Did it work this time? The days until the pregnancy test are often long and woman suspects that this time something is different. Pregnant women and mothers tell what they have sensed that there was a small guest has homey furnishings in her belly. A midwife also describes the most common early signs.

Pregnancy Signs: The line on the pregnancy test

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There is such a thing as the very first signs of pregnancy: The moment when a pale second line appears on the pregnancy test, never forgets a woman. For a first, it means a huge shock for the other, he is so far the best moment of their lives. And yet another is perhaps hardly surprising, but feels quietly confirmed what they already knew for days. Because even before testing her gut instinct had whispered to her: Something is different, maybe I'm pregnant. Besides the sometimes astonishingly reliable intuition, it is primarily physical signs that tell a woman before the test that it could have worked. Urbia asks pregnant women and mothers what they have sensed that there was a small guest has homey furnishings in her belly. A midwife also explains the most common early signs, and why they are not easy to interpret.

Intuition: When the stomach knows more than the head

"When I was just newly pregnant with my first son, Max, and did not even know there was a bad cut in my life: my sick mother fell into a coma. I sat with her on the bed, just before she died. And since I had the feeling that I am pregnant at a time. I have her and immediately said, though she was unconscious. And also that I would really need right now like this. Yes, there is real crazy. But I'm glad I listened to my feeling and it've told her, "reports Heike B. from Karlsruhe.

also believes Astrid R. from Bonn that her body early knew more than her head, "I have found myself in the office is that I once raus frequently the stomach for tension and the cross have pushed through while the side my hands on I propped the back. Somehow this attitude was funny to me and I thought, funny, just make it but the pregnant women when they have back pain, ' "the mother of two reports. I then not thought about it, but a few days later, the pregnancy test was positive! "

Especially early intuition of Anna H. from Unna told her that her children would reach their destinations, "It's almost embarrassing to tell the: But I realized this during sex, that it worked. What I have noticed, I do not, however, itself a mystery. Completely safe I was then at any rate, than I could have one to two weeks after drinking out of coffee (though I then normally'm addicted) and my breasts were almost painfully hypersensitive ". "There are actually women who know directly that they are pregnant. Some feel right after intercourse or in the days that followed, that they are somehow no longer alone 'confirmed' midwife Annabell Kastorff from Cologne birthplace.

Cravings or disgust: When the senses "pregnant" Report

Premonitions have but not all pregnant women. Many remember more of physical changes that announces something new. "The cigarette no longer tasted, I was occasionally bad. That seemed strange to everything. Reckoned we did not have it, because I had previously stopped until four weeks with the pill, "says a mother Forum. That especially stimulants such as cigarettes, coffee or alcohol at the beginning of pregnancy suddenly taste disgusting, is a typical early signs - this is also very useful because: "This disgust shows that the body is now rising against such toxins," explains the midwife Annabell Kastorff. "He now feels stronger, what he needs, what he does well and what is not."

The same applies vice versa does not necessarily: the cravings or the so-called "cravings" as they also overcome some pregnant early, do not affect healthy things. "When I did not know I was pregnant, I was once shopping. On the way to the car was a mobile snack bars where you could buy these thick, pickled gherkins. I immediately bent over and there rushed because I suddenly crave as a cucumber got, "says Astrid R. from Bonn on. And as already mentioned in the routes to, Schwangerenart 'in the office, I thought again now: "It's funny that they say the appetite for pickles themselves but usually only for pregnant women! But because we had back then in vain, practiced for two years', I would not have dreamed up with the idea how right I was, "she grins. If pregnant women could render certain foods galore, this simply has to do with the opinion of doctors that the "pregnancy hormone" Beta HCG also acts on the brain area that is responsible for appetite or disgust - and there initially creates some confusion.

Pregnancy: Tight belly at the beginning

"Actually, my husband first noticed that I am pregnant again," says Petra H. from Wuppertal. He said in our third child very early: 'Your belly looks different somehow, maybe you're pregnant!'. I myself could not believe it. Finally, I had then totally long and irregular cycles of 50 days and more, I could not imagine that it could work with it. But he was right "and confirms a forum mother." I suddenly get a totally solid and hard stomach. Fatigue and listlessness then have driven me in addition to some games to take a test. "Especially from the second child, the abdomen can already change early, round or work harder. Because even if the Tom Thumb in the womb is still tiny, the (quite firm) uterus begins to grow very early. And because the abdominal wall is not as firm as the first child, we see this sooner.

Often, however, the breasts that change early: "To my horror, my breasts had grown suddenly - I wear anyway Cup E and had just treated myself to an outrageously expensive bra that suddenly became too small. Great! In addition, the breast has then also quite curious, so I could only sleep on their backs. Since I have "already guessed it, tells a pregnant woman in an internet forum. "When I was overdue exactly one week, I then took the test, which was positive." "Many women notice it first in the bosom that she may be pregnant," says midwife also Annabell Kastorff. "The breasts are greater than or tension." Due to the high concentration of progesterone (corpus luteum hormone), they store a propagated water. Sometimes the women striking also that the nipple and areola become darker.

Dizziness, nausea, fatigue: Blame hormones

"Terrible circulatory problems were with my fourth pregnancy, the first indication that had folded it again," says one forum participant. "I belong anyway seem to, early markers'. For in all four pregnancies I almost immediately after implantation - okay, let's say at least seven days later - get animal breast tenderness, but with the circuit was new. " Sudden weakness or dizziness are not rare at the first sign that you are pregnant, because "by the influence of pregnancy hormones, the circuit must be first change," says midwife Kastorff from Cologne birthplace. Even more common as dizziness listlessness and fatigue for no apparent reason. Again, much of the hormone progesterone debt to which the body has to get used to now.

but some women also notice that they have to go to the bathroom constantly, although then not much is coming. Before the thought of pregnancy some comes first because of the suspicion that they had caught a cold the bladder. The reason for the increased frequency of urination is once again the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and significantly increased blood flow of the entire abdomen and thus the bladder.

When does the HCG value is increased during pregnancy?

Even a nasty stinging or painful drawing in the abdomen, somehow not quite as feels as usual when the rule is imminent, makes many women in the very early pregnancy (unnecessary) worries. These pains come from the uterus, which starts already to grow. Because she is also a very strong and tough muscle, this early growth can hurt. The straps of the uterus ( "master tapes") here are already stretched and can chirp. "I thought in my first pregnancy even first, I had a tubal inflammation, so hurt that," Kerstin B. told from Bonn, mother of two girls.

A classic among the early symptoms but the morning sickness is true when it is not long since the most common early symptom also. About 40 percent of women have not, but many are plagued early on it - and by no means only in the morning, but often throughout the day. Some have simply no appetite while others have severe nausea. "It was the morning often times badly, with vomiting. But I was just on a ski vacation. Therefore I have high anxiety recycled in a way that 'because of the mountains. I had, often nosebleed that would not stop. It was not until after the holiday I understood what it with these complaints had, "says a pregnant woman from an Internet forum.

About something other pregnancy symptoms

"I do not quite know how to express it. So, I have to admit I suddenly had ever want to have sex. I took my boyfriend almost mugged '. He then said several times, with you which is true but not, are destined pregnant! '" tells another forum participant. An increased libido many women during pregnancy, but often only slightly. But some women seem to sense early on that pleasant change.

"The second child I had so strange palpitations for days before I knew it. It must have felt like as if you have a flu-like infection with fever, as well as the pulse's sometimes so fast, "says Astrid R." And when I read my older daughter in the evening, I was suddenly short of breath and had to read Get a lot more often than usual in between air, was quite striking. I could not explain it. That came a few days later, when the rule failed to materialize and the test was positive. "

Even spotting just before, during or after the date on which you would normally get his rule, are uncommon. it was previously believed that they were signs of so-called. "Einnistungsblutung" in which the embryo easily hurt the endometrium, most doctors now believe that they are simply caused by initial hormonal fluctuations (unless they are signs of an early miscarriage) ,

Give it a sure sign of pregnancy?

How reliable but said early signs of pregnancy? Unfortunately, not particularly, says midwife Annabell Kastorff ". Many of the symptoms can be simply explained by normal vormenstruelle complaints" This also becoming active in the second half of the cycle after each ovulation corpus luteum hormone progesterone (its concentration in early pregnancy only still rising) can for example, lead to breast tenderness due to increased water retention. Even mild nausea, abdominal pull, dizziness or fatigue are common symptoms in PMS (premenstrual syndrome = complaints before the rule). And urinary frequency can of course actually simply be signs of a bladder infection.

Somewhat safe is only a high basal body temperature. If a woman during daily measuring their waking determines that the temperature of the second half of the cycle continuously is more than 16 days by about 0.5 degrees above the normal temperature of the first half of the cycle, she is pregnant with some probability - if it has or no infection with wrong technology has measured (too short or only after getting up).

Is it normal when you feel absolutely nothing?

"Just as there are women who remember very early on that they are pregnant, there are other hand, women who initially felt nothing at all," says Annabell Kastorff. It's important that you do not automatically subject to such women a bad body image: "In my opinion, this has nothing to do with their body image." There could be several reasons, which were connected for example with the current situation in life, such as stress or distraction , If woman does not expect to be pregnant and this perhaps does not fit into their current circumstances, they so often feel nothing. "Or if a woman becomes pregnant, for example, despite the pill and the pill break further has its circulation, it naturally is easy to overlook the physical signs. Because they simply does not expect "to be pregnant, so the midwife.

"It is but often that women who initially feel anything all of a sudden get symptoms once the test was positive," says Kastorff. Here, then, a certain expectation plays a role.

Whether a woman has early pregnancy symptoms or not, by the way says nothing about the state of pregnancy. In case of malfunctions you can continue to have the symptoms of "full program". "Conversely, an absence or temporary staying away of the symptoms for a few days has nothing to do with the fact that it would not go well with the baby. So it's completely safe, "says the midwife.