So spontaneously and without planning now is not more, but still a Holiday with your baby is basically no problem. From when, where and with what you do with baby best holiday reveals our products.

Family holiday with baby: travel time and vehicle?

Few Babyurlaub

When a baby is there, begins a new phase of life, even in terms of holiday planning. For a successful trip the needs of the new small human need to be considered now, or his parents on holiday with baby have little joy. Because with a constantly restless and dissatisfied infant the most beautiful beach scenery loses its charm itself.

All parents should, however, said to calm: Taking your baby can be beautiful and in many ways even less complicated than with a toddler. Babies not need a lot of toys, as long as they are exclusively breastfed, the diet is secured everywhere and they can - be taken anywhere (almost) - for example in the stretcher.

The best time

When will you go after the birth of a baby depends primarily on the feeling of the parents. everything has recorded, the mother feels re physically capable and fit enough for the efforts of a journey that the baby is healthy - then is the first holiday no more obstacles. As a time reference value, the three-month mark offers. After three months had baby and parents generally have enough time to adapt to one another, often also a recognizable sleep pattern has emerged.

Because of the then favorable weather conditions are recommended as ideal time for southern countries spring and autumn. In Germany and regions with similar climatic conditions parents of babies can make good cheer even in summer vacation.

Car, train or plane?

Which means of transport is particularly suitable depends on the distance and location of the holiday destination, the temperament of the babies and the personal preferences of the parents. For road trips applies: Long distances can really distressing for a troubled mind, however, be a boon to a quiet, lots of sleeping infant. In any case, it is advisable to use the bedtimes and schedule breaks. Therefore, many parents are traveling at night with a baby. This has the advantage that it does not get too hot in the car and that no jams threaten. For car trips a day should be important to ensure that the baby does not overheat and drinking enough, but at the same time would collect no drafts.

to travel by train has the advantage that you can get up with the baby and move. In addition, the train takes children up to five years free of charge and without a ticket with (children aged six to 14 when accompanied by a parent or grandparent own free by train. But you have to be registered in the ticket adult). Exhausting, but it is necessary noise- and odor-sensitive contemporaries sit in the compartment. Therefore essential to reserve in the infant compartment. ICE also there is a toilet with changing table. In any case, it makes sense at a train trip with the kids to give up their luggage in advance.

Even air travel with baby are not a problem. They travel - for example, with Lufthansa - on domestic flights free of charge, for all other flights for ten percent of the adult rate. For that younger passengers usually sit on the lap of their parents. Up front, some airlines also offer baby berths, but to get a such a little gambling. The stroller or pram may incidentally be taken on tarmac usually with and then discharged when boarding and stowed in the luggage compartment.

For air travel applies: The dry cool air of the air conditioning and lack of exercise options are not quite unbelastend for the baby. And depending on the temperament and age of the infant, it (but need not) may be that he finds everything just uncomfortable and can vigorously sound his voice not only during takeoff and landing. Therefore

  • best fly for no more than two to three hours,
  • if it is not fully satisfied, bring prepared bottles or jars on board,
  • can drink the baby during takeoff and landing to equalize the pressure.

Destination and equipment

The holiday accommodation has to show little special equipment at a travel with a fully breastfed baby actually. Really important is primarily a baby bed - if the baby is not sleeping in parents' bed. Depending on what are parents themselves take ready or what they want to be found, they can ensure that their hotel, for example,

  • Leihkinderwagen
  • high chairs
  • baby monitors
  • baby carriers
  • Changing
  • diapers
  • bottle warmers
  • Water heater
  • microwave
  • Baby food and / or Kindertee


Some hotels do not provide (more) nursing mothers even a free complete range of of baby food, which can greatly alleviate the volume of luggage.

Preparation and hand luggage


  • No vaccination appointment shortly before the trip
  • get Auslandskrankenschein
  • obtain information about doctors and hospitals in the holiday environment

Carry-on baggage:

  • Travel documents (extra child's passport!)
  • Purse
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • spare clothes
  • Baby food, drink, bibs, spoons
  • Baby toys
  • dummy
  • baby blanket

Checklist: Babyurlaub - what do with?

  • Diapers (but can also be bought at the destination)
  • wipes
  • wound cream
  • suncream
  • tissues
  • Diaper bag
  • baby blanket
  • bib
  • phial
  • plastic spoon
  • Baby food jar (if they are not to be purchased at the resort)
  • milk powder
  • water
  • Sonnenmützchen
  • Bodies
  • Romper
  • anklet
  • Shoes
  • T-Shirts
  • sweatshirt
  • jacket
  • Wear (cloth)
  • Buggy or stroller
  • Baby toys
  • stuffed animal
  • dummy
  • baby monitor
  • Counter cold and pain (paracetamol suppositories, nasal drops)
  • Fever thermometer