When children sit too much in the room, sometimes maybe just missing just a few good ideas for games. There are many fine suggestions and reminders for games with which today's mothers and fathers once amused themselves.

What we used to play

Children playing circle

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Can you still remember the your childhood games? At the time when the games were real games were? In the boredom was not an issue, even though there was no phone yet Playstation and even adults rarely had time for their children? At that time we were playing the most exciting games, no tree was too high to be climbed by us, banisters were turned into slides and basement entrances converted into caves.

We had a few playgrounds, but the most exciting adventures spaces right on our doorstep - roads, lawns, garage courtyards or empty lots have been taken by storm by us and transformed into the most imaginative adventure land. On expensive and educationally valuable toys and we could well do without. What we needed for our games provided by nature: sticks, stones, abgemähter lawn, flowers ...

A piece Gummitwist from mother's sewing box was enough to give us hours the hottest duel, the funniest competition in Gummitwist jumping. Whole afternoons we spent with Hinke box jumping, which we had previously painted with chalk or remnants of red bricks on the road.

In bad weather, we do not squatted in front of the TV, watching others play. We could not make us - we ourselves did something. "Battleship," "numbers connect", "I spy with my little eye", "Teekesselchen", "pack your suitcase," "shadow rates", "City - Land - River" ... a bit of paper and a few pins ranged it completely.

Today, the situation is somewhat different

Instead of playmates to romp outdoors, children today spend much more time in the house, for example at the computer or TV. Often free areas, which they could use to play, the road is usually also entirely in the hands of car traffic are missing. The result: Many children suffer from problems of coordination and movement uncertainties. In addition, falling on already with the smallest poor posture and obesity. Even if ballet or soccer practice standing next to the school sport once a week on the program, children are not sufficiently demanded physically.

And often the constant availability of the media supply means that children's own game out of ideas or rather: that she did not know a lot of games only.

The games of our childhood's quite wonderful to get back to awaken in children the desire to run around and to lure them into the open. stimulate their creativity and, incidentally, to train social behavior - not least because teach games, that there are certain rules that you have to keep in the community - in the game and in the "real" life.

Remember the old games of your childhood and discover with your child long forgotten (old) Travels again. And remember; a real exciting game hours is often associated with ordinary noise. Take it calmly and rejoice rather with your child about the fact that it has so much fun at the "old" games. And if it is too hard times, then do think simply to your day back ...

maybe you can no longer some rules remember? Some game were played but also different. Maybe you is also the one or other game of your childhood eliminated? On the following pages you'll find a refresher with known games.

And how do I get my couch potato-child to exercise more? In this video, education expert Jan-Uwe Rogge answered this question many parents:

Indoor games

Bad weather and no chance to play outside? The PC and the TV to remain still look like? What to do? Here comes the answer: a lot of nice and funny indoor games!

Chicken feather - flight competition

For this you need only a small spring ...

The children sit close together in a circle. The game master (parents) are the starting signal and levitates a tiny spring over their heads. The children blow with full force, so that the spring on floats. But be careful - nobody is allowed to get up. The aim is to let the spring as long as possible float in the air. Winners in this flying competition are all children.

silent post

The children sit in a circle. The first child whispers his neighbor's child a set (or a word) ear. This whispers it to the next child on ... and on ... and on ... until the "Whispers" has arrived again at the "sender-child" and that they pronounce aloud. Hearty laughter is hereby guaranteed 

Whoever finds the alarm

The game master (parent or a previously selected child) hides an alarm clock in the room. Then he calls in the children and asks them to look at the alarm clock. Now a good ear is required. All children are now trying to make out a sound that suggests an alarm clock. Whoever finds the alarm first, hid it again, and the acoustic alarm search begins again.

The alarm clock is set up at any place in the room. A child is blindfolded with a cloth and it is given the task the alarm - only by ear - track! It has done its acoustic order, it may send another child to the "tipped ears-clock search".

No one touches the ground

A game that already loved the children of Noisy Village and is suitable great for boring rainy days. The children move around the room. However, while they may not touch the floor. From the table to the chair ... continued on the cabinet and from there on the dresser. Always nice to keep moving and do not touch the ground. Wer`s but makes eliminated.

couples dance

The child is on the front of the feet of a larger child or adult. But please take off your shoes before. Now the funny couple dancing're off. If you play with several children, a competition can arise from it. Who will reach the goal first?

my reflection

Two children stand facing each other. A child makes a move that the other child - must imitate - like its mirror image. All the funny movements and contortions, the greater the fun.

Games for outdoors

Catch and hide every child likes to play today. The rules are usually simple and vary from case to case, so they should be renegotiated before each game. This is about speed, skill and around a lot of fun in the movement.

Catch shadows

The children are distributed in a meadow (large area). One child is selected for "Shadow Catcher" and now has the task of stepping on the shadows of the other children. Whose shadow was entered by the shadow catcher, who must on the spot stehenbleiben.Es is played until all children are. Then a new catcher is selected and it starts all over again.

The Snowman

A child playing the snowman. Who touches the one who freezes to ice and may not move from the spot himself. Who was frozen last, will be the new snowman.

Variation: The icy kids can liberate themselves by crawling through the legs of the snowman.

Trees, trees, swap your

A large open space with lots of trees becomes the pitch. The children choose from trees that should be possible, not too far apart. A child is the catcher and gets: "Trees, trees, swap your!" All children must look for another free tree. The catcher is trying to cut off a child, so this is the catcher.

Fisherman, how deep is the water?

One child is selected for fishermen. The other children are in about 15 meters (depending on the space available around) distance opposite. If possible, the playing field should be limited to the side. Now the children call the fishermen: "Fisherman, fisherman, how deep the water is today?"

The fisherman responds exactly as it just occurs to him with, for example: very deep, medium depth, ocean deep or not deep. The children shout: "And how are we to get over" Darufhin the fisherman answered, for example: "jumping, dancing, hopping, crawling, sideways, backwards, crawl. Now fishermen like children and are equally encouraged to move in this way to the other side. Who will be deducted from the fishing must help him to catch the other children. The last child is the new Fischer and funny game begins anew.

A hat, a cane, an umbrella ...

This rhyme rocks every "boring" Sunday stroll, every gym class, every birthday party.

And off you go:

"One two three four five six seven.
A hat, a cane, an umbrella.
Forward, backward, sideways, ran.
Hacke, lace, high leg ".

All go forward seven steps, the next verse all go at each syllable a step. Finally, the right foot is tapped only forward, then sideways and backwards. Then the foot first on the hoe, then tap the top and lift the leg to the end. And then it can start from scratch again.

the tamer

A child plays the animal trainer. The others are the animals. Sometimes they are elephant ... monkey ... lions ... eagle ... snakes. The trainer determines what they are and have to make. In this game, it's just about having fun (roller) game.

Mr. Meier says

The children choose a captain, the Lord Meier. Which now takes the lead and makes the group different tasks that they need to run promptly. Here, Mr. Meier always speaks in the same way given to the children. Some examples:

Mr Meier says: "All are to monkeys!"
Mr Meier says: "All crawling backwards!"
After a while, a new Mr. Meier is selected. play as long as the kids have fun with it.

Movement games for indoors and outdoors

The conductor

The children stand or sit in a circle. A child that was previously selected, leaves the room for. Now a conductor is selected the different movements pretending: clap, for example, into the hands, scratching your head, pat on the thigh. All other children must immediately join this movement. The first child is called into the room and to make the conductors identified. This now changes continuously the movements. If the child has debunked the conductor, these will be sent to the door and a new conductor is selected. The game starts over.

The Pirates

The children are divided into two groups. A group plays pirates; a group of friends. A child playing the prisoners and go into the center of the "group of pirates".

Around him the pirates wake. To the pirates, the friends of the prisoners gathered trying him "ransom" to hand over. Because the prisoner is released only if it passes the ransom themselves. Ransom a ball and the friends of the prisoners are now trying to throw the ball as or roll that can not get him the pirates used. Whenever they catch him yet, they give the ball back to friends. The game is over when the prisoner has managed itself to catch the ball. What he has such good friends for a blessing for him.

wheelbarrow race

Two children come together as a team. A child is the wheelbarrow, the other grabbed his legs, lifts her up and pushes off. The first child runs forward on his hands. After a few practice rounds a race is organized; Several teams are at the start and must - a previously set distance - as quickly as possible to travel. Which wheelbarrow team first reached the goal wins.

tunnel creep

The children were raised in two teams with legs apart in close succession and form a tunnel. At the signal from the director down, the children turn the front are quickly around, bend over and crawl through the tunnel back to line up again. Once the player has crawled first through the tunnel is up front again, the game is over and the faster team won.

Bunny, bunny, crawling with me

The children make sitting a tight circle and hold their heads forward lowered. A child crawls around the outside, knocking a seated in a circle kid on the back and shouts: "Bunny, Bunny, crawling with me!" In a flash it crawls around the circle, followed by the child, who has asked to persecution. Will it be caught, so it must be in the circle and the other child continues the game.

The game can also run, hopping on one leg, and are played!

Do not turn around, the Plumpsack comes to

The children sit in a circle and close their heads slightly lowered into the middle. They sing: "Do not turn around, the Plumpsack's about! Who turns around and laughs gets made the hump blue! "

Around the circle another child crawls with a bag in his hand. Secretly and quietly drop it behind a seated child in a circle the bag and crawls quietly. the child noticed the bag behind, it crawls quickly with the bag in his hand behind the child behind and tried to cut off before it reaches the vacated space. Can this save in the gap, the followers of the series. Noticed a child's bag behind is not, it knocks the outside around crawling child after a round on the back and the child's next turn.

Poor black cat

The children sit in a circle. One child is selected and plays the black cat. It crawls in the middle of the circle of chairs around and meow and whines while heartbreaking. Now it selects from a child. The selected child must stroke three times over the head and say this the cat: "Poor black cat ..."

The cat is of course every effort to so pitiful and miserable or maybe funny look that caressing child laugh. But who is laughing himself must crawl around in the middle of the "poor black cat".

Hello, Mr. Hai!

Before the fish hunting can begin, a fish tank must (pitch) and a life raft (table, bench, sandpit tree, etc.) are defined. Then a child is determined that plays the shark, while the other kids turn into fish that would eat at like the shark. The game works like this: All the shark and the fish run, in "fish tank" around. The fish call again and again: "Mr. Hai, Mr. Hai, what time is it?" The shark answered as With "It's time to play ... ", or running, dancing, building, etc. But if he with "Time to eat" replied that all children must flee to the life rafts! Each fish, the shark caught, is now even a shark and makes with the "To catch fish", The game is over when only one fish left. In the next round he is then the shark!

Clapping games and rhymes

The good old clapping and rhyme game of our childhood. Who does not remember, for example, in "In Müller's has fired!"?

clapping game

Two children (or child and parent ...) there are a couple together and put or face each other. Her hands are raised. Slowly they start to clap and get faster:

1) In your own hands ...
2) with the right palm of the right hand surface of the opposite ...
3) into their own hands ...
4) with the left palm to the left palm of the opponent
5) into their own hands ...
6) with both palms on both palms of the counterpart.

"Clapping", each child also all to yourself:

Sitting or standing first:
1) clap their own hands ...
2) clap with your right hand on your left thigh ...
3) again clap their own hands ...
4) clap with his left hand on your right thigh ...
5) again into their own hands ...
and at the end with both hands on both thighs.

gossip rhymes

In Müller's burned ... burned ... burned
I'm running fast ... ... RAMNT RAMNT
there came a policeman ... ... ZIST ZIST
who wrote me on the list ... list ... list
the list fell into the dirt ... dirt ... dirt
there was my name ... gone ... gone ... gone
I quickly ran into the house ... house ... house
to my uncle Klaus ... Klaus ... Klaus
which was already in bed ... bed ... bed
with his wife e l i s a b e t h.
Elisabeth who was ashamed
and pulled the blanket over him
the ceiling has a hole ... Perforated ... Perforated
since you saw them yes but ... but ... but ...
I ran to the 1st floor
I ran to the 2nd floor
I ran into the ....
I went to the 10th floor
there sat a man in petticoats.

We say no ... no ... no
we say si ... si si ...
we say no
we say si
we say em pom pie colony kolonastik
em pom pie colony
akademi puffer!

And Seppel ... Seppel ... Seppel
steals Äppel ... Äppel ... Äppel
Dieschen and radishes ... Dieschen ...
for Lizzie ... ... lieschen lieschen
And the chef ... cooking .... cooking
fell into the hole ... Perforated ... Perforated
but deep ... deep ... deep
so he cried ... cried ... cried
"Dear Mrs. ... Mrs. ... Mrs.
get me out ... out ... out
with the shoe ... Shoe Shoe ...
ne olle're stupid cow! "

Adam and Eva saßen cheer sofa
Sofa crashed, Adam laughed, Eva screamed like never before.

Since the Dr. came Role ... role ... role
with his sister Kille Kille ... ... Kille
with his brother Box ... Box ... Box
looked like an ox ... ... ox ox.

The author (41) is a mother of four children, is a freelance author and therapist and learning are among other for several years at the VHS a course entitled "Games for head and heart",

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