take advantage of the positive aspects of the fever and to stop the negative time - that's the challenge, have to deal with the parents of a highly feverish child. There answer to the question of when to reduce fever.

Girl shortly after temperature measurement

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Fever in young children: What to do depends on the age

Some pediatricians recommend to start in children up to five years from a temperature of 38.5 degrees with fever-reducing measures because otherwise there is a febrile seizure. Others advise only from 39 degrees to reduce the fever. Here, too, parents can decide, depending on the condition and age of their child, if they still want to wait. The following applies: The younger the child is, the more accurate you have to keep the fever in the eye and the faster you should go to the doctor.

Whether you should start with the fever lowering, but also depends on the child from: "Treat your child, and not the thermometer," advises pediatrician Dr. Peter Voitl. "A drug is not necessary if the child fever feels good." Only when the fever over 39 degrees climb, parents should - especially for the night - give something Antipyretic. A highly feverish child is by the way at night in the master bedroom better off than alone in the nursery, so that about one febrile seizure or deterioration of general condition can not be overlooked. It is important that the baby or child is drinking enough. Although it has no thirst, parents should offer a drink regularly. Before the use of drug fever-lowering agents can try to lower the temperature with home remedies.

Proven: winding and "vinegar socks"

When applying strictly the phase must be considered in the fever is: When rising fever (child freezes) the body needs warmth. Only when the child no longer shivering, warm and humid (in babies also: dry) feels that skin is red, can in high fever Wadenwickel be used - but only from the age of six months (!). There are two towels (for example, thin towels) with about lukewarm water (the water should be cool in older children) rinsed and wrung out. Each cloth is then wrapped around the calf of the child. In a dry cloth is yet laid. This winding stay tuned until they reach body temperature by about 10 to 20 minutes. Then you can still renew two to three times (max. Total time should not exceed 45 minutes).

But some parents swear by "vinegar socks": in a liter It is cold water five tablespoons of vinegar, wrestling knee socks good at it and pulls it to the child. In addition, a broad, dry pair of knee socks, so that the stockings do not heat up too quickly. renew a few times here. Winding and vinegar stockings may be applied only to warm feet. Some children react with discomfort to a rapid reduction of fever. Then you should take a break and continue later. With wrapping or stockings, the temperature may not be as reduced by about 0.5 to 1 degree, because otherwise the cardiovascular system will be stressed very much. The winding can be repeated several times a day, but not earlier than after each hour.

Tips from the pediatrician: Correct behavior for fever

How can you reduce fever? Use of drugs

If a baby younger than six months or is perhaps the night before, one can resort to medication antipyretics. In infants to paracetamol is suitable (eg. As Benuron) for babies from six months ibuprofen is permitted, it also as suppositories are for some time (for example Nurofen Junior suppositories). Both drugs are equally suitable. Whether one then selects suppositories or juice depends on the age and the disease from: infants under five kilograms get the pediatrician usually prescribed suppositories. For older babies and children can also still use suppositories. but some children may prefer the juice to escape the procedure of inserting the suppository. Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid O.A. preparations) must not be given children the way: the administration, a rare but dangerous disease, called Reye's syndrome trigger.

When the dosage of fever-lowering Parents should seek advice from the pharmacist or pediatrician. It depends on the age and weight of the child, as well as possibly. Pre-existing conditions from. Buyer parents should know that some juices contain organic solvents such as propylene glycol or glycerol, which do not belong in the opinion of many pediatricians in there. Paracetamolsaft for example (ask pharmacists) without these funds available. In general: On your own drug fever reducer should be given a maximum of three days.