In the darker season, but for example, even in overload and congestion, lies down in many people a gray veil over the heart - depression. What you can do about it, read here.

Number one social disease

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It lies like lead on his shoulders and crawling like a viscous fluid in all the members. Suddenly getting up is difficult, sad thoughts besiege the brain, and where earlier mood were only emptiness is felt. Melancholy or depression is the suffering that already Hippocrates described, and the - our fun society despite - infects more people. May she be caused by the continued darkness short days of winter, by bullying at work, or a profound change (birth of a child). Scientists agree: The great depression is one of the most underestimated diseases of our time.

Half of the cases is poorly or not treated

round four million people in Germany suffer from a depressive disorder, but often can not identify the symptoms such as loss of interest, sadness, feelings of overwork and sleep properly. As often face physical complaints such as headaches in the foreground, are 50 percent of depressive disorders go undiagnosed or treated inadequately. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared depression for national disease and required in view of the issuing therefrom economic losses extensive information campaigns.

Sad or depressed?

Feelings of sadness, listlessness and sadness are part of the human emotional spectrum, of course, do so. Depressed mood is not a disease in itself but can be an important early warning system be sure that in life things go wrong and maybe a reorientation would be necessary. In contrast, the depression takes in depression at least two weeks, and its original meaning is perverted into its opposite: Instead of thinking, one falls to ponder, instead of to recover, you fatigued by constant self-doubt rather than get new impetus , all signs point to retreat, paralysis and fear.

Who is at risk?

"Among the triggers is particularly the Conflicts in interpersonal relationships of great importance", The Nuremberg psychiatrist Tobias Müller declared a major cause of depression. However, at risk are also victims of bullying, permanently stressed and unemployed, people who have lost their partner or reaching retirement age. Here, women are two to three times as often haunted by the permanent melancholy as men. Whether anyone ever prone to depressive reactions, is it either in the cradle or only given by traumatic experiences during childhood.

So you can protect yourself

Depression you must not overtake like a stroke of fate. Tips for the big sadness with you has no chance (for Urbia compiled by Dr. Gregor Werner, a psychiatrist at the private clinic Somnia near Cologne):

  • Exercise regularly. are best Endurance sports such as cycling or jogging.
  • Obtain adequate rest and relaxation phases, both during the day and by enough vacation a year.
  • If you tend to be in the winter gloom, treat yourself for a few days more light by a preventive treatment with a special lamp.
  • Do not let chronically existing conflicts just run like this, but they are looking for solutions. Conflict solution Instead of avoiding these are the keywords.
  • Do not eat from their duties, but also cultivate the pleasures of life - hobbies, friends.
  • Let you'r Work is not the only purpose in life They also define yourself not only about performance and success.

If it has, you still get caught

First the good news: In 80 percent of cases are successfully treat depression. Left untreated, however, they can take a chronic course and be fatal for the patient. Because 56 percent of patients with depressive disorders committing a suicide attempt in their lives. Basically Severe depression with symptoms such as Arbeitsunfährigkeit, severe sleep disorders and suicidal thoughts belong in the treatment by the psychiatrist. These agents can help:

  • Let her GP a St. John's wort preparation prescribe. According to Dr. Cornelius Schüle from the University Hospital Munich, the effectiveness of this herbal remedy has been proven in numerous studies. Without addictive and with minimal side effects: sunbathing can cause skin spots. And: the effectiveness of the pill can be alleviated under certain circumstances. Surest indication that this might be the case, the occurrence of breakthrough bleeding. The usual daily dose is the way three times 300 milligrams.
  • treatment by antidepressants. These drugs also are not addictive and act where depression occurs in the brain, the nerve cells. When depressed, the transmission of pulses by certain chemical messengers that neurotransmitter disrupted.
  • light therapy helps people who vote the short days of the cold season somberly. Seasonal abhängie depression, SAD for short, can be mitigated by a high light dose. Here, the patient sits daily for a week 30 to 40 minutes before a light bulb with 2,500 to 10,000 lux (compared to our average room lighting is 300 to 500 lux). He can read this, work or watch TV. It is important that he keeps his eyes open and see again and again into the light source.
  • Among the psychotherapies has especially behavior therapy enforced to treat depression. It is based on the assumption that it is at a depression to a learned misconduct which can be overcome by practicing other behaviors. As an experience of powerlessness and helplessness can henceforth lead to the setting in life anyway to be able to do nothing. Such negative thought patterns cognitive behavioral therapy attempts to change step by step.
  • Basically, you have not afraid to give help, either the GP or directly to a specialist. Depression is a serious disease with very good chance of recovery.

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