Money from home: Without leaving the house or having to search for a child care - what a tempting idea. The traditional form of homework - mostly small assembly work - increasingly occurs in the background. Homework today is: collect addresses on the PC, make telephone surveys, found an Internet shop. But caution is called for.

earn money at home: Often dubious offers

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Are threaded in home working from home pearl necklaces, composed keychains made sorting work or lucky bags are filled, you have to be extra careful. In the market for making money from home is full of scammers. Dubious companies require that you acquire via previously chargeable polling "information," A deposit or paid for the material in advance. The loss is often not regulated. Quite often should we take care of the distribution and will ultimately sit on the product. Especially deals to assemble pens, you should refuse, for "pens are now machined," says Hartmut G. Müller of the Consumer Brandenburg. This is easier and cheaper to serve as a network of homeworkers so - why such offers could not be serious.

Lucrative with very high volumes

Even with reputable sellers but there is not much to earn, if you want to earn only a few hours from home money. Such articles are produced en masse to low-wage countries today, which is why the piece rate in Germany can be only very low. Jeannette D. (37), mother of three children (12, 15, 18) has tried it: it has assembled for a sanitary pipe fittings company. "If I have done a lot, I have not bad earned. However, I hardly had time for my three children. The work was actually a full-time job. "So they often sat up late at night and on weekends to handle the job on time. "Naturally, things had to be perfect, everything was returned to me." She finally had to stop because the homework was hardly integrated into the everyday family life.

Homework on the PC: Click Work and other

A wide range of new Homework possibilities offered by the Internet. . As a so-called Clickworkers you can add to make money with his preferences and strengths here - unless one hopes there to get rich. big companies pay 5 to 7 cents per unit (z. B. per verified email address) for checking e-mail addresses or the evaluation of image and records. Such jobs are taught in special online exchanges. One of the best known is the Dortmunder Internet portal HumanGrid ( Here about 35 000 people have already registered. are taught such. B. Orders to Find addresses for companies. Those who want to submit themselves short or advertising texts for companies that would dominate the new spelling and able to express themselves well. Here you earn about 1.2 cents per word (rates z. B. over

Doctors, lawyers and architects, but also some clinics also awarded typing into independent PC homework (usually capturing or copying of records and reports). Here, however, is often (by appropriate professional training for. B.) demand expertise in the relevant field.

Making money with homework and photos

Who can put beautiful or original well with the digital camera into the picture, can adjust his photos to the portal and sell them there for a few euros per download, the company receives it a small commission. Fotolia brings his vast online archive containing 9 million images and videos, and an army of about 1.8 million part-time photographer now even market leaders such as the US Agency Getty Images in distress.

Technically gifted? Self-employed with home

A talent for needlework or crafts can be silver lighter over the Internet than on flea and Christmas markets. Self-designed clothes, bags, jewelry, baby clothes and accessories, children's toys, design ideas for living, art, aufgebrezelte furniture in vintage style - all this is buyer if done well, nice to look at and is original. Creative possibility to sell in their own eBay shop their products. they often find more prospects on portals where many vendors have joined together such. B. on (already 600,000 users). Sellers benefit from synergy effects and pay for a small fee and offer a 5 percent commission for selling the article.

Self-promotion fired the business

still a bit of self-promotion for an account must be. You can have it printed flyers and interpret in public institutions. Private postal and business cards are enclosed with each shipment or distributed to friends and acquaintances, are also a good PR. In addition, one can imagine his ideas in relevant blogs. For this purpose they send photos of his showpieces to operators of blogs about - quiet and abroad, eg. B .: (Art), (design, fine crafts, Nice). More blogs can be found by (etc. z. B. crafts) enters the keywords "blog" and the topic into a search engine. A private blog promotes good. is free software for it's at or Tips for successful blogging can be found in the "blogger Bible":

earn money with homework: artists or trader?

Who founded an online shop must clarify whether he is regarded as a freelancer or trader. Which professions are among the professionals, is legally defined (s. Appendix), although the assignment is often not easy (for. Example, in the category "artist"). Although Freelance must report their status to the tax office, but need to sign a trade and do not pay business tax. Sales tax must also pay freelance work, but only after a determined income. Whether it is a commercial or freelance work, but ultimately defines the tax office to the submitted information and documents.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) Tupperware and Co

Homework is also the direct marketing of products from home. Inventor of such sales "parties" was the company Tupperware. Meanwhile, cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, lingerie and household items are sold in-house by MLM. There are different models. The classic Tupperware offers the hosts of the parties, only small gifts and a star system for award redemption. In contrast, sellers who only sell the product, but do not produce, there is often also money to be made in the form of percentage interests in the sales. train these distributor companies interested in advance for free on their products. Sometimes, however, a minimum turnover is required or acceptance of pattern pieces for the parties - here is caution.

Popular home work: surveys on the phone

Whether for insurance companies, food distributors or survey services - many services are handled by phone in homework. The technical equipment (headphones, cordless phone, possibly. Computers, etc.) is usually made available by the client and installed. For a ten-minute survey, there are about 2 EUR. However, often you do not get many survey offers or receive money instead of merely vouchers. There are countless Internet portals, are mediated via the jobs as a telephone, even dubious. The offers should therefore check for certain criteria (s. Next page).




How do you recognize black sheep?

Who goes home job search should not stumble over the black sheep that graze in abundance in this market. Whether in the weekly newspaper or on the Internet: can ignore Getrost you advertisements, is where advertised that you can "earn easily 1000 EUR a month". Whether installation or online works - the alarm bells advice from consumer advocates should always ring when

  • the earning potential are unrealistically high state ( "EUR 300 per day with free time")

  • the telephone number 0900 includes (rip-off by high fees that number is often hidden among other figures!)

  • if only a post office box or a box number is specified instead of a company name and address

  • the legal form of the company is (z. B. GmbH) not mentioned

  • the activity is described spongy

  • the requirements that you should bring, are not explained

  • paid information material (eg. as per polling) can be ordered or a computer program to be bought

  • a filing or placement fee is required

  • it is itself responsible for the sale of products (eg. as to advertise with acquaintance for it)

  • a magazine you want to subscribe above

  • to be advertised via snowball system online more interested

Homeworkers from home - employees or self-employed?

If you have checked the provider against these criteria out you should think about the status of that one acquires through this homework job: Some workers are working as employees of the client, some as self-employed. After that the legal requirements for employers and homeworkers judge.

Employees home workers have many rights

"For the wages of salaried home workers there are binding determinations," says Engelbert Littner by the State Labor Inspectorate Freiburg. Homework will usually paid in the form of, piece of charges'. These would have to be calculated so that the minimum wage does not fall below. Who simple office work done on the PC (address registration) should, for example, each hour may come net just under 7 euros. Companies awarded homework, must also be reported to the Labor Inspectorate or Office for Occupational Safety and share there, whom they employ.

Employees home workers must give their employers their tax card and are entitled to extensive social benefits: on pension insurance, vacation pay, holiday and home workers surcharge. There are also a dismissal and maternity leave. This suggests homework Act (HAG) firmly (s. Service Part). These provisions are unfortunately often hardly noticed. Erich Silberborth by the State Labor Inspectorate in Lüneburg: "We are currently experiencing a dilution of social employment protection. The clients do not wish to control. And they do not want to bear the high non-wage labor costs.

Independent homework committed

To save statutory services, many vendors call their home workers on to register a business or to register a business. A separate homework is to be equated with a business startup. Such independent home workers called correctly homeworkers. You must sign a trade (business license in civil office of the city administration, about 20 EUR), the taxes must itself discharged and required insurance is itself. Self-employed have to bond- and health insurance. You should seek advice from an insurance provider also a business liability insurance, which may also include a product liability insurance. Thus, can. B. defects or damage resulting from the processing, are secured.

government funding

Who wants to move from unemployment to work at home to earn a living, may apply for the start-up grant so-called. This sums up the former bridging allowance and the start-up grant ( "Ich-AG") together. He is granted for nine months in the amount of unemployment benefits. There is a maximum of 15 months EUR 300 per month for social security. The grant can be applied for unemployment benefit recipients 1, recipients of unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV =) have no legal right to a start-up grant.

Homework Hartz IV

Those who continue to receive Hartz IV and set just want to earn added must report the additional income through homework at job center or the consortium. Otherwise the benefits are slightly shortened from "Office" or even completely gone. Information is available at the clerk at the job center or competent consortium.


Whether you work at home or outside, makes no difference for tax purposes, for self. to exactly specify in the control statement, type of work which is the extent to which applied is important.

Health insurance

Who lives mainly of income from self-employment, must take out health insurance themselves, statutory or private. The statutory applies: If you have a low income, but an assumed income of about 1,800 euros will be used. At the request of this amount may be reduced to about 1200 Euros. Stay's own revenues significantly below that independence usually not worthwhile. But those who for. B. is also covered by the family insurance, should add something earn (to income limits in the own GKV ask).

How should the contract be?

Once all aspects have been considered, can you remember to sign a contract. Whether employed or self - it is: Never hasty sign, but always take the contract home, dig deeper for clarification. A reputable contract contains the following information: company name, address and telephone number, specific job description, pay, working hours and location, commencement of operations and an unnamed contact person. The provider must here also agree to remove the manufactured products, to deliver them free installation pieces house and pick up there, or reimburse the shipping costs.


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