Hipster men dream of the new iPhone, teens pilgrimage to Primark- or Hollister stores, now ordinary house persons have their hype object: It goes by the name Thermomix, employed the media and makes buyers in the battle for discounters -Nachbauten violent furies. We find the hype sevenfold absurd.

1 kitchen tool instead of a cult object!


Photo: © Vorwerk

What can the Thermomix what ordinary knives, graters, rod and hand mixer or Teigknetgeräte not able? Cutting into small pieces, chop up, puree and cook, which create our proven kitchen gadgets but also. So why pay for the original Vorwerk 1,100 euros if we for our daily needs can have the whole thing so much cheaper and individual well?

2. replicas: only few are chosen

The Aldi replica of its own brand "Studio" sloshed early November due to popular demand in a second wave of selling in the stores, but only for customers who empty went out in the last round and pre-ordered in writing. And competitor Lidl brought his Thermomix clone "Monsieur Cuisine" only in a few selected stores in southern Germany. As of December there's the replica here but in the online shop. Alternatively, many remains as only the views of ebay - where the replicas are often hawked at black market prices. This sales policy makes responsible consumers manipulable Shopping junkies who obey the market compliant.

3. Thermomix or replica? A question of money

Question: How can it be that between the replicas of Aldi and Lidl (199 €) and the original Vorwerk (1,100 €) are a whopping 900 €? Answer: The real Thermomix has automatic program can cut AND stir and has a digital cookbook. Even beautiful, all that. But such a device is probably more for the higher earners or those with approaching wedding or birthday round at the door. Anyone who has a cheap discounter model could be as downright "poor" feel.

4. In fact, "Cooking made easy"?

The spiritual fathers (or mothers were the about?) From Thermomix advertise with the triad "is quick, simple and perfect success", For cooking beginners but the unit is really no easy answer: A minimum of kitchen experience and knowledge of the interaction of food and its properties you should already bring. For who knows when cooking beginners, for example, that even a drop of egg yolk messed up the egg whites?

5. Future gathering dust

Today, top, tomorrow flop? we look back and remember all the big and small kitchen gadgets without which we once believed, not cooking, baking, enjoy - oh what: to live. What became of sandwich maker, ice maker, egg topper and dried fruit-machine? They are in the basement or in the far corner of the kitchen cupboards and gathering dust. Not a few Thermomix devices blooms the same fate when once the hype has settled. Betting?

6. The myth of the timesaving

wash fruits or vegetables, snip, prepare other foods. The need also the owner of the Thermomix, the work he does not take them off. Its appeal is to lie in the time savings during simmering. But even in Normalo households cook casseroles, soups and pots of jam out in front of him without chef or cook stay for hours stop there. Also: While Thermomix cooks the main course, and even the other parts of a meal must be prepared well: salad or schnitzel "can" Thermomix not (yet?).

leaves 7. A customer who wishes

In many consumer forums, customers complain about the poor customer Vorwerk: First you hang for hours in the hotline loop determines when detailed questions no one will call you back, then the competence of the staff for complaints is not clear. Well, at that price, the customers of the Thermomix original have certainly expected a better service.