The sides, one could almost say the battle lines seem clear: the one favoring breast milk, the other the bottle. The other one is under any circumstances. But some parents swear by the benefits of both, the Zwiemilch.

Happy between two stools: the Zwiemilch breadwinner

drinking baby bottle

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Away from the discussions staunch advocates of full breastfeeding or bottle a third group has quietly formed long ago: those parents namely that do one thing and do not want to let the other. Here, the mother breastfeeds while, but the parents feed their baby in addition to the bottle.

There are many reasons why a nursing mother also feeds and milk food. Sometimes that happens involuntarily: "I exclusively breastfed three months and now, unfortunately, must supplementation because my son still spits out the milk in a large gush. I spend the first ten minutes the chest, each side five minutes. He then gets Prénahrung. And amazingly, he tolerates this mix better than before only breast milk. He no longer has a stomach ache and no longer spits"Says a mother in an online forum Still.

Also in premature babies, women sometimes opt for the extra bottle feeding: "My daughter was born prematurely. I pumped until they had finally overcome their poor sucking the first two months. The amount of milk might have been enough if she had been drinking on its own at the breast. But only drained that is very difficult, so I also give the bottle"Says another mother.

Bottle can gain more freedom

Some parents also use the supplementary bottle feeding entirely voluntary. For example, because the mother wants to sleep through the night once or evening occasionally go away and the father or another person to take over feeding at this time. Or because they want to have a job again or must: "Because I go back to work, I'm not available for several hours. During this time my little one (five months) takes the bottle from grandma "Says a mother in a still forum "and when I'm at home, will be satisfied. This works great!"

Quite a few mothers and fathers give their child and especially in the evening a bottle because they have the experience that it is full longer and then at night less often reported.

not suitable for every baby bump - two types of milk

As varied as the reasons for the Zwiemilch nutrition as well as the babies are. Not all can withstand the two different types of milk. "I had to try the diet Zwiemilch necessarily before short. Because my son was three and a half months a surgery for his cleft lip and palate. But he did get on the combination of milks severe abdominal pain which was not at all. I then completely switched to bottle because the more strenuous sucking at the breast does it still hurt"Says one forum participant.

"You just have to look at: How is my child with the convenience foods, it likes her, and it tolerates them well?"Advises midwife Renate Egelkraut. Not only the Zwiemilch mixture, the convenience food itself can cause problems. "Some babies may have the flavor of milk food or not reject the bottle itself." Parents should also expect that babies precipitates change. "The chair has a different color or smell. The intestines of many baby comes not cope with the convenience food, they get pain."

The Zwiemilch mix also when it is well tolerated impact: When a baby in addition to breast milk gets industrial baby food, his gut reacts as if it only would get the bottle: scientists observed that the intestinal flora and bowel habits so-called ( chair, stool frequency) of Zwiemilch babies corresponds to the fed on full bottle babies.

Does breast milk back from supplementation?

If a child Still additionally gets the bottle, breast milk amount can thus go back though. "I breastfed my daughter seven months and supplemental feeding. This has worked well at first, but then she has weaned himself. Probably the mother's milk not 'worth' up for it, because I had the feeling that the amount of milk was now unfortunately become quite small"Says a woman Forum. But this need not be the case: "I feed on, since my daughter is five weeks old, because I had the feeling that they do not have enough milk. And even if it has puzzled my midwife: But I got through the supplementation rather more milk. I did not have to increase the daily number of vials in the last eight weeks", Another mother reported satisfactory.

Can Zwiemilch lead to nipple confusion?

The nipple confusion is often defined differently. Most means that a child who is supplemental feeding, the bottle nipple over the breast preferred and reject the breast. This risk can be reduced by one-hole teat, which does not make the chest so much competition because the child must adopt a little while sucking also parents. It should also not be fed in the first four weeks, so that the child has learned first stable drinking at the breast. Is a former supplementation necessary, many midwives recommend instead the bottle rather feeding with a little glass, with the tiniest quantities of milk (always so much, how can swallow the baby without choking) are placed in the baby's mouth.

"but the so-called nipple confusion is usually not a problem that has to do only with the bottle nipple. In my experience the problem lies in these cases anywhere in the whole system of parent and child"Explains midwife Egelkraut from Cologne. "Often in communication with the child stress or a kind of combat situation arose. One must therefore look at how can order coming into the relationship. Sometimes, it is enough avoid disturbances in the environment, such as noise and restlessness. Breastfeeding or feeding a baby is a very intimate moment. needs a dialogue, confidence and tranquility." Parent and child would thereby also take time to gradually get to know, come into contact. Even advice from outside might interfere with this, the Cologne midwife.

Mixed feeding - it works best

Some of the obstacles that may arise during the Zwiemilchnahrung, can also be avoided. If parents choose to Zwiemilch, they should therefore consider some things:

  • If the mother is present at the baby meal, minimize its first ever silent (both breasts), and then enter the vial. Breastfeeding may not last too short here, so not only thirst-quenching foremilk, but also the more substantial hindmilk is drunk. The milk production is all the more excited.
  • How parents can start the first time with the bottle depends on the child: "For some babies it works better if they have a particularly alert and experimental phase, in others it is easier if they are just sleepy"So midwife Egelkraut.
  • For the bottle parents take best Prémilch or HA Prémilch, for it is the mother's milk is most similar.
  • "The bottle teats should be rather small and possibly breast similarly shaped, not flattened"Advises Renate Egelkraut. He should also have only one hole, so that the child something has to make an effort when vacuuming, similar to the chest. Otherwise, sucking on the bottle is to be comfortable and attractive, which (to refuse the breast"nipple confusion") can lead.
  • In the first seven days of life, a certain, very acidic intestinal flora developed in the child. At this stage no artificial baby milk should be given, because it interferes with this important development.
  • Supplementary feeding should parents only when the breast has harmoniously adjusted to the demand, ie for. B. is no longer firm. "This is often four to six weeks of case"Explains midwife Egelkraut. Even breast-feeding should already possible straightforward run, before thinking to the supplementary feeding. Because if a baby can routinely drink to the chest, also prevents this one nipple confusion.
  • The bottle teats should the child not be given directly into the mouth, but parents can touch the suction tip, the lower lip of her baby, like it happens with the nipple before breastfeeding. "This solves most optimal grasping of the nipple by baby's mouth"Explains Renate Egelkraut.
  • Thus the bottle - like the breast - smells good to Mama, parents can wrap with a cloth or piece of clothing that has been worn, the mother on the skin.
  • The majority of the food should be breast milk, only the smaller part of bottles of milk so that the milk supply is not excessively braked.