Pregnant have some ways to prepare well her body on the birth of their babies. Damm massage on raspberry leaf tea to globules: Here learn expectant mothers what they can do before childbirth.

Raspberry leaf, courses or massage for antenatal

Prepare birth body

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The big day is coming either way, whether you attended courses, massaging the perineum or drinking special tea. But prepare well on the inner attitude to the birth and the course may favorably influence. The knowledge to be prepared and to have much done for a positive birth experience, are most women more security and confidence. Some measures are also early loosen the tissue or childbirth can shorten even.

Almost goes without saying: the childbirth class

The visit of the so-called "Hechelkurses" is taken for granted today for most pregnant women. Besides the exchange with other expectant mums and midwives, it also offers the chance calmly to approach the day of birth. If you know what to expect, fears can degrade and confidence be won. But not only mental birth preparation course for the happy event joins, through exercises, breathing and relaxation exercises and the body is made fit for the birth. Special courses, such as pregnant women Yoga should, even more specifically facilitate childbirth.

Prevent injuries by regular perineal massage

With an untreated oil or special oil blends of the area around vagina and perineum is massaged daily for about five to ten minutes and stretched. This promotes blood circulation, the fabric is soft, loose and stretch more effective. Sporadically performed perineal massage can certainly do nothing. But if you already begin six weeks before the expected date of order and the performing massage on a regular basis, this method is to make the dam supple and elastic. Thus the risk of injury can indeed be reduced, a guarantee of delivery without perineal tear or font style but there is not. Because impact on not only the course of labor, but also the fabric texture, which is different for every woman. Detailed instructions for carrying out this method include the perineal massage oils that you can buy, among others, in drugstores, or you ask your midwife. Infection or inflammation in the vaginal area should be avoided dear to the perineal massage.

What can be done to prevent an episiotomy?

Additional preparation for the dam: Heublumendampfsitzbäder 

The same goal as the perineal massage have steam sitz baths with hay flowers. From the beginning of the 38th week of pregnancy so that the tissue is to be additionally loosened and made extensible. The dried hay flowers are available in pharmacies, drugstores or midwife. In a bowl or a similar vessel, the flowers are doused with boiling water, then provides you the whole thing in the toilet. Once the temperature is pleasant, it sits on the toilet and let the steam act as long as it lasts. Since the area around vagina and perineum thus is beautifully soft and smooth, it is recommended to make the Heublumendampfsitzbäder right in front of the dam massage. Before the expected date to display this process even perform weekly, then as often as you like. For women with varicose veins in the genital area, the steam sitz baths are not suitable.

Raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy

A real all-rounder from the bag of tricks of midwives is raspberry leaf tea. Often it is recommended to enjoy three cups a day from the end of the 34th week of pregnancy. but many midwives advised to drink at 37 weeks a cup a day, then to pause a week and to take in the 39th week four cups a day to himself. After another break of one week a whole pot can be drunk throughout the day after the due date. By the interruptions over stimulus should be avoided. With raspberry leaf tea you can gently and naturally prepare for the upcoming birth of your body. But the point of this household remedy is not to produce contractions and bring the birth of faster or more in motion, rather pelvic muscles and cervix are loosened and thereby facilitates childbirth. It also promotes blood circulation, antispasmodic and is rich in vitamin C, calcium and iron. Raspberry leaf tea also stimulates the bowel activity, which can easily nudge the first contractions. Due to its detoxifying effect it is also recommended in childbirth. Outside of pregnancy, the dried raspberry leaves are a real find with an existing infertility or menstrual pain. In drug stores, pharmacies and health food stores you can buy the tea, a dose recommendation you can refer or consult your midwife of the particular mixture. Who does not like the taste, you can add lemon or sweeten with honey.

So it better "misses": Flaxseed

Another midwifery tip are coarsely ground flaxseed. One tablespoon a day from the age of 34 weeks to stimulates bowel activity and ensures an increased production of mucus in the vagina. Is designed to encourage the birth and facilitate the expulsion. The healthy home remedies can help to clogging already during or outside of pregnancy, but only if it is taken with sufficient liquid. Among the flaxseed a glass of water should be drunk throughout the day should do the trick at least two liters of fluid. For better taste, you can mix the crushed flax seeds in cereal or yogurt. In pharmacies and health food stores, you can purchase the seeds rather inexpensive.

Acupuncture - Small Sting with a big impact

Many studies have demonstrated the positive effects of acupuncture and midwives swear by the fine needles that will bring relief to so many complaints. In and outside of pregnancy can akupunktieren all for an (almost), for example against water retention or back pain. Many gynecologists and midwives specialize in acupuncture during pregnancy and before childbirth. These antenatal acupuncture is performed in mostly weekly sessions from the 36th week and is to reduce by an average of two hours, the duration of the opening phase. This can save valuable energy for the rest of the childbirth giving birth. By setting usually four to five needles per session stimulates certain points, thereby achieving a maturation of the cervix, a more targeted labor and a reduction of pain sensation. The piercing itself is almost painless, only a short fine stitch can be felt. A subsequent slight burning, tingling, pressure or heat point to the correct point. For women who already have experience with acupuncture, a pain treatment during childbirth may come into question.

Individually: Homeopathy

Many midwives well versed in homeopathy, and can help with the beads not only in Schwangerschaftswehwehchen but also birth preliminarily. Known globules before birth, for example, Pulsatilla or CAULOPHYLLUM. For which expectant mother what remedy works best, but is individual and should be matched by their own midwife to the respective pregnant.