The Web fools are going on. Get lining and make-up tips or pick out and the kids a costume. You will also read about Carnival flirts and the organization of a successful celebration. Everything about the 5th season with us.

Woman carnival clown disguise

Photo: © Michele Cacciapuoti

The Cyber-revelers and Web fools are going - great days at Urbia. Whether you distribute in Cologne Bützje, scare as firebug in Alemannic carnival winter or swaying in Mainz:

I thought you were one of the people whose sewing skills previously exhausted themselves during button sewing. No problem, here there is also sewing muffle simple to produce costume tips for (small) children. For months, says your tots from his Indian costume in order then to swivel one day before the kindergarten carnival. No problem: Whether Tree frog, forest spirit, Mickey Mouse or Dalmatian - Urbia has creative make-up tips, mask and costume suggestions. We also introduce three make-up books, including example instructions.

In our family store now turns (almost) all about the fifth season: If you for one of your children still need a costume, there is for example a frog Cape, a cow costume and a pirate costume purchased. And 50 jecke Costume examples of the little ones and little ones, we have collected in our photo gallery.

If you host a children's costume party or want to celebrate with confetti and costumes can be found in our articles tips and recipes to align completely successful themed parties: whether the children appear as pirates, play great plunder and to pirates punch with cannonballs drink or perhaps at a Hawai Party to "Ugga-Ugga Number dance" dance and enjoy the motto fits a monkey shake. For musical momentum as this Carnival CD can provide.

Good news for pregnant revelers: in our Baby Belly Costume Gallery to be inspired when are the fifth season in other circumstances.

Also prepares you with lots of information on the foolish before and gives tips on how to dress your child quickly and yet imaginative.

And who wants to talk with like-minded fools and fools, has this in our Carnival Forum the opportunity!

The celebration joyful parents be said: The Flirt is part of the carnival as the cocoa for chocolate. but not Embark on unprepared foolish ice. Also Conquests Jecker heart succeed the best, the rules covering the main rules of conduct. Amor is a carnival Jeck!

Urbia Have fun!