Simple chords, meaningless content and singers who barely make a sound: music for children is sometimes unbearable. As well, there are more and more professional bands now that make cool rock and pop music for little ears - with German lyrics and intelligent wit.

"Your friends": Hip-hop music from YouTube Stars

Rock music for kids

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So the Hamburg hip-hop band fills "Your friends" Meanwhile large concert halls and has reached with her debut hit "Chocolate" over 1 million views on Youtube. It's about grandma's drawer full of sweets, including is a fat hip-hop beat. In the next song on the now three albums are all about everyday life, the wishes and concerns of ordinary people: For example, These "homework" on the current disk "Grown Ups" the conflict classics between parents and children. intended for parents ears is the song "treasure" - also on the latest album: This experienced moms and dads how stupid kids find it, with the usual "Be quiet, I talk only just!" to be reprimanded. And in "Schweinehund" rapping the three musicians through a whole list of good intentions that the well-known voice inside you just like to cooperate sweeps to.

Started the band's history in 2010, when Florian Sump, kindergarten and former drummer of the band "Real" recorded a song for his day care center. Because of the success he and DJ Marcus Pauli and Tigerentenclub presenter Lukas Nimscheck "Your friends". Two years later the first album "Shake That house" appeared again two years later, "Heal the World".

Hard Rock for children: "Rampage"

Dancing and raving are the standard reactions of children to hard rock, punk or ska Bielefeld band "Rampage" hear. The name here is really program, because the music is fast, loud and comical to shriek. "rampage" make-and-bred rock music for children and time for the 10-year band anniversary they have the CD "rampage Rock'n'Roll" released - of course once again dominated the so typical for her wild and loud sound on the. Children like it and the great feel back reminiscent of his own wild rocker times.

"I jump on the bed and sit on the cabinet. I'm not always nice! I am a nursery Punk!" sing rampage, indicating pretty much the mood of days back, where there is a bad atmosphere at home. Once in a while a tiny educational Zeigefingerchen stretches between the lines, but into the air - for example, the song "beaver song"Where it comes to lasting meaning and effect of regular brushing.

Ballads and rock kids of "Pelemele"

Eight albums has the band from Cologne "Pelemele" (French for "mishmash") already released - "Take us with" appeared in 2014. In it, as in the previous albums it comes to child-typical humor in everyday life ( "stinky feet"), the child's fondness for nonsense verse ( "Bumschakalaka") or strange creatures ( "Groove Hummel"). The witty texts present the musician as a Hip-hop anthem rock song or ballad gefühlige as in "Home".

Since 2001, the Cologne make children's music are as house band of "Children Stunksitzung" in Carnival active, playing in live broadcasts for WDR and touring nationally through the concert halls of the republic. Whoever can see her on stage, sees and hears not only excellent live musicians, but also real entertainers who einheizen with its interactive games to the young audience powerful.

"Wheel": Rock music - guaranteed free blockflöte

It all started in 1998 on, when a troop of friendly amateur musicians for the concert wanted to give to a neighborhood party a name: As the boys played until then known children's songs, only faster and louder than usual - was with "Wheel" quickly a fitting name found. Since then making the four fathers and musicians of "Wheel" Rock music, want to hear the children - and even adults can find good.

The result is level-arranged rock, the lyrics tell strictly from a child's perspective of everyday life, as in "braces" through the envy of all non-braces on iron smile the bracket league in the "Pirates" Anthem of the weather-beaten and courageous role models for young or from the chaos in the children set to music in the parent Schimpf orgy of "pigsty".

"June's wild gang": songs and lyrics for Small and Larger

Interactive songs for children, rich band sound and challenging texts for older children. For this, a great stage show with little stories and always good-humored Juliane as a singer and presenter: "June's wild gang", the band with four young musicians, is an all-round experience that pressed on CD still works well.

Since its inception in 2006, the Leipzig band has released three CDs - initially with play, participatory and bulk Ellie Dern for smaller children, then later with songs about sadness and love for teenagers. Has the force initially made a name with the new interpretation of children's songs classics, it now stands for songs with modern arrangements in the slightly jazzy singer / songwriter style. In "clean-up time," a rock-jazz piece "Juliane" sings the praises of the calming effect of Zimmeraufräumens (hear, hear!) And "secret secret secret" it comes first in love. Since big ears like to hear about.

"The Blind Fish": Naughty-good entertainment

Blind fish living in caves in the southern United States, where they have adapted to life in the dark: your eyes are rudimentary, but they can more hear better. Why did the band from Oldenburg to these strange beings has named is not known: What is certain is that listeners must have a particularly good ear not to the crazy groovy rock music "The Blind Fish" to enjoy - that the guys are really loud enough. In their concerts they offer a mix of music, comedy and theater - packed in turbulent stories that tell of the everyday lives of children and fun and adults. The songs are catchy, the lyrics witty, the music challenging.

Here interpret "The Blind Fish" since its inception in 1993, not only children's songs classics exciting new, but make for a long time also own rock music for children. On their last CD "Muhsik" it's usual rock to the point: In "Rhytmousse au Chocolat" there is a gerapptes recipe to cool hip hop beats and in "need hands to be clean?" A not entirely serious invitation to Dreckigsein. 

Rock music for kids - CD tips:

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