Like almost everything is healthy and helps to more harmony, also autogenous training is ideal, to prepare for the day of birth.

Auditory training helps relax

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Like almost everything is healthy and helps to more harmony, also autogenic training is great, to prepare for the day of birth. Yet even in pregnancy, it helps to avoid many major and minor aches and pains or better - as a sleep aid or back problems, whether as an aid to the birth of fear or just to relax and feel good.

Autogenic training is based on the fact that certain thoughts cause body reactions or influence. Although autogenic training ultimately the cures of the ancient Asian civilizations its roots (think yoga). However, there is also a whole new system because it requires no ideological and religious character. Thus, it is applicable to every human being, regardless of the culture he comes from - which is also more than 40 years ultimate goal of its founder, the doctor Professor J.H. Schultz was.

Autogenic training is not magic

Anyone who has tried it knows that no magic in the game is that if you focus a few minutes on the idea that the right arm is faaaaaar heavy, it actually feels after a short time like a lead weight. The same also works with the left arm and finally with the legs. The next exercise step heat is sent to all four limbs, and soon tingles and it flows pleasantly through the arms and legs. "Even those who before birth takes time for the course only a few weeks, can do much to achieve the big day," said the relaxation therapist Elisabeth Müller from Wuppertal Birthplace. "What matters is that you can really opens inwardly for this method - and exercise course daily."

Recurring formulas

The central element is the autogenic training recurring formulas ( "I'm perfectly calm, right arm is very heavy, left arm is very heavy," etc.). If you have purchased after some time of practicing the feeling of lying in a warm bath and barely able to move a limb sheer Wohligkeit and relaxed seriousness, come by and by the further steps of pulse and breathing are calmed and harmonized, the " solar plexus "(area of ​​the solar plexus in the region of the sternum end) is heated and cooled, the end - again with the help of spoken silently and constantly repeated formulas.

The silent dialogue with the unborn child

Many pregnant women register pleased that, thanks to the autogenous training still exist even in late pregnancy chances of restful sleep: "The first three formulas in bed at night" meant "bringing many women to fall asleep quickly," said course instructor Elisabeth Müller. However, warmth and relaxation make often the evil pinching and tangles in the back tolerable that causes the severe expectant belly. But perhaps the most significant aspect of autogenic training for the pregnant woman: "It develops self-confidence and trust in their own bodies, which is quite important for a good birth and of course, reduces the anxieties," the experience of relaxation therapist. "It also gets a more direct contact with their child, because they are so focused during the breathing exercise on the belly." In addition, every pregnant woman can formulate a positive rate of birth in silence, which she keeps in a state of relaxation always in mind and in she feels in her imagination. It is all set up and a good measure of spiritual power in the birth.

Autogenic training as long as possible

The formulas for more relaxation and well-being are also an ideal and especially lightweight luggage for the day X when the child finally comes. "Even still, the pregnant woman during labor can make autogenic training, as long as they want it and creates," said Mueller. And not infrequently, it even happens that the woman asleep under the labor and power fuels for the next effort - and so their child goes to meet gradually more rested and very gently.


Autogenous training for pregnant women is offered by some birth centers, urban or confessional family education centers, community colleges and some maternity hospitals. Commercially also a great wealth of accompanying books is available.