Whether held by bride's parents, parents of the groom or good friends - a speech still is good form at a wedding reception. But in the short and sweet.

Wedding speeches funny and serious: Traditionally the bride's father

Speaking at wedding

What would a wedding without a festive speech? Traditionally, the bride's father directed in each case, the word of the wedding couple, are in deliberate sets some anecdotes about the "baby girl" award, perhaps dedicated to the first encounter with his son today, he naturally welcomed, including its relationship warmly in the family.

He directs his gaze to the future, wishes the cheers couple all the best to the guests a beautiful ceremony and raises his glass to toast usually before the second gear with the devoutly listening audience. If the pastor or an ecumenical ceremony perhaps even both clergy are present, then the wedding community has sometimes even before the food has a short prayer or some wishes for the newlyweds.

Seconds out for the speaker-dance

The wedding speech from the father of the bride is over, now is the wedding speech from the father of the groom's turn. he also likes are some pranks and embarrassments of his son at the best and is the daughter-in addition to kinship welcome.

The applause and heartfelt hugs follows now again a toast to the bride and groom. After that, the lectern is free for all other eloquent guests who do not want to miss the opportunity to address a few personal words to the newlyweds.

Whoever finds the right tone?

Who gets abdominal pain because of this strict speech order, which was said today all this is seen not as close. In many cases, the groom or the bride with the dance of the speeches begin - if both are too excited, they stand up together and welcome as a duo their guests, thank you for coming and the gifts and wish all a lot of fun.

Wedding speech bride's parents: It is also no shame in the bride's father or father of the groom are too nervous or shy to speak in front of such a large group. Maybe their wives are much more nervous or make the sound better anyway than the husband who would have previously maybe a little Dutch courage.

Now perhaps comes from some bride fathers the argument: "But a speech is expected of me." The times, however, are largely past in which had grown men talk because of the etiquette around his neck otherwise thankfully. This embarrassment is today spared usually untrained keynote speakers and the audience.

It'm talking about, who wants: Rather more the principle applies. However, those who wish to send their word to the newlyweds, deny before, so not all fall at the same time to the microphone. The master of ceremonies will certainly be happy to order.

Reading - just boring

However, it must be followed a few basic rules. In order not to strain the attention of the audience too much, the talk should last no longer than five minutes. Although the speech was written down, it should not be read from the sheet - too quickly one falls then in the wake of the monotony.

More suitable because little cards on which the main key points are noted: One speaks of free and still not lose the thread. Who is nervous, which is already happy if he can hold on to something - and if it is only the cheat sheet. And once you've started to speak, then the excitement is mostly subsided quickly.

Search eye contact

It is also nice if you're looking for eye contact with the person addressed. Who has more of a soft voice, the speech should recite out loud at home. Of course, you should also appeal to the bride and groom or the guests personally.

Phrases like: "Dear newlyweds, we are happy here to celebrate with you today" are more beautiful than words such as "We have gathered here today to celebrate with the bride and groom the event."

Personally, it must be

What is true for other speech events, meets in a very significant extent for the wedding celebration: There must quietly humorous and must be personally especially. Not marriage per se and as such, but the newlyweds Annette and Thomas is the focus. Perhaps you can surprise Angetraute and guests with delicacies from the lives of the two.

Or how was that with the years of contention today's bride: "Me and marry? No way?" Of course, the topic "How did the two of them met for" always like to put into words.

Wittiness has its limits

With all humor that you want to create the environment must not be forgotten. For example, if the best man else like styling his friend with rough but friendly intentioned names, then it should be clear to him that the formulation: "You old bastard, now you're under the hood" in this stylish ambience does not fit.

Without This applies: The wittiness is well aware of limits. No bride will be happy if the assembled team learns that she vomited on the doorstep of the pub at the last meeting with her friends. The personal feelings of the couple is in any case in the foreground, it is less about self-expression of the speaker. So: No joke at the expense of others.

No stilted sentences

Also, remember that your audience much rather hear a lively speech as a stilted. You as a person should still be seen behind the choice of words. If you are otherwise not fond of foreign words, then you should not use them now. Mix elaborate sets with sloppy formulations and use them long and short sentences in exchange; Moreover, you should vary the volume.

If you support the spoken words with gestures and facial expressions, they want to make quiet a break eye contact and smile in the round, then you hear guarantees you to be happy. And otherwise you follow Martin Luthers advice: "Mach's mouth wide. Occurs resistant. Hör' on soon."