What requirements must meet couples who want to adopt a child? Urbia looked behind the scenes, talking to an adoption facilitator.

Child adopt in Germany: The initial inspection

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Many couples decide after years of infertility for adoption. What is the procedure? What requirements must be met? Urbia spoke with an employee of an adoption agency in North Rhine-Westphalia. How old is the adoption willing be? "There must be a in any case Parent-child relationship be produce. People who are well over 40 years old have to get little chance of an infant or toddler"Explains the expert. In the exchanges will be taken to ensure that the age gap between new parents and the child is no more than 35 to 40 years. Down the ages, however, is defined as one of the partners at least 21 and the other 25 years must be old.

If couples want to adopt a child, they must be married. Even individuals could (minimum age is 25 years) in the Adoption application process get in, but they have fewer opportunities than married couples. In any case, there are many more adopters than actually mediating children. The Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden announced that at the end of 2009 818 children and adolescents were referred for adoption. You were offset by 7,139 adoption applications: In a pre-annotated for adoption child accounted for about nine adoption applicants. In general, the number of adoptions in Germany continues to decline. In 2009 3.888 adoptions were carried out, of which just over half (52 percent) were step-parent adoptions.

Those who want to adopt a child, you must first contact with the adoption agency (all youth welfare offices, Diakonie and regional youth offices or independent providers such as medium), which is responsible for their own residence. There is an initial inspection is performed. It must be presented, among others, health certificates, income notices and police certificates. Someone who is mentioned in the sexual abuse of children, which could of course adopt a child. "The review of the formal criteria but is the least. In the subsequent individual and group discussions is to find out whether the couple can ever deal with one adopted child; whether it is as strong to cope with difficult situations", Adoption facilitator explains. At the consultations, at least one home visit with the candidates comes. More and more exchanges lead meantime preparatory seminars where the couples have to attend. For the exchanges it is important to assess the quality of the discussions in partnership to meet the education requirements and to clarify the attitude to the biological parents.

Many couples feel this test method to be very uncomfortable, do the expert. It go but that which Limits of adoptive parents to recognize. Candidates who clear vision of the "their" have a child, must be disappointed. Because it was not a question of finding a suitable child for the parents. Rather, it is the task of the adoption agencies to find suitable parents for each child.

Adopted child can not be a substitute for child physical well

"The adopted child can not be a substitute for the natural child. The own childlessness must be processed"Says the expert. For this reason, adoption applicants can also no commitment get if and when they can adopt a child. There is, thus assuring the adoption facilitator, no waiting lists. If the couple as "suitable" is assessed, it must apply in writing with all other adoption agencies - and hope.

"time to think" the biological mother

A woman who decides during pregnancy to release her child for adoption, has eight weeks "time to think"Even if the infant is already in the adoptive family. Within this period, she also has parental authority and can demand the return of her child again. If it remains in their decision, they must sign a notarized consent form (and after changing the Child Law and the father). "It is one voluntary decision mother. Sometimes it also happens that the consent form to sign only after one year", The adoption facilitator.

Beginning of the adoptive care

Once a child comes into the adoptive family, begins "adoptive care" - the child lives with a view to adoption in the family. The exchange accompanied the new parents and the child and watched on as the family grows together. The adoptive parents must submit a notarized application for acceptance of the child in family court. This is seek the opinion of the adoption agency and possibly a report of the youth office before then finally the "Adoption as a child" agrees by the adoptive parents.

foster children

Something else the method looks at foster children. The expert gives an example: "A child is taken for various reasons from social services in custody, comes into the home and later in a family that takes it into permanent care. If the mother decides to release her child for adoption, then the foster family adopt the child. From the time we care. An adoption care period, the family gets no more maintenance money" Older children who are up for adoption, initially would have a parent-child relationship with her new family set up. This is the prerequisite for the adoption procedure ever went into effect.

Are donating mothers cared for?

But how does it actually made taking care of the donor mother? "We offer women counseling sessions, we also accompany them to the notary. If they wish, we also with in the delivery room. However, the decision has to make himself any"So the answer. Sometimes there was for years contact with the mother, the letters or gifts to their child gives off, which then would go and derived by the adoption agency - provided the adoptive parents agree to such a semi-open adoption one.

Adoptions are under German law, however, always first so-called incognito adoption, i the adoptive parents remain anonymous, parents and adoptive parents learn not know each other. Only in the open adoption exists between the physical and the immediate adoptive parents contact.

"Even though it was an incognito adoption, sometimes develop later contacts"Says the expert. Thus, a biological grandfather had, for example, for years met with his grandchild and his adoptive parents in the premises of the adoption agency. Eventually, the adoptive parents invited the grandfather to his home.

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