If your child comes next year in the school, it is not done with the registration at the school. A few weeks later, the school entrance examination so-called still follows in most provinces. What parents and their preschoolers expected there, you learn in this article.

Unnecessary or important to the serious side of life?

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Purely from the feeling the school for first-graders and their parents does not begin much earlier on the day of enrollment, but. Because in the last year of kindergarten are so few appointments that put the issue again at the center: open days in primary schools, the application of the future first-graders. Then the invitation to the first pre-school parents' evening and the school entrance examination come (in short: SEU, or school enrollment, in short: ESU). It is in most states an anchored in the school laws must event, which takes place in the period between enrollment and school admission. The arrangements, however, are the same as the starting age and the registration process regulated differently in each state, and change sometimes, so our products can only provide an overview. For questions, but the local health authority (Child and Adolescent Health Service) helps in any case, further, that even forgives dates for the examination - through the relevant primary schools at registration, by mail or telephone, in some countries about the kindergartens.

School examination Berlin: assesses children's health services

In Baden-Württemberg, a system was recently introduced, are examined after the children already in the penultimate year of kindergarten from the school doctor, so more time to counter any development weaknesses. but according to "Time Online" led to ignition problems in the implementation of the system - many children could not be investigated due to staff shortages.

Thus the school entrance examination ensures once again for controversy. Some think of it as simply superfluous and believe that the U-studies to the pediatrician are sufficient. The District Councilor for Health in Berlin Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Barbara Loth, however, maintains: "The pediatricians have little opportunity of cooperation with kindergartens and schools and the corresponding advice to parents. The Child and Adolescent Health Service treats children with difficulties finally in the respective schools on "A second argument put forward by Doro Moritz, the state chairman of the education union GEW Baden-Wuerttemberg in the SWR messages". Well-trained teachers know better than professionals come from outside snapshot into the devices that children have special needs. Therefore, it does not need elaborate tests. "Then turn replies the Berlin District Councilwoman Barbara Loth:" a comprehensive assessment of child educators lack the appropriate training. but often they can assess the socio-emotional development better since they know the child in the group situation. Therefore my employees bring in certain cases and for release of medical records by the parents, an assessment of the educators in. "

the child needs before school funding or support?

As long as the experts can not agree, the situation remains that most boys and girls have to go to Germany for a school doctor. And wherever they do, is the same for the national legislature at the center: "Through this investigation is to determine in particular whether a child needs in any area special support and assistance," formulated the Federal Center for Health Education, "The goal is to give every child the school conditions that it needs in order to learn successfully "These include specific requirements such as:. can remember things the child? It can concentrate for a while? They also include less tangible levels of development, which can not be so easily query: Can be part of a community the child? Can it ever a setback? It is curious to school?

In most cases, the assessment of doctors is true

The future first-graders, but especially their mums and dads when they witnessed for the first time a SEU, before this "major event" excited and ask: What can we expect? "Parents do not have to worry," soothed District Councilwoman Barbara Loth, "the college entrance examination is not a test, but a medical Entwicklungsdiagnostik in a child-friendly atmosphere." In the testimonies of the parents in various Internet forums to contrast mainly read complaints about bored medical officers or a hectic atmosphere in which the offspring was gescheucht within 20 minutes by the test Marathon. "I was annoyed that was not addressed to child," complains Userin "teufel81" in Urbia forum, "it immediately went wrong with the exercises and otherwise was in between not spoken to her." Like everywhere there are also under school doctors "so ne and so ne". The one succeeds with humor and empathy, to motivate even the shyest child to join in, the others are doing work to rule or are themselves under pressure. But since it does not go with the SEU to grades or is to identify children who are well above average, and since the school doctors after year to see many children in the comparison year, their assessment fails true in most cases.

Also happening at the school entrance examination rarely something totally unexpected, at least from the perspective of those parents who follow their child's development, by perceiving the underground investigations to the pediatrician and development discussions in kindergarten. Restrained children behave in this new situation first biding kids with big urge to move might not sit still. Even if one needs is determined, which is usually not a big surprise, because the parents have then been addressed already by the teachers at the daycare center to it or have long noticed it himself.

Parents must restrain themselves

In some places, parents have during the SEU wait outside, often they are allowed to stay a bit away from the action in the room - if they "behave" himself. "There are actually parents who between them cry, Max, sitting straight! Now exert yourself but at that! ' "Chats a Berlin school doctor out of school," They are usually the parents who bring their children in the afternoon in the morning in an expensive private preschool and four times a week for music, English or ballet lessons. But I can say from long experience: Their children cut at the end no better off than any other "Parents present at the SEU do better not to get involved, even if they think their child is not present to optimally or. will misjudged. Comments from the background guide the child from only and distort the result. If in doubt, mom or dad can directly address their concerns prefer to end the investigation. According to Barbara Loth employees in the health department already offer obviously nervous parents from a subsequent call to parents. "Very rarely, children can be summoned a second time when my employees feel that the child could not be adequately assessed due to unfavorable circumstances", the City Mayor.

Procedure: These exercises can get your child

Depending on how well a child participates, the school entrance examination usually takes about three quarters of an hour to an hour. Hearing test and eye test (for example in the form of recognition of objects in the 3D image and the point chaos) are everywhere standard that other exercises are different from state to state. In North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin and other countries, the test method "S-ENS" is applied. The children are asked to, side to jump on a mat back and forth. They should complete a stick figure and abmalen other stick figures, vaguely reminiscent of objects from the child's everyday life. Thus, the school doctor can determine if it will be possible for the child to write off at school things from the blackboard. Other exercises are based on the average level of development can be expected in preschool. For example, a five year old should be able to paint a person on the "everything is off": also hair, nose, ears, fingers, toes and belly button, so body parts that are still left out of younger children. Furthermore, the so-called language proficiency is checked. The school doctor is trying to involve the child in a little conversation about his siblings or hobbies. As part of the S-ENS test he says relatively complex sentences, which is to repeat the child. He calls terms from the "baby talk" and can correct the preschoolers.

The test procedures in other states for example, include the following exercises: befühlen materials such as wood and metal and name, build a tower at dice recognize the numbers from one to ten, senseless syllable chains or tongue twisters repeat, descendants curved lines with the pen name colors, sets of points compare, bring a picture story in the right order, balance.

And what happens with the results?

And what results can now come out in the school entrance examination? The majority of children (in Berlin Steglitz-Zehlendorf - as an example - around 75 percent) is considered normal. "Good conditions for the start of school are a healthy self-confidence, independence, concentration and curiosity," said City Mayor Barbara Loth, the longer a child has attended the day care center ", the less it watching and the more stable social environment is, the better it cuts our . experience, from pre-school educational needs "" When the other children either a so-called is "determined and individual support recommended This could be measures such as physiotherapy, occupational or speech therapy. If necessary, a meeting with a social worker will be set.

If the school doctor must assume that pre-support measures are to start school do not show a sufficient success, it crosses on his investigation form "school needs" to. Parents will be informed of the assessment. To what extent learns the competent primary school and to what extent it is bound by it, which is regulated differently in different states, but says the parents to demand from the school doctor. It is, however, not a matter of "difficult" to label a child from the outset as, but to distribute the children with "special needs school-based" equally between the classes.

For the statistics include all relevant results

What many parents do not know: The test results of the "inconspicuous" Children are important because they are anonymous to all other and evaluated so that a statistical overview is created. "A key aspect of the SEU is the epidemiological evaluation of the health status of an age," says Barbara Loth by the health department Steglitz-Zehlendorf in Berlin. Ideally, this survey can help to improve pre-school care and support for all children. Is a special language needs found for example in above-average number children in a particular region, the teachers of kindergartens get this information and will target with their offers for it again.