Your wife is expecting a child and you as an expectant father must carry the pregnancy with all its attendant with (s)? Here are tips, which you can actually help the expectant mother by your side.

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Of course, pregnancy is not a disease, but side effects can still occur. Even when it comes for these side effects to the physical and mental well-being of women, even men are affected. So you prefer expectant dad, you know, what can get all of you, we have compiled the most important "construction sites" for you.

1. The first few weeks can be bad

Nausea caught nearly 75 percent of all pregnant women - especially in the first three months. Some is only in the morning or evening poorly, others suffer the whole day under severe nausea. Researchers suspect that especially the pregnancy hormone HCG is responsible. Wonder you so do not, if the proposed restaurant visit or other activities with the phrase "I feel so bad" are canceled. Take this unpleasant nausea seriously and be there for your loved one! Bring your morning toast, dry biscuits or crisp to the bed and take advantage of every moment in which your wife for food, prepare her something tasty. Because blood sugar levels should not be too much to fall, as this can also lead to nausea.

2. I smell something you do not smell!

Has your wife suddenly transformed into a "good nose"? They "scents" even the lightest scent and takes odors with once changed and intense true. the Parmesan was much loved, until recently, he has now mutated into a stink bomb. In vanilla scent your partner the bile comes up and some odors paralyze them formally before nausea. In summary, one could say that your wife stinks tremendously.
Care of fresh air! Be careful not to "bother" your partner with heavy scents like barbecue air, smoke, strong perfume, garlic or similar to. A short walk outdoors can often help. Or do you offer to a cut lemon or ginger to smell. Most pregnant women like this smell and feel it as fresh and clarifying.

3. Himmelhoch shouting, dying of sorrow

There are days when you do not know how you done? Just now your wife has been laughing heartily and the next song that sounds on the radio, she bursts into tears. Few minutes later, the little heap of misery is then mutated into a bitch who is insulted you for everything and apparently only dissatisfied.
Do not try to understand the emotional life of a pregnant woman. Accept it! For your wife is this emotional chaos, driven by hormonal, physical and emotional changes, at least as bad. Honest discussions about the Gefühlswirrwar, a tight hug and beautiful, common activities often help to create positive mood. If your little hormone bomb but to be bitchy, you may also simply take cover times. Then go to your wife better out of the way, rather than to engage in discussions or disputes. This benefits no one at this moment and does not do and the unborn child well.

4. pickled herring with Nutella

The myth against the sour cucumber consumption by pregnant women is as high or low as that of non-pregnant women. But what is true: Expectant mothers often have cravings or special culinary cravings that are different, however, from woman to woman.
If you want to make a pregnant woman happy, procure their current favorite dish! Too bad that you can rarely prepare. Because so full of the refrigerator may be - usually the cravings aimed precisely at what is out there. But perhaps the supermarket is still on or yes you get the strawberry ice cream and chips for dessert so at the gas station around the corner ...

5. Time for tenderness

Especially in the first three months of the pregnant woman usually feels unwell from reasons already mentioned. It happens so much with their bodies that often just the thought of sex no longer takes place. In some women, this will change quickly, others fight all the time with the pregnancy side effects. Often from a certain baby belly size, the men have inhibitions to continue to have sex with your wife. Pregnancy is again unpredictable every time and also for the couple now and then a challenge.
therefore put in this time much emphasis on affection, cuddling and togetherness! Often in such moments, the desire for sex developed. If not, will inventive. Do not push it, but let you come up with alternatives to spoil each other.

6. What was that again?

Although all talking about the so-called dementia Still, it's a pregnancy dementia in reality! Because during pregnancy, the science now knows it is due to hormonal processes in an actual memory deficit.
The forgetfulness that women experience later during lactation is simply a reaction to the lack of sleep. so do not take it ill of your wife when she forgot a common date, your favorite yogurt when shopping or even the front door key to the apartment. Laughing together on their short-term clumsiness and remember them when important dates are pending.

7. round is beautiful

During the next ten months, waist and abdomen your partner turn into big curves. The buttocks and thighs store now also fat and water. Many women feel so unattractive with pregnancy progresses, her body may not and are afraid that her partner finds her "new" character rather repulsive. What your wife needs now: Admire her curves and tell her what it is for a beautiful pregnant woman! Teach her gaze to the new benefits your partner (for example, on her bosom) and show her that she is pretty as a picture as before. Maybe you begrudge your loved ones a little shopping tour for two and looking from join her chic maternity wear.

8. nesting instinct

Arm yourself for the last weeks of pregnancy. Because even if it is not scientifically proven, yet most women the "nesting instinct" caught. Starting with the big housecleaning, for the purchase of the new children's room, including all accessories to major renovation with painting anything is possible. Many women get to the end of ten months again an energy boost, which they like to live in the nesting instinct. For this they often forget that they are pregnant and have nothing more to search on a ladder.
Introduce yourself to your wife as a companion and helper are available. Looking together the nursery for your baby out, build up the furniture and help her in decorating. Leave your wife carry anything heavy and take care that they are not overworked in their urge.

9. The birth - being there is everything

Nowadays, most men are present at the birth of their children. But what you can really do for your wife while she is in labor and have a baby? In short: Just be doing there and whatever your wife wants. There is only one rule in the delivery room: Your wife is the boss! Do not contradict her it bear to be yelled at and suffer bruises on the hands, if your wife has the contractions. Do not forget it, from time to eat a snack and a drink - or you'll kippst around before your offspring came into the world. And: Hang in there! The whole process takes an average of the first child around 13 hours. After that you may you finally proudly call "Papa".