Even if it admit few parents openly: A desire sex for her baby have the most. On demand experienced Maja Roedenbeck which reasons are given beyond pink and light blue views for a particular gender desired.

Baby: Dear boys or girls?


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"The main thing healthy!" is considered morally correct answer to the question: "Would you rather have a boy or a girl?" But morally correct answers are often not honest answers. And so it is in this case. Many expectant moms and dads, it is in fact not care if they have a boy or a girl - they have a desire sex. And, although there is in this country no urgent culturally related reasons, the preferred one or the other, such as in India where the parents want sons because the cost no dowry. Reasons for the personal preferences German couples find themselves still to satisfy.

Little bitch or wild boy: Reasons for the favorite sex

Some stay on the surface and are often prejudiced: One would like to ask a boy because girls around bitching all day and come up with one anyway only boy name. Oh, if it still just a girl would, because: not so bad and you can attract much sweeter! Some expectant parents, it is very serious about such things. Others cite reasons that can be explained by their personal background. "My husband is a very gentle, sensitive guy, so I thought a girl fit much better in here"Describes Bärbel Mierke (34) from Berlin, a daughter (4) and a son (1), their thoughts during the first pregnancy. Still others it is about the "completeness" of their family who can only be identified in their eyes when male AND female offspring with it. Or they simply want to miss any of the wonderful experiences as Andrea Rübsam (37) from Berlin, whose children are 5 and 3 years old: "It was really in both pregnancies no matter what gender would have children, but after two guys I would have liked but still a girl. "

Women like Andrea prefer a girl who often think that it is not a cliché, but that while guys hanging as toddlers at Mom's apron strings, but to distance themselves with increasing age of the family a fact. If they are only out, they no longer call you and bring certainly not the grandchildren over, they say. And the young mother suffers eternally including that her daughters maintain a much closer contact with their parents and that it is only the grandma second choice for the grandchildren. "There is statistically determined some truth to it," muses Andrea Rübsam that just closes her nachgeholtes Kunstgeschichts- and studying history, "Just as the role of distribution is at least for my sisters, my brother and me. I would imagine that has to do with the prevailing gender-stereotyped modes of education. The pushing guys downright towards solving emotionally from the family while they stop girls to look after their families' needs. "Tina Schuster (31) from Mainz, who is pregnant and does not know what it will bring be left "It's true that boys tend abnabeln or go by parents rather so they can take over the greater part in their own partnership: a positive attitude to the game. But I would understand this as an advantage! After all, they give their parents so quickly some (Tarotcard) freedom back. "

Are the same sex safe?

Is the theme of desire sex on among friends, often gives the impression that a girl and the majority of men want a boy, at least for the first child, the majority of women. It seems likely that this has to do with our memories of their own childhood. I try to imagine as an adult, how life will feel with child well, I reach instinctively back to scenes from my past. And the fact the child has of course my family. Tina Schuster tried a different explanation: "I feel more closely connected as a woman a girl - sure it's a man with a boy as well. I think I know what girls interested in and how they feel when they develop into a woman. I would imagine that it is easier for me to educate girls because I have some previous experience. I do not know how I was a boy explain his pubescent body, and find even if only to wrap a boy the idea, funny. What if he gets an erection? Help!"

Can you help out a desire sex?

For many couples who have agreed on a desire sex, joins the question "Boy or girl?" seamlessly a next question: Can we do something about it, to actually get our desire sex? There are certain tricks that all but along the lines of: "can try one's indeed times" work and can only be touched upon here because of their variety and complexity. So researchers at the University of Exeter have found that women who calories at the time of conception and eat nutritious bring to 56 percent boys to the world, while women who are on a diet about as often get girls. is much known called the Shettles method, according to Dr. Landrum Shettles, who in his classic "How to choose the sex of your baby" explains that sex before the entry point favors the generation of a girl during sex at the time of ovulation or shortly thereafter befitting a boy leads. The female sperm are in fact slower than the male, but also robust, and only when it has to be fast, gouged by the male. Then there is the study of the zoologist Alexander Lerchl of the University of Muenster, which states: In the summer, but also in a warmer than average winter, more boys are conceived than girls. Continue to beat experts, the girl requested sex in the missionary position or the boy desire Sex "doggy-style" to have in order to impede the sagging Y sperm the way to the cervix depending or simplify. And last but not least, take a look at the Chinese conception calendar is advised that originated in the 13th century and calculates a forecast for the sex of the child from the mother's age and the month of conception.

And when the "false" Gender announcing?

And so it goes merrily on with the studies and theories and we can pick out for us, which we like best - or let it remain. While there are, by asking around times, a surprising number of couples who try out one or the other method. On the other hand, there are as many critics who accuse these men and women, "wanting to play God"And waving a frightening vision of the future in which it is possible by artificial insemination and DNA testing, not only gender, but also hair color and character of a child in advance to determine. The trained paralegal Bärbel Mierke formulated cautious: "I would never try to influence the sex of the child. That did not come to me, really 'or' right 'before. I let nature take its course prefer." Basically, the matter remains with the desire sex - at least for the average couple from our latitudes - a luxury theme. Sure, it's quite funny to look at the baby in her arms in the Chinese conception calendar, whether the forecast has arrived. But who takes the whole thing too seriously, should once honestly ask what actually really behind it.

Why I want to do a particular gender?

By the time the gynecologist can see on ultrasound whether boy or girl, and then the "false" announces sex, pregnant women should remember in their spontaneous reaction, whether it has perhaps too much into it increased in their hope. The limits being as fluent. A moderate disappointment is certainly normal. "I think it's important that one gives free rein to his sadness, as long as the baby with the 'wrong' gender does not totally reject," says Tina Schuster, which soon comes as a landscape architect on maternity leave, "One should therefore not feel guilty can be made. A doctor as the one in the fine diagnosis told me, 'The sex I do not call you but today that has no diagnostic value', takes the feelings of us parents not serious "women tell them to. "broken" were or "shocked"Because they baby sex desire was not fulfilled, and that it is for "ashamed" or even "hated" and towards the child "bad feeling" have. And Bärbel Mierke reports: "We have a friend who eagerly wanted a girl. Name and furnishing of the girl's room stood firm, it was really wrong track in the request. She just wanted a mouse for pampering. plat pink dreams braids. She was devastated when she found out: her girl is a boy. In the 34th week of pregnancy, she was informed that and she cried for days and was bitterly disappointed. I was a bit scared, as you can overstate the sex thing, because I belong to the main-health Group."

Then perhaps you would prefer a "Surprise egg"?

While it helps some women in the situation of those acquaintances, to talk about their feelings and determine that they are so not alone, others can not understand why the family has ever been so important to them at the latest when she her baby to keep the first time in the arm. However, there are women who are on the "false" Sex of their offspring fall into a real crisis. So laments Anira 'in Urbia forum: "I now have the third son and I'm a piece broken by it. Bad Depris and I had even thought every time that I do not want the child. Of course I love my men, but I'm missing something and it hurts so much. I always say loose, I now wait for the granddaughters, but in reality, it breaks my heart. I probably will therefore go into treatment." In trying to put his world view a little straight when the hope for the desired gender have become independent, the motivation of those women can inspire that do not want to know only the sex of their unborn child before birth. Your anticipation for the big surprise brings a whole new perspective into the picture. And, moreover, their strategy protects against the shock of the moment in the delivery room, which is more common than you think and can mean the total emotional chaos for parents with a strong hope on request Gender: if in fact the doctor has made a mistake in ultrasonic and take the promised girls but one boy is - or vice versa.