If the due date is approaching or even already passed, begins an ordeal for pregnant women. Find out here what methods and home remedies there are to promote labor and gently stimulate the birth of your baby.

Blow promote: Mother and child must be willing

gently stimulate contractions

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Many women in anticipation it's similar to "themetaljessy"That impatient writes in Urbia Forum: "ET + 6 and so slow I'd rather have my baby on his stomach, rather than inside. Who has experience what helps?" Again and again looking pregnant there for tips on how they can trigger the birth. Often they fear an artificial induction in the hospital and hope that their offspring itself makes already on the way. The answers are varied. Some women recommend: "That will benefit anyway everything is nothing, your baby comes when it wants!" or "You'd better relax and save your strength for the birth", But just as there are positive reports where certain home remedies are said to have initiated the creation. Why the methods in some women seem to work, others turn failure of all attempts to promote the onset of labor? Birgit Laue, midwife and author of the guidebook "1000 questions to the midwife", Explains in an interview: "Natural measures to trigger the contractions gently, only work if mom and baby are ready birth. Otherwise the contractions helpers do not succeed, because in the end the unborn gives the start signal."

Exception: labor already triggered before the date

In some cases, the natural stimulating labor can be useful even before the expected date. For example, if an introduction in the hospital threatens the mother has big problems, women with gestational diabetes or a lack of care of the child. Your midwife and your gynecologist can advise you about whether and when to induce labor is recommended and what method is right for you.

Labor encourage - with the help of a midwife or gynecologist

In a normal course of pregnancy without complications expectant mothers should wait until the due date. Only from that date you must stimulate the contractions in a gentle way. Together with the midwife or gynecologist these pathways can lead to success:

  • Pole of the egg-peeling
    When missed deadline or even a proper transmission (two weeks after the expected date) perhaps a detachment of Eipols the desired success helps. These usually unpleasant or even painful method can be performed only by a midwife or a gynecologist. In this case, the cervix is ​​stimulated and dissolved the outer membrane of the amniotic sac of the uterine wall. but this can also be triggered real contractions uncoordinated contractions.
  • acupuncture
    Another option is acupuncture. Setting the fine needles is not only for childbirth during pregnancy, but can trigger birth under circumstances cause contractions. Acupuncture is often used when after the due date still does nothing. Even so-called "Wild labor" can be regular through the small Piekse.
  • homeopathy
    Homeopathic experienced birth attendants can also create a customized globules therapy to stimulate labor. Birgit Laue recommended for gentle induction of labor: "Mix 10 drops Caulophyllum thalictroides D4, 10 drops of Pulsatilla D30 and 10 drops of Cimicifuga D2 with a glass of water. Take over an hour repeatedly about a small sip."
  • Foot Reflexology
    If certain points and areas on the feet of the pregnant woman by a midwife or a masseur stimulated and depressed, which can promote labor naturally.
  • Clove oil tampon
    Here, a soaked in clove oil tampon is inserted into the vagina and thereby softer and ready birth the cervix. This method should be applied only on the recommendation of a midwife or gynecologist.

trigger the birth with home remedies

Pregnant women should not only wait for their date, but also do anything without asking her midwife or their gynecologist for advice before. Because even home remedies involve the risk of complications or unexpectedly severe reactions. For example, mixtures of castor oil, so-called labor cocktails. Castor oil has a laxative effect, which can cause severe pains in part. Because you can not predict how the fetus reacts to the sudden stress, even midwife Birgit Laue does not recommend taking birth without competent accompaniment. It also is another reason to who speaks against a homemade cocktail labor: "Almost all of the recipes contain hard liquor like vodka, brandy, gin or whiskey. Apart from the fact that the reduction of the alcohol burden on both the maternal and the child's liver, but also expands the blood vessels, which can have negative effects on the oxygen supply."

But there are also gentle Babylockmittel against which from the due date there is no reason (a healthy pregnancy required):

  • Baden warm
    A warm (not hot) bath helps not only help you find real labor pains (fake contractions become less or disappear entirely by the heat). Sometimes it also stimulates the body to launch the delivery. but the warm water can also have negative effects on the circulatory system, so you should only in the tub to rise when you are alone away from home and not shuts the bathroom door.
  • Exercise and physical activity
    To get things moving, it helps to bring the pot belly in motion. Gymnastic exercises such as pelvic circles and belly dancing can help your baby into a better position. Try also, for example, walking or climbing stairs. Movement is a simple home remedy to initiate labor or yet to amplify weak contractions. A walk but you should rather not venture alone, if the road suddenly goes off. Also, a tip for any type of activity: better in moderation. There is no use if you are at the beginning of the birth already exhausted from hours of power walking. Save you prefer the energy, you will still need more than enough of it!
  • sex
    The most pleasant kind of natural labor induction: sexual intercourse. So you can just terminate the pregnancy, as it began. Because even if the mattress sport is not so easy to practice the end of pregnancy, it can stimulate the cervix in different ways and initiate the onset of labor. Through the release of the hormone oxytocin and the contractions at orgasm contractions can be stimulated. In addition, the semen of the man contains prostaglandins. Because of the oxytocic effect of this hormone is also used in the artificial introduction in the hospital used.
  • nipple stimulation
    Another type that can take over the expectant dad (or yourself): the nipples massage. As during sexual intercourse, the body of the pregnant woman pours while the hormone oxytocin from what lure out your child "" may, if it is already on the birth in the wings. the nipples for a minute while massaging, then followed by a pause of two to three minutes, then one minute massages and so on again. If you can manage to endure this method for half an hour be triggered (in the long term very tiring), and within this time labor, then the uterus and cervix are ready for the birth.
  • abdominal massage
    During abdominal massage you can push a cushy, relaxed sit back and let your partner work. Only the abdomen is moistened with warm water before it is (for example, clove, vervain, cinnamon, ginger) gently rubbed with a mixture of almond oil and various essential additives. Within two days, this beautiful Babylockmittel can lead to success, and if not, the pats a nice pastime, at least while waiting for the onset of labor.
  • Spices / Wehentee
    Various spices and fragrances, such as cinnamon and camphor can have a positive effect on the labor. To get it to Use, you can cook a brew from one liter of water, a cinnamon stick, ten cloves, a little ginger root and a tablespoon of vervain (available in pharmacies vervain,). Occasionally one distributes the warm Wehentee throughout the day, employ at geburtsbereitem findings usually after two days of labor. Also, the benefit of a fresh pineapple can help the enzymes contained therein is a blow stimulating effect rumored.

Do not be disappointed if in spite of all attempts does nothing. Not every pregnant women Babylockmittel really promote the induction of labor. The parturifacient can only effectively help if your child would like to be already born and already "ready for take-off" is. Without birth prepare finding the natural methods of induction of labor can not help you, because your baby gives the start signal. Basically, do not you and your baby too much pressure. Are you too tense by constantly trying to trigger the contractions that leads rather to the opposite of success. Relax dear and enjoy the little time you have left in which you allowed only care about yourself.

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