Many pregnant women want to know as early as possible what gender their baby. Can the nub theory ultrasound earlier provide an answer? According to this theory, the doctor can theoretically determine the baby's sex as early as the 12th week of pregnancy when ultrasound. We say what is next.

Which really means Nub?

Nub method Baby Gender

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For a long time had to wait all pregnant until the second ultrasound scan 19 to 22 weeks gestation to finally secure answer to the question "Is it a boy or a girl?" to get. For particularly impatient expectant parents the period of uncertainty by the developed in the late 1990s nub theory can be shortened supposedly nowadays. With her baby's sex can be determined under certain conditions as early as the 12th week of pregnancy around the first trimester screening ultrasound.

"Nub" is only used a small stub

It works like this: All the little boys and girls in the early stage of development a kind of projection or stub (English: nub) in the genital area. In boys, the little bead starts from about the eighth week of pregnancy to grow by the hormone testosterone and penis and scrotum develop. When a girl emerge from the vault clitoris and labia. However, a difference between the sexes can be until around the end of the 11th week of pregnancy ever seen. For the uninitiated see at this early stage the genitals of both sexes almost the same. However, experienced experts detect even minute differences between boys and girls.

Nub method: doctor calculated angle to the spine

In the assessment of sex doctors help knowledge about the baby genitals pregnancy and the fact that the nub protrudes a bit at this stage for all babies in the first third. The doctor then calculates the angle that the "protruding" Nub describes in relation to the spine of the baby: Displays of Nub with an angle greater than 30 degrees to the spine, the baby is most likely a boy. If the Nub in an angle of less than 30 degrees to the spine, it is parallel, or is directed downwards, it is probably a girl. Some experts also say that they can also draw conclusions about the baby's sex from the length and shape of the Nub: Is the nub end of ramification, leaves the rather close to a girl while a shadow on the nub end for a boy speaks ,

If the gender prediction legitimate?

Basically: Before the 12th week of pregnancy, no reliable statement about the sex is possible because the position of the Nub can change in time almost daily. Dr. But Kai-Sven Heling, gynecologist and specialist in the field of prenatal diagnosis urges caution: "According to legal provisions on genetic diagnostics Doctors are allowed before the 14th week of pregnancy - calculated from the last menstrual period - do not tell parents the sex of the baby." And even then, the expectant mothers and fathers should not rely completely on prognosis. "Is at the nub theory has some truth and many predictions arise with further investigations in the course of pregnancy to be accurate out, but the method is not scientifically really protected"Said Dr. Heling.

Nub theory: Clear image, good ultrasound device, experienced doctor

But to even be able to reliably determine the sex of the baby, both of Nub and the spine of the fetus must be clearly visible on the ultrasound image - the best is the baby to on the back. Only in this way, the angle between the two can actually measure. the baby turns during scarf Lens or covered it the belly with his little arms, the doctor has no chance. In addition, a high-resolution ultrasound device is necessary for the Nub method and a doctor who is experienced in the evaluation of ultrasound images. So if a prenatal diagnosis in the experienced doctor analyze a recording of a high-resolution ultrasound image in his specialist practice, which is more trustworthy than the evaluation of a blurry photos of a technically rather average ultrasound.

DEGUM II is qualified physician

How do you recognize an experienced doctor? This is difficult, because in ultrasonic qualifications of doctors, there is still no uniform standards. However, in the DEGUM, the German Society for Ultrasound in Medicine, doctors can take an exam and acquire a certificate DEGUM. Depending on the requirements there are doing the steps DEGUM I, II and III. For stage II DEGUM - be relevant to the nub method condition - needs a doctor very high resolution ultrasound equipment and a Doppler device experience with the diagnosis of malformed fetuses must demonstrate and undergo certain tests. Much of the established Gynecologists has no DEGUM recognition. However, there is on the website of DEGUM a directory of certified physicians in Germany.

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