What should consider a pregnant woman before she decides to start an amniocentesis? And how this intervention work? We interviewed a mother who recently, the technical term for amniocentesis, has undergone an amniocentesis.

Amniocentesis? Not an easy decision

Pregnant waiting room

If pregnant women have already crossed 35 years of age or under 18 years old, they are confronted in the context of screening often with the question of whether they prefer an amniocentesis considered. At this age, the cost of amniocentesis, the technical term, applied without any problems from the public health insurance are. In some practices women are downright urged to provide comfort through this investigation that the baby has no chromosomal abnormality in her abdomen. The decision for or against the amniocentesis does not fall pregnant women often easy. Because amniocentesis is one of the so-called invasive examination methods. This term measures are called, which represent a physical intervention. Thus it is triggered by the amniocentesis, afterwards in 0.5 to 1.0 percent of the cases to a miscarriage. In addition, it is important to be clear about what should happen when a chromosomal abnormality is detected. After all, the pregnant women at the time of the investigation already at least the 15th week and then disappear again up to two weeks until the final result is achieved. And finally, many women fear even before the procedure itself. How does that exactly from, it is associated with pain? And how you experience the time until the result comes? Urbia asked to Simone Hansen *, who expects the age of 39 to her third child and underwent amniocentesis.

* Name changed by Redakton

'We as a family needed the security'

Why did you decide for an amniocentesis?

Simone HansenOur children (girls and boys), eleven and six years old, my husband and I are both 39. At the amniocentesis we decided for reasons of age, as from 35 the risk curve of genetic defects is rising rapidly. The other two children we used to put only the ultrasound and the big ultrasound to complete.
As a family we just needed the assurance that the basic requirements for a healthy life are given. A third child is indeed again a departure into a great adventure. Therefore, I have just because I want to be a good mother, decided in view of my other two children that I want to have a child with Down's syndrome, or perhaps even more problematic chromosome disorders. We have seen in another family friend and found we would just not do it.

Was it a decision from both of you, of you and your partner?

First, I have decided for myself, but my husband was quite agree. When I got time in between doubt he has supported me to make the procedure now not called into question.

How did you get from your gynecologist advise?

She has responded cautiously, do not rush me. She said in the ultrasonic everything look good, so it is unlikely that a failure vorliege and I need amniocentesis therefore not necessarily make. but since I wanted to, they informed me in detail about the procedure. She herself had made also an amniocentesis during their pregnancy.

As amniocentesis expired?

The nervous tension before the investigation was enormous with me, I would have liked to run away because I was afraid of the prick that this could be a wrong decision (yes it can also lead to a departure of the fruit after one or two days) or of a bad result and the possible consequences. However, the doctor in the hospital and his assistant were very experienced and cordial, understanding and very concentrated. First, the abdomen was disinfected short, the pricking lasted only 40 seconds, and did not hurt almost. Comforted me to think that yes I will pricked, not the child, even if the needle accumulates in the amniotic fluid cells. Our little one during which slumbered peacefully, the needle was placed far away from her. I could see on the monitor. Afterwards I still had to rest an hour of stomach felt slightly hard to get a little as if I would get punched in the stomach one. But that makes sense, so the doctor because the uterus is a muscle and yes, the network minimally opened shortly by the thin needle must close again. Two to three Tage Ruhe and support at home after the examination, I found by my husband and my mother.

How did you experience the time until the result?

It was just as I experience pregnancy at all, a time of waiting and hoping. An inner voice told me from the beginning, when I found out I was pregnant again, "come on, be careful, we will rejoice, but not too hard."

I could call in Hamburg and query the preliminary results the day after the investigation at 17 o'clock. Cost point for this "Quick test" almost 100 euros and the call also very exciting for me, but the relief for all of us through the inconspicuous result was enormous! About ten days later, the written result of further investigation verified went with my doctor. However, I thought the letter ends up with us. That had not said that the doctor comes to me. And in practice, no one has me even called to inform me that the final result is there. As I should have let me better because I checked every day in the mailbox. When I was at a prenatal care with my doctor, I asked whether as the final result now was there. That was it and it was normal to happiness.

What would other mothers if they want to make a FWU who wonder, guess?

The surgery itself I do not find bad, but it is important to deal with it before and to see the issue in the eye, what consequences it would have for a fact if a chromosome error would found. I told a doctor, for example, that you should think about what "group" of expectant parents to hear. To those who "take what comes"Or to those who need more security. One way, completely value-free advice. I realized that, I belong in this pregnancy to the second category.