When a child has a fever?

Nature knows no tables and so vary the normal temperature from child to child. Nevertheless, there are approximate values ​​from when physicians of elevated temperature and when speaking of fever...

Mothers in childbirth

Even if everything will always go fast today, in childbirth, so in the period after the birth mothers need time and rest to recover. This article is what mothers can..

Beautiful Breast – even after breastfeeding

Most women (and their men) are very excited about the new splendor that conjures them into the pregnancy cleavage. But often the disillusionment after weaning: The breasts are small, sagging..

Relaxation for children

With sensory overload, work pressure and stress of the modern leisure life already makes to create children. Many suffer from nervousness and sleep problems. Child righteous relaxation exercises bring Little..

When children cough

Probably not (small) child comes around it: the cough. He can listen to barking or rattling, it can be harmless or serious. Which herb cough has grown, and when parents..

Partnership Contract: Rules without marriage

No desire for marriage - more and more couples live together without being married. However, a few rules should also meet them. Otherwise it may happen that a partner after..

How much noise of children is allowed?

How much noise can really make children play, they have to respect the siesta and what is the legal situation in the ever controversial parking of strollers in hallways? Our..

Money entitled to the parents

Urbia has compiled the most important funding opportunities for families with children for you. An overview: from maternity leave to child benefit. New period of my life Photo: © Colourbox..

13 things that should better not do the pregnant woman

I'm pregnant, I can now eat and what does not? The question is probably every pregnant. Fortunately, pregnancy is not a disease and a lot goes on as before. But..

Music during pregnancy

Take baby in the womb already music right? And if they do, what kind of music they like what's good for them and how loud should be music to make..

Pregnant with obesity

Does a woman have with obesity in pregnancy, some things are different than in normal weight. Are there risks? How much should I take? When I feel my child? We..

Special: I’m pregnant

Finally the time has come. The signs can be no doubt that you are pregnant! An exciting period of life begins, marked by joyous expectations, but also raise questions and..

Mutterpass: What does it say?

AU about BPD and FL: In Mutterpass it teems with abbreviations and entry fields for all sorts of findings and investigations during pregnancy. We guide you page by page through..

Baby Gender: What is it about the nub theory?

Many pregnant women want to know as early as possible what gender their baby. Can the nub theory ultrasound earlier provide an answer? According to this theory, the doctor can..

Birth Weight: 13 interesting facts

The baby's birth weight is one of the first, what proud parents proclaim everywhere and even print on birth announcements. And with good reason. Because with the birth weight, we..

Pregnancy: First-trimester screening

An advanced ultrasound 11 to 14 weeks gestation may be already at this early time information on birth defects, according to experts. First-trimester screening: Enhanced Ultrasound Photo: © iStockphoto.com/ Alexraths..

False pregnancy, there’s this?

The rule remains off, the belly is round, there occur morning sickness or even later fetal movement - and yet there is no pregnancy. The topic "false pregnancy" on the..

Can make girls?

How can affect the baby's gender, plus there is a long time the craziest strategies fairy tales, as well as studies. A recent study from China even says that there..

9 Things Men Should Know About Pregnant

Your wife is expecting a child and you as an expectant father must carry the pregnancy with all its attendant with (s)? Here are tips, which you can actually help..

Sleep well in pregnancy

Nausea, head, back or hip hurt the baby pushes against the ribs, you have leg cramps or it is a dull, because the vena cava is disconnected - in pregnancy..

silent birth

Katja Fortak noticed in the 34th week of pregnancy that their baby has stopped moving. In Urbia interview she talked about the silent birth of her dead son and the..

Pregnant: prepare the body for childbirth

Pregnant have some ways to prepare well her body on the birth of their babies. Damm massage on raspberry leaf tea to globules: Here learn expectant mothers what they can..

Unbeknownst pregnant – is this possible?

"Congratulations, you're six months pregnant!" Expectant parents who have for months not guessed by her happiness should react expresses shock at such a statement from her gynecologist. But can such..

Looking for a suitable name for a boy or a girl?

name Finder Photo: © colourbox You have no idea how to say your baby? Our name Finder makes you suggestions that you can easily put on the watch list or..

Severe nausea in pregnancy: What helps now

More than half of all pregnant women are plagued by nausea. But some women vomit so often that damage to her and her child at risk. The pregnancy is an..

Girl or boy?

Even if it admit few parents openly: A desire sex for her baby have the most. On demand experienced Maja Roedenbeck which reasons are given beyond pink and light blue..

Miracle on time: The placenta

The placenta (placenta) plays a major role in pregnancy. It nourishes and protects the fetus and is associated in myth with the image of the Tree of Life. Find out..

Miscarriage: Why a curettage?

Miscarriage - the diagnosis is a shock to any woman. After all, is always bad to lose a child. Often gynecologists advise then to a curettage, but the curettage or..

Streptococci in pregnancy

For most pregnant women, the diagnosis first is a huge shock: streptococci! Harm the baby? perhaps even threatening a premature baby? To panic, there is no reason. The bacteria cause..

Premature labor: What helps now

That it in the belly and pulls here there is quite normal during pregnancy. But what if a pregnant woman has far ahead of the expected date of labor, which..

What to do about fear of childbirth?

to be afraid of giving birth is normal. Almost every woman, it goes like this. Because a birth is a huge event. Our article gives suggestions on what options are..

Unplanned pregnancy – and now?

If the pregnancy test is positive, that does not always automatically triggers feelings of happiness. If the pregnancy was not planned, a confusing feeling mixture of joy, fear and anxiety..

Low blood pressure in pregnancy

Although low blood pressure is considered to be unpleasant, but not dangerous. During pregnancy, low blood pressure, however, is not quite so harmless. Low blood pressure during pregnancy is dangerous..

should 8 things you know: Pregnant and fever

Fever in pregnancy is only dangerous for you and the baby if it lasts longer or is too high. Then it says: From the doctor or midwife ask! With a..

pregnancy Calendar

Our pregnancy calendar accompanies expectant mothers through nine exciting months and informed in each of the 40 weeks of pregnancy on the development of the baby in the belly. Pregnancy..

Signs that the birth is imminent

About 90 percent of babies are not born at the expected date. Since it is helpful to know the signs that go into labor soon and the baby makes his..

The large baby’s ultrasound Photogallery

Many Urbia users are responded to our call and have sent pictures of their unborn baby us. The photo gallery shows the exciting history of child development in the womb...

Typical Girls – typical boy?

Increasingly, supposedly innate differences between girls and boys will be discussed again lately. But what really goes into the "Auto gene" of boys and on "Puppenwagen gene" of girls? Of..

Regretting Motherhood – one may regret it to be a mother?

I should have just have a child! This sentence is a taboo - the many women now dare nevertheless the first time. But why, some women so unhappy in their..

You must remember screaming babies?

No! Call almost all parents in the choir. And rightly so. With a small limitation. It may also be important to stay a little firm and not to give in..

Who and what is actually family?

The importance of family is growing, for most Germans is even the highest good at all, surveys say. But what makes a family? What it means for each individual and..

Reward systems: They motivate children

Points and small bonuses should reward children when they clean their rooms, do their homework or brush teeth. When reward work, and when not! Anticipation activates a happiness hormone Photo:..

Happy children of separation – they really exist?

Children often react to their parents' separation with fears and disorders, many have to take later in life problems, relationships and maintain statistics say. Can separate children still also be..

Pregnant: What now changes in the job

If the pregnancy test is positive, it must also be in the job much to be clarified. When and how it should find the boss, what activities must avoid a..

Recipes for pregnancy

That pregnant women not eat for two, but should best be eating healthy now know most. but here it becomes concrete: The article offers plenty of recipes that be good..

Partner Kontrakt: Regler uten ekteskap

Ingen ønske om ekteskap - flere og flere par bor sammen uten å være gift. Imidlertid bør noen regler også møte dem. Ellers kan det skje at en partner etter..

13 ting som bør bedre ikke gjøre den gravide kvinnen

Jeg er gravid, kan jeg nå spise og hva som ikke fungerer? Spørsmålet er trolig alle gravide. Heldigvis er graviditet ikke er en sykdom, og mye går videre som før...

Langt mer enn en dårlig humør: depresjon

I mørkere årstid, men for eksempel, selv i overbelastning og lunger, legger seg ned i mange mennesker en grå slør over hjertet - depresjon. Hva du kan gjøre med det,..

Med kyske treet til Wunschkind

I middelalderen kyske treet bremset motorer av religiøse brødre. I dag er frukten heller kjent at det hjelper Wunschkind på hoppene. Ærbar treet: medisinsk plante med lange tradisjoner Foto: ©..

Musikk under svangerskapet

Ta barnet i mors liv allerede musikk rett? Og hvis de gjør, hva slags musikk de liker hva som er bra for dem og hvor høyt bør være musikk for..