Although low blood pressure is considered to be unpleasant, but not dangerous. During pregnancy, low blood pressure, however, is not quite so harmless.

Low blood pressure during pregnancy is dangerous

Doctor measures woman blood pressure

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Around 2.5 million in Germany suffer from low blood pressure (HypOtonie). While (the risk factor of high blood pressure Hyphetonie) is everywhere spoken, is low blood pressure, although unpleasant, but when harmless considered. The saying goes: "Low blood pressure it is to live poor, with high blood pressure it dies well!" However, for a group of people lower blood pressure is a risk factor: The pregnant!

Low blood pressure is often regarded as a kind of life insurance and actually consist certain advantages. It is about a higher life expectancy, because the vascular system is less stressed and therefore there is less susceptibility to heart attacks, strokes and brain hemorrhages. Hypotension speaking at blood pressure levels below 95/65 mm / Hg millimeters of mercury. particularly slim, petite people, mainly women, but also young people and older people are affected. Many, however, feel no recognizable symptoms. If the blood pressure is too low, it may thus come to an insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the heart, brain and all other organs.

Complaints that point to hypotension

Characteristic are performance degradation and fatigue, Listlessness and irritability, palpitations and anxiety, especially with rapid changes of position after getting up, dizziness and flickering before the eyes. Circulatory disorders manifested by cold hands and feet, pale skin, Gähnzwang, vague abdominal discomfort, hyperventilation (Increased lung ventilation) and breathing impairment.

Causes of low blood pressure

The most common is called "essential hypotension", It occurs especially in young slim women. Usually runs in the family a corresponding predisposition in front. Enabling factors are lack of exercise and oppressive stress. In the context of diseases of the heart, nervous or endocrine can cause low blood pressure values. Other triggers include: Heavy blood loss, dehydration, pregnancy and infections. Also taking antihypertensive, diuretic and soothing drugs can cause a drop in blood pressure. In most cases, the cause is unknown for a permanently low blood pressure. Under a low blood pressure value with disease is meant to keep the inability of the circuit, blood pressure and cardiac output (CO) after a position change from lying to a halt in the control range.

Low blood pressure in pregnancy

Hypotension endanger the mother and child, because there is a connection between cause low blood pressure, inadequate uterine blood flow as well as developmental disorders of the fetus and complications around the confinement. In addition, the unborn child may be caused by a collapse or fall as a result of dizzy spells the mother to harm. Conventional drugs for circulatory stimulation should in pregnancy taboo be. Although this increase the blood pressure by narrowing of the blood vessels, decrease but by blood and nutrients to the child. Taking vascular active substances (like dihydroergotamine and Etilefrin) can cause developmental disorders of the child. Insufficient circulatory regulation in pregnancy occurs when the fetus presses on the vena cava, thus reducing the blood flow back to the maternal heart. This is, for example, often felt the case when the mother lies on her back.

Regular monitoring of blood pressure is therefore important for both mother and child. Suffers from a pregnant woman among more often a headache or frequently under severe thirst, the attending gynecologist or gynecologist should be consulted immediately. This also applies when the symptoms after taking medication occur.

More salt in the soup

Why have pregnant often a true cravings for salty herring fillets or cucumber? The body now needs a lot of salt to keep the blood pressure stable. The most suitable iodized salt, as this same time the thyroid gland of the fetus is strengthened. A mild salted broth for breakfast is unusual, but can compensate for inconvenience and discomfort. By the increased salt recreational amenities thirst is optimized. Regular drinks increases blood volume. This proves to be more useful effect for the circulation of all organs during pregnancy. Experts believe that the daily intake of 9 grams of salt a day with low blood pressure is not unreasonable (recommended daily amount under normal circumstances, 6 grams).

What to do about low blood pressure?

  • You will be at the morning getting aware of time. Please act slowly on and have breakfast protein and very juicy.
    If you get dizzy especially after getting up, they sleep with increased upper body.
  • For dizziness caused by low blood pressure applies, lying down and legs up! This so-called autotransfusion carries blood from the legs to the upper areas of the body and hence to the brain, which is now again supplied with enough oxygen. Support the blood flow to the heart by wearing compression stockings.
  • Upon movement of the calf muscle pump is activated and transported out the blood from the veins. the venous pump is activated by rocking on the bale. A fundamental motto should be: Go Instead of standing!
  • Contrast showers bring the circulation going; best with a cool shower stop.
  • Consult with your doctor what Endurance sports are helpful in pregnancy. Running, swimming, walking and cycling should be mentioned here in the first place.
  • herbal products act mild on the circulatory center. In the experience of medicine, among other camphor and / or hawthorn are applied.

(Source: Professional Association of Gynecologists e.V.)