At least 13 kilos of weight gain during pregnancy are considered normal. After birth can "Mrs" the extra pounds but not lose weight overnight again. Here you will learn how to get rid of the Mummy kilos relaxed again.

Pregnancy: Losing weight after giving birth

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If the newborn baby only once on the belly of happy mother, the scope of it is irrelevant - at least for a short time. But midwife Alexandra Kozma observed that for about half of the women her figure and weight loss is again subject quickly. "I'll try here again relaxation to bring into the situation." The first exercises for abdominal and pelvic floor can already be carried out in childbirth and women are doing this well. "It is not possible for all women to focus on their child once, I meet in my back training courses always women who sign up after eight weeks in the gym. Since I can talk blue in the face to me, "said Kozma. "I've been trying so in the prevention, to address the issue of weight."

Regression takes time

In the past nine months, the body has changed incredibly. Since it is only understandable that he did not after a few weeks we look before. Nevertheless, one can have a competition for the fastest return observe the old weight not only in reports from Hollywood, but also in many Internet forums.

At least the time of pregnancy, nine months women should give themselves and their bodies time to get back to gain some extent a "normal state" and remove the pregnancy pounds. If a mother still breastfeeding even longer. "Up to this time, no amount of regression processes underway," says Alexandra also Kozma.

The pad has a purpose

Mothers who do not breastfeed their infants who need created by the body is not great, so can earlier deal with their weight and go on a diet. Theoretically, because Edith Gätjen points to something else: "Women should take care that they need 24 hours a day calm and patience. If they are then too busy with starvation and occupy themselves, lack the attention for the child and they get a bad mood. However, each woman must decide: What stresses me more? My child, or that I do not fit into my old jeans? "

Especially in the early days so it is sensible not to eat too little to keep up your strength. Has only recorded everything with the child, is early enough to play sports while the child is there to support them from Dad or grandparents and can be bottle fed time.

Breastfeeding too much weight loss

Little easier have it because the mothers who breastfeed. Your calorie needs will increase by a whopping 530 calories a day - one more requirement, which is twice as high as that in the pregnancy. The increased consumption during breastfeeding about a kilo a month disappear in most cases, all by themselves. Nursing women should, however, in no circumstances below her starting weight at the start of pregnancy. Otherwise the old depot fats are activated for milk production, that are contaminated with pollutants, which then pass into breast milk. "Perfect is when one is back after a year where you were before," says nutritionist Gätjen. 'The institutions will eventually also need a year to be back where they belong. "

Tips: How to get healthy through the first year

Breastfeeding or not. Fact: The first year of a child is one of the most exciting but also stressful for a woman. A healthy diet is especially important now.

  • Eat regularly:
    Who eats regularly, preventing food cravings, where he usually takes more to himself than needed. Who is the day with the child alone, it might make the evening pre-cook something or can at least ask the partner to make breakfast.
  • exercise regularly:
    With the child through the park boosts your circulation and is healthy for mother and child. Especially with the first child you can still easily arrange for walking with prams bedtime babies.
  • Adjust food Quantity:
    In addition to breastfeeding sometime porridge fed consumes a woman naturally lower in calories - even when you get used to the many food. Then there should be no three loaves of bread for breakfast to be better longer, but prefer something more fruit.
  • omit superfluous:
    Who writes down a week times what it during the day so eats and drinks will be amazed at how many calories are hiding alone in the drinks. Leading the charge: the latte macchiato with about 250 calories. That's half the calories that I may indulge me extra as breastfeeding and more than I need, in addition as a pregnant woman!
  • Staple food should remain such and have fewer calories:
    Eat yogurt with fresh strawberries instead of finished strawberry yogurt with lots of sugar, whole-grain bread instead of croissants, milk instead of cocoa.
  • The baby shows the way:
    The ideal nourishment will for babies is after the milk from five meals consisting of vegetables and fruits with whole grains. Who feeds with the same components, have a healthy diet. This might look like on a day like this: milk, fruit purée and potato-carrot meat porridge for the child, yogurt, banana and potato soup with sausages for mom.

Outlook: Eat healthy with the child

introduce a child in his second year of life aware of the food from the family table, is also a chance to make their own use of the food conscious.

  • Take the time to really sit down to dinner with the whole family at a table and enjoy a home-cooked meal.
  • Check what's on your plate. Replace spicy, sweetened or fatty finished products with fresh, natural foods and verwerden plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Be a role model. If you do not want your child lots of nibbles, also help but the handle in the candy can.

The pounds tumble then still not on its own, the chance that they melt slowly but is very large!

One should never forget young parents but: Food has, besides the pure food intake also still another function. Nearby, socializing and enjoyment. The family pack ice cream do not do well the pregnancy pounds maybe. Exhausted set after a full day with your partner on the sofa together and enjoy an ice cream, but it is more important than any calorie table anyway.