At the beginning babies are just there and can not even lift his head. But in the first year of life babies learn to turn to grab, hold the head to sit and eventually even stand and walk. We reveal how the child's first year, the motor development proceeds.

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Each child develops its peculiarities in motor development and develops according to its own pace. Therefore our little overview of the motor development of babies contains approximate time for the first year.

I control my head

in the first month learns to control his head a little baby. Is it on the abdomen, it can raise the head towards the end of the first month a little. often but this looks very stressful and shaky. Arms and legs are drawn mostly, and his hands make a fist usually. 

I thrash about with his legs

in the second month the baby usually violently kicking his legs and row with the poor starts. It begins to enjoy the freedom of movement, if it can, for example, on the changing table free kick. If the baby on her back, the head is usually still turned to the side.

I play with my hands

in the third and fourth month gives the baby gradually the movements of his hands and fingers more attention. It leads her hands frequently plays with his fingers. It can grasp objects and hold that are given into his hand. In the prone position, it can take off the head and the shoulder of the base and already hold this position for a while. Also in the supine position, it can raise your head now. Some babies are raising in the prone position the head, chest and arms and stretch her legs jerk.

Those interested can here about the research project of the IFP "milestones" information and sign up to report the development steps of her child.

I turn (even involuntarily)

With five months lifts the baby's head and shoulders when you pull it from the supine position on the hands into the seat. Prone it relies increasingly on its hands. Some even manage to bear only on one arm and grip with the other hand for objects. Sometimes it rolls out this position on the page, but this never happened rather uncontrolled. The right turning learn it later.

I can sit

in the sixth month can sit frequently and quite unerringly reach for toys the baby. If it has something in his hand once, it fails to do los do not like.

I learn to shoot me

Aged seven months the baby rolls out of the prone position in the supine position and from the supine to side lying. From this position he succeeds then sometimes have to roll in the lateral position. Gladly the baby grabs his feet and plays with them. Now it changes already an object from one hand to the other, or take it with both hands and holds it.

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I want to come forward

in the eighth month the baby turns already secured around its own axis and if it is on the belly, it already tried a little too forward. it gives him supine fingers, it accesses and pulls its own power to sit high.

I can sit freely

With nine months the baby may already have some time to sit freely (up to several minutes). Now some babies it also manages to pull himself up and, for example, on a chair or a sofa in the state to hold on. 

I can crawl

With ten months Babies do it to move in any way forward (or backward). Some crawl forward only with the help of the arms, others use especially the feet and legs, many slip through movements of the arms and legs around. children can now sit up from the prone position, the grip is more accurate. the child may already small objects with thumb and index finger grasp (pincer grip) now. If it has an object in each hand, it may propose this now to today. It makes things not only fall but throws it away with momentum.

I can crawl

Aged eleven months can crawl the toddler. Standing, succeeds him even while holding on to lift a foot without falling over. Taking it on both hands, it puts one foot before the other. When gripping small objects it now uses the plier handle (where the index finger is curved).

I can run (on one hand, or sometimes the alone)

With twelve months successful of the infant always to go on one hand better. Some children learn now already to walk alone. But some children of this age also slip sitting around the apartment and are using this form of transport for a while quite satisfied.

Source: Dr. Heinz Krombholz, State Institute of Early Childhood Research (IFP), revised version of an article from: German Family Association (ed.): Handbook parent education. Volume 1. Opladen: Leske + Budrich 1999, pp 533-557 

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