PEKiP, Delfi or Elba: What seems confusing at first glance, brings fun and nice contacts for parents and babies. The range of baby courses is huge. We have broken down, what is behind the abbreviations and for whom the offers for the little ones are suitable.

Pekip course: mainly Contact

play two babies

Photo: © Vojtech Vlk

Who home the ceiling falls on the head because he has little contact with other parents and children, and who also wants to promote his baby playful, for are the classic among the courses probably your best bet.


The "Prague parent-child program" was developed in the 70 years of the Prague child psychologists as a play and encourage movement in babies. Parents accompany their children while in their development, encourage to play and exercise and exchange ideas with other mothers and fathers. The highlight: Here are the babies naked and discover the space and their playmates entirely free of onesies and diaper on soft mats. start most PEKiP courses if the children are four to six weeks old, but a later entry is possible. Usually eight to ten course units are planned, some insurance companies pay part of the cost. Be offered, the prices of many midwives practices or family centers.


The "parent-baby rate" of the German Red Cross, children should get in touch with peers and parents learn to recognize in communication with their child's needs. The exchange among the families is important. The courses start approximately in the fourth week, there are recognized ten meetings in general. Prices range between 50 and 70 euros, depending on the Red Cross Association, which it offers.


The bug "early child development" is played, sung and crawled: So the baby to be supported at the hearing, feeling and knowing and strengthened in their social skills - always starting from the conviction that it is best if you children the chance is to work things out themselves. In addition, the parents will receive important information from the trained instructors. FenKid courses are suitable from the third month of life, they usually include between eight and twelve meetings. Ten meetings that are organized by different vendors, cost between 80 and 100 euros.


The concept of "thinking, developing, loving, feeling, personalized" the Protestant Family Educational institutions will put parents in a better position to promote their child's development - whether through awareness exercises or movement games. In addition, parents information is offered for age-related issues. DELFI courses can be taken from the second month of life. The aim is that the Group's first year to stay together in three or four blocks with up to ten meetings, but also to participate in individual blocks is possible. A course block will cost between 80 and 90 euros.


The "family-centered Baby-parent concept" of the Society for Prenatal Care at every meeting useful topics. In addition, parents should be supported in their competence, there are songs, rhymes and movement games. The courses are offered from the tenth week of life and usually take ten weeks. Parents pay for ten meetings between 80 and 100 euros.


In these courses the children are playing with different objects offered independently while parents have time for an exchange of experience. The concept of a pediatrician Emmi Pikler based on the fact that parents have to let go so that their children can develop at their own pace. Pikler courses are suitable for babies from four months and usually run about ten weeks. Prices range between 50 and 80 euros.

It also goes without educational concept

Although all courses are based on certain developmental concepts and be assigned to the field of ECI: No one needs to be afraid of too much theory have. the appeal of the courses is to see their children in contact with other tiny plants and to have contact for all issues for most parents.

Without educational concept which is of course in the many play groups, offered by municipalities, midwives practices or family centers possible. Here, parents and children meet weekly to play and usually a chat. The advantage: Because the play groups often run over six months, can be made good contacts here. For older children, the meetings are also a good preparation for the time at the daycare center.

Education, movement or music?

Who does not want to play and chat, but hoped the weekly activities add value, feels safe with the courses for baby sign language or baby language courses. When baby sign language, it is important that parents and children learn a basic vocabulary for everyday use by connecting with songs and rhymes words with corresponding characters and actions. The goal is a better understanding between baby and parents.

Early English

That children learn foreign languages ​​more easily later, when they are already in infancy learn active listening and new words, is the conviction of the language course provider. "Early English" about it easier for Minis to learn besides the mother tongue and other languages.

Massage, yoga, swimming

Also, for those to whom it is all about movement and body contact, the offer is huge.

When baby massage parents learn how they can alleviate with loving touches and delicate handles stomachache and flatulence. Many midwives offer these courses, some take place at the postnatal exercises afterwards.

When Baby Yoga mothers and children to relax together: With exercises of back and pelvic floor for adults and delicate strains of legs and arms for the kids. Most are available for the following even a relaxing massage from Mom.

When baby swim against it is all about water: Here muscles and sense of balance are to be strengthened, and there is a lot of physical contact with mom and dad. Most pools offer baby swimming lessons, also in physiotherapy practices there are corresponding offers.

music courses

Many music schools offer under the label "music education" classes for babies and toddlers. The Minis discover instruments and to be aware of rhythms and melodies. The courses usually run over half a year and cost between 100 and 120 euros.

But do not worry: Even if you do not feel like a weekly date must not be afraid to slow his baby in development - the courses are not mandatory program. What is needed is only what fun for all involved.