Most women (and their men) are very excited about the new splendor that conjures them into the pregnancy cleavage. But often the disillusionment after weaning: The breasts are small, sagging or even asymmetrical. What to do?

Baby with a lot of changes - including the breasts

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In Urbia forum Userin complains "an.n.": "During my two pregnancies I could enjoy a shapely female body. Well, 4.5 months after weaning my second child, I have no breasts, but skin flap. I'm so sad..." As you is how many women because few are blessed with the luck that the old size, shape and firmness of the breast is established again after pregnancy and lactation. the bosom that after Babyglück changed, that is not unusual, but perfectly normal. We investigate the causes to the bottom and give tips on how you should deal with the decline of the cup size.

Not breastfeeding is to blame!

Contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding lead to a "sagging breasts" makes rather have the pregnancy for a change in the bust. Because even in this time, the body prepares for the subsequent breastfeeding: the mammary glands grow, the breast increases in size, the skin stretches. After weaning, the larger chest circumference is purely biological point of view, no longer needed, so that the breast regresses gradually. This process takes place in principle in the body of each pregnant women from (more or less pronounced) and is independent from breastfeeding. Without breastfeeding, this process is set in motion after the birth, otherwise after weaning. How strong the difference in contrast is too early and what shape, size and strength has the new bust, depends on several factors. , For example, on how much the breast is grown during pregnancy and lactation and, like the natural texture and resilience of connective tissue. Besides predisposition, age, diet and cigarette smoking have impact on how the female breast after pregnancy or with age changes. Also, the number of pregnancies and the body mass index of each woman involved.

Preventing the "sagging breasts"

Already during pregnancy can be prevented with a healthy diet and wearing a bra the dreaded "sagging breasts". Andrea Singer, of the same name Hebammenpraxis in Oelde, recommends for the time after birth: "Apart from the exercises for breast lift, which are shown in the postnatal exercises, I advise to cold showers and cold showers to stimulate the circulation of the tissue. Where appropriate, strengthen the breast tissue massages or sports. Swimming and rowing would include sports in which an activation of the chest muscles is given, as well as exercises with expanders. "But while these tips can help to improve, of course they do not conjure miraculously a Pamela Anderson Breast into the cut , Midwife Andrea Singer explains, "Since the breast tissue consists mostly of glandular and fatty tissue and is subject to hormonal influences, physical activities, diet and exercise can lead only limited success."

When making wide discontent

Are you unhappy with the way your bust size has changed after pregnancy and lactation, you can try the following:

  • The refrigerant kick for the décolleté
    Die-hards can cool off with ice cubes her breasts to stimulate blood circulation. If you like it a little softer, the breast tissue strengthens contrast showers, at best, with the massage spray of the shower head.
  • Fitness for the breast
    A simple but effective exercise to strengthen the pectoral muscle: arms bend at shoulder height and press the palms firmly against each other. works similarly to a gymnastics exercise where you hold a rubber band or alternatively a rolled towel horizontally at chest height in front of him and pulls it with all his strength apart. Also recommended are pushups.
  • massages
    With oil (eg, olive oil or massage oil) massage the breast in a circular motion, improves circulation and makes the partner fun.

These tips may not cause 100 percent restoration of the previous form and strength naturally, especially in cases where the pregnancy leave too much tracks and the elasticity has fallen sharply. But with a little discipline and a certain regularity, these measures can at least help in mild cases to improvement.

Beautifully packaged is half the battle

With the right bra is a slightly sagging breasts can easily move back to the right place. For all tastes and budgets in many shops and department stores a wide choice is available. Push-up bras lift the breasts slightly and then put a pretty neckline in any section. Shell bras provide a nice round shape under tight tops. So-called "Minimizer" are intended for women who suffer from a too large breasts. With different sized breasts bra can do with deposits remedy. All these variants have also been held at the swimwear collection, so you can feel comfortable in his skin and in the pool well.

The right attitude makes it

Are you often in front of the mirror and watch from top to bottom with a critical eye? Stop it! Try it rather times vice versa: Think honestly what you like about your own body. Maybe you are particularly proud of your hair, tight slender upper arms, a delightful back ... Or did ask you to list your partner what he really like about you. Maybe you did not even know that he is sweetly your dimples when laughing, or freckles on the shoulders and bouncing belly button while laughing, ... Concentrate to see on the positive, then find it easier on small weaknesses away and take it with humor. They themselves are probably anyway the only one who is bothered by a shrunken cup size, most spouses could not care less and even consider it to be normal when the body of their partner changes after pregnancy. Perhaps he has indeed "mitgeschwängert" a bit and set up a little tummy.

Under no circumstances should you take prominent women as a model, which wipe out their baby weight effortlessly in a few weeks. These women is on the way to the original weight a personal trainer available, in addition nanny, makeup artists, hairdressers and many more. And then but a few pounds at one point or another are too much yet, these are just retouched on the computer before the photo appears on the cover of a magazine.

And let's be honest, it's not a small price, a little bit of losing one's own beauty, for the most beautiful creature in the world: your baby

No Chest: cosmetic surgery does not help against self-doubt

Some women playing with the thought of a breast lift or augmentation, if you are very unhappy with the changing bust size. Of course, there are extreme cases where surgery is medically indicated or if a woman is suffering psychologically much from her chest. However, in the "normal" cases, when an operation is not necessary, a woman should think carefully and weigh. After having a baby you should first wait until a year at least half. In addition, one should be discussed in detail only once - medical and psychological and before too much stiffened on the supposedly perfect bust. Be aware that such a procedure is associated with some operational risks and pain. You can not look after your child is after awhile. And what if the result is not what you expected? Would you do it for yourself or do you think your husband would find attractive then? Considerable costs have to be factored in, depending on the surgical procedure and clinic are the several thousand euros.

Suffers a woman very much under the physical changes after pregnancy, is often a lack of self-confidence fault. In this case, you need not be afraid to seek dialogue with the woman doctor or a psychologist. In conversations, you can explore the reasons for dissatisfaction with your body and learn how to deal with problem areas. A specialist can help you for or against surgical correction also in the decision.