Whether on rainy days, for child's birthday or New Year's Eve: There are many suggestions for games that make kids and adults have fun and that is as good as no material needed.

Games for New Year's and family events

Family Party Games

Photo: © Panthermedia.net, Robert Kneschke

Not only at children's birthday parties, and other occasions such as on rainy Sundays, family parties or New Year - Party games with the whole family can always provide fun entertainment. There suggestions for games that make kids and adults have fun and is required for virtually any material.

Extended family Meier

Every child is a member of "family Meier", Ms. Meier is the mother of Mr. Meier's father, Max, Paul or Lena Meier are the children. Of course, uncles and aunts, grandparents are allowed, depending on how many players there are. If the roles are distributed, they all sit in a circle. A director tells a story of family Meier, z. As a typical day or describes a trip the family. Whenever a family member is mentioned, it must immediately get up, once turn on its own axis and sit back down. And: Will Meier family mentioned, are all on.

Kathrinchen is sick!

Material: For every player a match with broken KopfDas most important and most fun element of this language game is the artificial obstruction of speaker. The players sit in a circle, each put up a match between his teeth. The dialogue between two people sitting next to always begins with: A: "Kathrinchen is sick!"
B: "What does she have?"
A: "She has tonsillitis."
Each new interlocutor repeats the previous diseases and invents with appropriate gestures to a new disease. For example, the dialogue between B and C can then be:
B: "Kathrinchen is sick!"
C: "Yes, what's wrong with her?"
B: "She has tonsillitis and chickenpox!" Etc.

The tapeworm story

The players sit in a circle or at the table. All together a story, each of the series continues the story with one word. For example, One begins with a single word, for example, "It", The next continues with "was", Etc.

advise professions

A mime game. One player thinks of a profession he is pantomime. The other guess to what job it is.

People guessing game

One of the players is envisioned to be a specific person, which it believes that they all know, for example, Asterix, Beckenbauer or Great Aunt Resi. The others try to figure out who he is by asking questions. However, the question must be asked so that in response only "Yes" or "No" is possible.

A variant of this is the Beruferaten. One player thinks of a profession and the others must guess which profession he belongs. Again they ask questions that only "Yes" or "No" must be answered. The player who has guessed the profession first, may come up with the next job. The game can also "vice versa" play: A player must first leave the room. The other players think of a job for him, and he has to guess what profession you have intended for him.

Who dares?

This game is not for people who are disgusted easily, but a real test of courage.


  • a box or a shoebox
  • shriveled carrot as witch nose
  • a dark cloth to cover
  • Jelly in small bowl as mucus by aliens
  • Shampoo in egg cup as a nasal mucus of Hippo
  • Rubber spider, etc.
  • peeled grapes as eyes
  • Rice grains as maggots

Set up some candles to create a mysterious atmosphere and darken the room. The box is covered with the cloth. The game leader starts the game with a short history, as "I recently experienced something! Seeing I have actually found a witch nose fallen in the forest ..."Now the first player summarizes the witch nose and touches the other objects and describes it: "This one feels icky wet and slimy to ..." Of course, the GM has come up with a great story. "Oh, that! The nasal mucus from the hippopotamus must be that we have recently seen in the zoo." And so on. After that all children can take turns in the box fassen.Wenn all had their hands in horror box, the secret will be revealed.

Grandpa sitting funny in the bathtub

A writing game. A sheet of paper is laid across the top with "Grandpa sitting funny in the bathtub" described. Here, a column for each word is provided downward. The players write in turn one word at the appropriate phrase in each column, and the sheet is weitergeknickt once after each new word. At the end of the first writers unfolded the paper and read out the new creation. This results in funny phrases like "Mama punched snorting on the tractor",

'Parrot school'

The crocodile brush your teeth

Material: Paper and writing
A mime game. The game master outputs of paper and writing materials. Participants should write funny ideas that can be represented in pantomime. After collecting the list, each player draws such and represents the corresponding situation. The other guess what it is.

  • sneak a coated alarm wires soil
  • escape into a porcelain loading the attack of a wasp
  • a horse's hooves shod
  • an elephant clean the ears
  • pull someone out of a swamp
  • a crocodile brush their teeth

I spy with my little eye, and that's ...

...blue! A player chooses an item from, which is visible to all players and then reveals only the color of the object, which the players are asked to guess: "I spy with my little eye, and that is ... (color)." The players now begin to guess. The questions they ask, it may not "Yes" or "No" get answered. The player who guesses the subject, may open the next round: "I can see what you can not see ..."

parrot school

A game of forfeits. The teacher in the school parrot is pretty twisted. He says such. B. "Here's my nose!" while touches his knee. The parrot Students must repeat the phrase exactly, but this show really on her nose! If a student is on the wrong body part or object, or promises, he must sign a pledge.


The first player calls spontaneously and without thinking three or four letters. Now, the next must form a set to begin its words with those letters. Out "A-F-S-G" is e.g. "All foxes sucking goo." The next but one makes of it: " Monkey fishing sweet pickles." While it needs to come out a decent rate, but the content will be fun. Who really think of no sentence that is no later than after one minute pledge from. By the way, this game especially among the New Year's party play a real Firecracker - (? Or two) when mom and dad enjoyed a glass of champagne and the sets are always silly.

hide sweets

When the adults need a break after all the games, this game is recommended: Just hide some candy or other coveted candy in the house, apartment or garden and the children are well busy for a while.