How can affect the baby's gender, plus there is a long time the craziest strategies fairy tales, as well as studies. A recent study from China even says that there is a relationship between the blood pressure of the mother and the baby's sex!

Prediction of sex during pregnancy

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If the baby is a boy or a girl? This question has mankind for more than 4,000 years. And at least as long as she tries to put on one or the other, the sex of their offspring before or during the generation fixed - and is more or less successful.

First scientific studies of human reproduction have the Egyptians v to 2000th . Employed Chr. They already recognized the importance of the testicles for reproduction and they also knew that castrated men lose their fertility. Otherwise, the knowledge was few and far between. Rituals and superstitions shaped the ideas about pregnancy and childbirth until well into the Middle Ages. Was a woman pregnant, the baby was looking all over for "characters" for the gender. The French historian Jaques Gélis quoted in one of his works following folk wisdom:

If the mother:

  • is flourishing and happy
  • and highly contributes law
  • Young and ardent is
  • has a fresh and moist temperament
  • Then there is the baby a boy.

If the mother:

  • Blass and deliberately is
  • Links and deeply contributes
  • is older
  • has a dry and hot temper
  • Then the baby is a girl. 

Hippocrates: boys develop faster

In the 17th century, the medical knowledge about the sex prognosis was not over the wisdom of antiquity addition. Still was quoted Hippocrates, whose predictions were based on the first fetal movement. Young, he claimed, developed faster than girls, so could the pregnant woman when she was expecting a boy feel fetal movement in the third month of pregnancy in girls until the fourth. Otherwise was the basic rule: a son presented all the best, beautiful and noble, the daughter of the exact opposite. In this context, a prejudice which stubbornly persists to this day, after giving a boy the pregnant beauty, while a girl must take their course belongs.

Behind all sex forecasts desire for a son, an heir and heir hid in general.

Nowadays, the sexual desire is relatively evenly distributed among boys and girls, at least in the Western world.

Ancient Myth: girls come out of the left testicle

But one could reliably be clarified since ancient times: the need to create a child of an egg and a sperm. Of the latter, there are two varieties: those that carry the X chromosome, so produce girls, and those who harbor a Y chromosome and thus make boys. The sperm are therefore crucial - but as far as the ancient Greeks were already.

The philosopher Anaxagoras supposed namely - and this suggests at least a similar train of thought - that the sperm girl and, of course, produce from the left testicle from the right, the "right" boy. He recommended that the would-be fathers a son and heir, simply tie off the wrong testicle at conception. The French nobles chose the more definitive version and had his left testicle rather just remove it altogether, which should guarantee them the longed-for male heir. Some men then like the yet to be released dramatically. They made do with it, to pinch herself just before intercourse strongly in the left testicle, to put this in the short term out of action.

Moon, snow and temperature

Other recommendations suggested the couple determined to recite songs or poems during intercourse, or to be guided, and the lust for moon phase, snowfall, temperature, tides and wind directions. Had not Aristotle clearly stated that boys are born when bubble at the time of conception, the wind from the north. This method seems at least practicable. Another, however, required directly acrobatic skills: "To conceive a son," it said, "the man put the left of the woman and raise her right buttock by 30 degrees to the plane of the bed during coitus." An old midwives wisdom said that "you will be born in the next pregnancy a son, if you bury the placenta of your newly born child under a nut tree."

Science today: What influence do the sperm?

Today we know that male sperm are slightly faster, female for tougher and more durable. Whoever indulges so one or two days before ovulation family planning, therefore, so could theoretically increase the chances of a daughter. A son leaves less room there, here it already requires a precise timing, says traffic as possible at the time of ovulation or shortly before. 

So can we bear witness specifically with this knowledge a boy or a girl? Our fertility expert Frank Nawroth is skeptical:

Blood pressure, blood type - further research

Other relationships which, although scientifically substantiated, but riddles:

  • A Sino-Canadian study, which was published in early 2017, will have found a link between the blood pressure of the mother and the sex of babies. The systolic blood pressure was higher than in the mothers of female babies in women who were given a boy before pregnancy. Scientists see this as though a purely statistical link and nothing with which one can now influence.
  • Women with blood type AB bring frequent sons. Women who suffer from some form of schizophrenia, smoke or drink alcohol, however, get frequent daughters. Men who award the alcohol, incidentally, also bear witness to frequent daughters. Age also plays a role. The older the mother, the higher the probability of a daughter, but only until the age of 45, then finds himself a dramatic increase of boy births.
  • In 2013 349.820 boys and 332,249 girls were born in Germany. 2015 a study was published that explains why more male babies are born. The researchers found that at fertilization, the sex ratio is still the same, but during pregnancy the mortality of female fetuses is higher.

The frequency of sexual intercourse appears to be significant. The more often a pair indulges his lust, the more likely it could be a boy. Finds the fertilization but after prolonged sexual abstinence instead, increase the chances of a daughter. And anyway, the generation of girls seems to be a completely joyless affair, it is believed an American Women's Health Book from the recent past, which states that the woman should be just slightly penetrate the vagina the penis for this purpose and should avoid orgasm. For he would change the vaginal environment - very detriment of female sperm that feel more comfortable in the acid range than in the alkaline.

The use? Wunschkind diet and douching

This assumption is based a whole number of home remedies. So "recommends that women's health book above for a girl before intercourse a slightly acidic vaginal douching with two teaspoons of white vinegar to perform in a tight liter of lukewarm water. If a boy is conceived, is to carry out an alkaline rinse before intercourse. For this you take two teaspoons of baking soda in a quart of water and bring the mixture into the vagina. "

Although this method can not guarantee success, it is said in the book continues, but the opportunities were so easily increase.

The same also claimed the makers of "Wunschkind diet", the gynecologist Wilfried Feichtinger and nutritionist Gertrud Reiger from Austria. The two took up a study of the French gynecologists with almost professional-looking name Francois Papa. Starting developed by corresponding observations in the animal kingdom Papa a Wunschkind diet that says shortened:

  • For a boy to take potassium and sodium, for a girl calcium and magnesium. So the woman wants a son, they should avoid fish, legumes, kale and Nutella. Potatoes, rice, bananas, garlic and salt in particular, however, they should always have at home.
  • For a daughter different rules apply: Here are delicious sea buckthorn juice, frozen peas, apple millet cake, rose hip jam and Red Beet Juice announced. Lobsters, oysters, caviar and poultry should be deleted from the bill of fare.

to make daughters more work

As hard times lie ahead for the potential mothers of daughters. And of course the production of a girl is also associated with overtime, it is yet to skimp on salt. but because too much salt is contained for a putative daughter already in the traditional bread from the bakery, is the motto for the next three months: bake yourself!

Unfortunately, the book does not reveal whether the participation of the potential fathers to the diet potentiate the chances of the desired sex. but it may be assumed that anything else would not contribute to increasing the mood of the woman with near certainty: And that is likely to have negative consequences on their motivation to diet, every man must be clear.

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