The rule remains off, the belly is round, there occur morning sickness or even later fetal movement - and yet there is no pregnancy. The topic "false pregnancy" on the track.

False pregnancy: symptoms can be deceptively

False pregnancy symptoms

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Since pregnancy by urine test and ultrasound can be determined quite early, they rarely occurs: the so-called false pregnancy (Pseudocyesis). Still, it occurs again and again. If a woman is pregnant observed typical changes in itself, it can sometimes be hard for them to accept that but not a baby growing inside her. Finally, everything seems to agree: The menstrual period is from, she suffers from nausea or vomiting, has unusual cravings, the breasts swell and the belly is round. In some cases, colostrum shoots (colostrum) in the chest, which uterus grows something or the victim believes to feel fetal movement. The body says pregnant.

Can anyone develop a false pregnancy?

That a woman is affected in a more advanced age, is not untypical. "The psychological background of a 'false pregnancy' are understandable to be: a strong, even extreme, far from overlapping fertility, which seems to find particularly in older women"Explains Prof. med. Volker Faust, neurology, psychiatry and psychotherapy from Ravensburg. But the opposite is true: Even "a culpable processed fear of pregnancy" comes as the cause in question, own. As is often true in psychology: Both the desire for a child as well as the fear of pregnancy need not be fully aware of those affected, although this is sometimes the case: "For two months, I have the feeling that I'm pregnant. I had only slight bleeding in the rule. I'm on the pill, but I think I'm pregnant anyway. I have a huge belly, I do not always hot, I have binge eating and I'm tired all the time. However, a test was negative. My cousin is even pregnant, and I myself had actually already a second pregnancy scheduled. But for financial reasons it does not fit right now. I think slowly I'm crazy. I think my mind says, 'I do not want a child', but my subconscious wants that!", A woman describes her emotional state.

Translucent Pregnant: How are the physical symptoms?

The question of what came first: to have the pregnancy symptoms or the conviction pregnant, as the question of the chicken and the egg. "The psyche interacts very closely with the body"Explains gynecologist Dr. Inge Reckel-Botzem from Hainburg. This intensive interaction between body and mind like a "false pregnancy" was not so unusual. Here two cases are possible: Sometimes solve physical problems such as cysts (which can lead to the absence of menstruation), or fibroids (benign tumors), fat accumulation, ascites by certain diseases, bloating or increased bowel movements from physical changes. And these are then misinterpreted by some women. Conversely, the conviction to be pregnant, so strong on the endocrine system (the endocrine glands) function, causing the typical symptoms, such as the absence of menstrual or milk discharge from the breast. In any case, a pregnancy test is negative, it will not produce HCG.

When the soul has caught up

The treatment of a false pregnancy seems easy: A negative pregnancy test, an ultrasound at the doctor on which only can be seen an empty womb - should not be enough for a woman realizes that she is expecting a baby? But with a false pregnancy may be letting go a big and serious step. "I have abdominal and back pain. Once it was in the morning so bad that I almost throw up. I constantly hungry, and it is me often quite faint. I now had my day, but weaker than usual. I made two early tests, but they were clearly negative. So I decided it finally to leave it. My problem is: I can not!"Complains one other stakeholders. "But this can not go on like this! I feel pregnant, I feel bad when I drink alcohol, I find my breasts bigger and my belly fat."

Important to address this issue: the question of why

In some cases, the false pregnancy a woman, therefore, needs help for their soul finds from the entanglement in the overpowering thought. Gynecologists are, however, often not trained to be noisy, if patients would need extra help here complains psychologist Constanze Weigle of Stuttgart. "As would take place much greater collaboration between psychologists and gynecologists." Often, however, affected women would not continue to refer to a psychological counseling. In this case it was absolutely necessary. "It would be very useful to deal with the exaggerated desire for children or fear"So the therapist. but sometimes there are also women who reject a psychological treatment because they are not considered "crazy" want to apply.

Embarrassing: Enlightenment from friends, family or colleagues

Help is important in a false pregnancy but also for another reason. Even if a woman eventually accepted not only with the head but also literally to the stomach that they do not expect a baby, the problem is often not resolved. "but I wear pregnancy clothes. And everyone - colleagues at work, but also my relatives and friends - think I'm pregnant"Says a woman who does not know how they will teach their environment that they now have expected a child. It is embarrassing for a person concerned to have to explain all and perhaps standing as an odd, because they "just" were apparently pregnant. Here, too, psychotherapy can help in coping with the stressful situation.


"translucent Pregnant" when trying to conceive

In the fertility forums on the Internet is often a different phenomenon than "false pregnancy" referred to, but that does not really belong to: the discovery of supposed evidence that it might have worked with becoming pregnant. "I am today, eight days after my ovulation and imagining again everything one: my belly draws from time to time and my nipples are sometimes quite sensitive. And I've made up my mind this time to delay a pregnancy test until after the mens event. But I turn previously determined at the wheel"Says an impatient user. These "early symptoms" have if they do not pointed to a pregnancy, a natural reason: Mild nausea, weak abdominal cramps, appetite changes, fatigue, swollen breasts or sensitive nipples are common, hormone-related niggles the second half of the cycle. However, they are easily misinterpreted when trying to conceive. amplifies the strong eyes open for such signals symptoms yet (which we can not know for a possibly long-term pill, because there was no normal cycle). Treatment Needed but this temporary self-deception is not because they disappear immediately with the onset of menstruation or a negative test.

Windmole is not a false pregnancy

Also, another event is sometimes referred to as "false pregnancy" called, but must be distinguished from the real, psychosomatic form: the Windmole or "Windei", Here, a germinal vesicle arises after fertilization of an egg and its implantation in the uterus, although it is found in it but no embryo. Nevertheless, the pregnancy hormone HCG is produced, which is why real pregnancy symptoms and is positive a test. The Windmole has no psychological causes and ends sooner or later with a miscarriage, or sometimes earlier scraped during a small operation.