20 small baby teeth break in the first two years of upper and lower jaws of your child. The order is usually the same. We show you can with what little teeth you expect in babies and young children when.

The order of baby milk teeth

Baby milk teeth order

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At some point, the moment when parents feel (usually) the front of the lower jaw of her baby a little hard top comes. The first tooth has arrived!

20 small baby teeth now break sequentially through the next 20 months and you and your baby probably bring one or another sleepless night.

So small and radiant she knows also like to look like so that it stays that way, it is necessary from the first tooth of care. With a cotton swab, a small attachment for the finger or a very soft Kinderzahnbürtste you should introduce a set ritual cleaning teeth from now. 

"The order of tooth eruption is almost always the same, but the breakthrough times can be significantly different from child to child," so the swiss pediatric dentist Markus Schulte on his website.

In this order, the little baby teeth break through

  • Central incisors below: Between 6 and 8 months
  • Lateral incisors below: Between 8 and 12 months
  • Incisors top: Between 9 and 12 months
  • Premolars top and bottom: Between the 12th and 16th month
  • Canines top and bottom: Between the 17th and 19th month
  • Rear jaw teeth above and below: Between 23 and 26 months

Baby teeth order

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Does my child have now been to the dentist?

The German Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery recommends six to eight months after the eruption of the first tooth to go the first time health checks to the dentist.

are the Federation of Pediatric Dentists Tips for your first visit.

Remember the milk teeth how long?

The first permanent tooth breaks through, is a molar tooth in most cases. He can be seen behind the milk molars. He is also known as 6-year molar because it usually comes at the age of about six years. After that, the baby teeth begin to precipitate.