatty foods (cakes, chips, sauces, fatty cheeses, sausages, etc.) and take a lot of very small meals instead of the usual main meals. Even otherwise affected women should be nice to her now very sensitive stomach: The loves in this time not cold, sour or too sharp, and coffee you can prefer gone.

Because a bagged blood sugar levels can cause nausea, you can already evening a snack on the night stand ready filters (biscuits, sweetened tea in a thermos) and have with getting some more time. Frequent vomiting, the body dries out very quickly. Because large amounts of liquid often do not stay in it, is a good tip that many small sips of water, tea, juice thin juice or broth throughout the day to drink.

Some women who suffer from hyperemesis have had good experiences with it when they listen to a suddenly emergent need for a particular foodstuff. Sun helped Britta, who had been thinking about an abortion to get their nausea under control just sauerkraut. "I was desperate and weak, had only chills. My husband was already so far that he wanted to introduce me to the hospital. Suddenly I felt like sauerkraut. It was like a miracle, the sauerkraut was there." At the same time they felt like rose hip tea, and this drink was the only in the stomach. "For two weeks I made this, sauerkraut cure '. Soon the Kotzerei stopped, I had vomited me formally."

What can I do for nausea during pregnancy?

What home remedies and gentle tools are there?

Nausea sufferers can cut a piece of fresh ginger into thin slices (let steep for 10 minutes) and scald with boiling water and slightly sweet. The slightly spicy root can alleviate nausea. A blend of tea from fresh ginger, chamomile, peppermint and balm fulfills this purpose often good, as can fennel tea soothe the sensitive digestive system.

Many affected women make with acupuncture very good experiences or find that help them homeopathic globules. Effective in about severe morning sickness the remedy Iris versicolor should be (Iris), especially if the nausea of ​​heartburn and heavy salivation accompanied. Of this you take three times a day five globules a (potency D6 or D12). The Middle Jaborandi (Jaborandistrauch), in which one chooses the powers D3 to D6 is recommended, especially when thyroid problems are partly responsible of nausea.

Homeopathy can soothe the stomach

A classic is also Nux ( "Brechnuss"). It is particularly suitable for nausea, which is triggered by smell and is also accompanied by excessive demands and irritability. Also Sepia officinalis (cuttlefish) should help, especially if a woman has cold hands and feet in addition to easily freezes, is depressed and irritable or feels overwhelmed. Colchicum autumnale (autumn crocus) to alleviate especially if a woman has stomach pain, in addition to nausea, you already feel sick at the thought of food, she feels weak, easily freezes and suffers from depressive mood. The funds mentioned Nux, sepia and Colchicum can be taken once in the C30 power either, or in the D6 potency three times daily. Also Nausyn tablets, a homeopathic complex preparation of several different drugs have proved successful.

Sometimes stronger guns must ago

While getting a trial with a prudent diet and natural remedies should be at the beginning. But often require pregnant women with hyperemesis gravidarum also stronger guns. Many sufferers cope well with the drug dimenhydrinate, the z. B. contained in the medicament Vomex. In what form (tablets, injections, suppositories) and in what dosage, pregnant women should take this medication, it must consult with their gynecologist. Also, the active ingredients diphenhydramine (trade name z. B. Emesan), ondansetron (Zofran), promethazine (z. B. Atosil), metoclopramide (z. B. Cerucal, Paspertin) and vitamin B6 (eg. Pyridoxine B.) are of gynecologists used excessive vomiting during pregnancy. Even if they are not all available on prescription, a woman should always denied taking with your doctor. Although the years of experience has shown by these means no teratogenic effects, although many of these drugs are officially not allowed in pregnancy.

If you have a mental pre-existing conditions (anxiety, depression) or an eating disorder (bulimia, anorexia), you should also make use of psychological help. This you get at psychosomatic trained physicians, psychologists or psychiatry. But therapy is also important when the massive morning sickness to leads that you have no positive feelings more to the unborn child, or even thinking about an abortion.

In acute danger of a hospital stay is necessary

If a woman decreases, feels weak and miserable and barely can keep something with you, often helps just a stay in the hospital to bring back peace into the action and prevent a dangerous dehydration or to treat. Infusions normalize not only the fluid and electrolyte balance. at the same time they also alleviate the nausea, because the onset of dehydration also causes nausea. Infusions or a probe can also perform the necessary nutrients, if you can not record anything in the normal way or keep with you. The treatment is carried out until the vomiting stops, or at least does not occur more often than three times a day. After that, a careful build normal, but friendly food starts. A woman comes with it - and possibly with the prescribed medications - along well, they can return home.

In many women, the severe nausea sets no later than the 20th week of pregnancy, some are plagued but until last month it. Here is the only comfort for expectant mothers that suffering with the birth of the child ceases immediately.