If a couple wants a baby, both hope most is that it also works with the rapidly becoming pregnant. The wait comes to mind not easy. Urbia gives tips so it does not take longer than necessary.

How do I become pregnant? About the best time

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Although women have become pregnant for thousands of years without knowing much about ovulation and fertile phases. But a little knowledge of the cycle can shorten the wait on baby.

Ovulation is in most women twelve to 16 days before menstruation. especially the five days before ovulation are fertile (because the sperm can wait several days in the fallopian tube) and one to two days later. A view of a fertility calendar makes it easier to calculate.  

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But the timing of their own ovulation does not always correspond to the average values ​​of the calendar. Those who want to know more, performs three months a basal temperature in a cycle sheet. Although only says when one's ovulation was (because the temperature only one to two days after rises), but a woman learns so their cycle know well and know the future when their ovulation is expected.

When are pregnant? Focus on ovulation

Also ovulation test strips help to know the time of ovulation. They measure the ovulation-inducing hormone LH (luteinizing hormone) in urine and its rise (fat test line) just before ovulation. However, one would like to highly reliable, you have to measure twice a day, and that goes into the money. More complex work cycle computer. They are particularly suitable for women with a cycle length of 23 to 35 days. Especially reliable ones are supposed to be models that take into account both the basal body temperature and hormone secretion in their calculations. Also, they are not cheap to purchase and maintenance.


As the becoming pregnant works best? 

How to become pregnant? Body and soul relieve!

The more an egg "hops", The greater the likelihood of becoming pregnant. When trying to conceive, women can decide whether they want to replace their old amalgam fillings with plastic, ceramic or gold. There are research findings that mercury-containing amalgam fillings in the teeth may be the cause when a woman has a rare ovulation.

Well, it is, of course, though the breath is unencumbered as possible. Small amounts of solvents or wood preservatives from furniture, flooring, wall paintings, ceiling beams, as well as vermin protection in woolen carpets are found in almost every home. Here, the airing, in which the windows are fully opened several times a day for five minutes helps.

What healthy teeth have to do with the baby wish

A checkup at the dentist benefits the baby desire. Because chronic inflammation in the mouth strain on the body well into the germ cells. Scientists also suspect a connection at very early miscarriages in women. Herd of tooth roots or gums are unfavorable in men: for example, during oral sex germs can ascend into the woman's vagina and into the uterus, where they interfere with implantation. In addition, the sperm quality can suffer a permanent infection.

Ova do not like night shifts

Women in whom pregnancy can perhaps slow in coming, they should avoid: night shifts. Because the brain needs plenty of natural light, so the release of the ovulation-inducing hormone LH is stimulated. If you miss the daylight for the most part, but works at night, however, the body produces more melatonin. But this hormone slows the production of LHs. Who has to take night shifts should try to get in phases allocated at least also early or day shifts.

Hormones prefer harmony

When a baby is due, this is a good time to deal a little nicer with it. For plump fertility does not like continuous stress. The adrenaline that is produced here increasingly can inhibit fertility hormones a little. Thus, the eggs ripen more slowly, sometimes ovulation remains out. Well, anything that helps release fears and relieves, such as the easy-to-learn autogenic training and meditation (which after a few weeks is proven to reduce anxiety and stress levels), or yoga, as the fertilizing, for example, "Luna Yoga",

Serenity Islands in everyday life also need the men: sperm are the liveliest and most numerous, if they are not disturbed by too much adrenaline. Relaxation alone is not enough, you should also persuade when trying to conceive a day even to some movement: the relieves stress hormones, and therefore increases in male as little woman's fertility.

makes you fit what sperm

Not just the hormones, vitamins and trace elements, the famous talk to a say in fertility. Sperm like zinc and magnesium in sufficient amounts, which promotes their production and motility. Magnesium is found in whole grain rice, wheat bran, sunflower seeds, whole wheat bread, lentils, nuts, some mineral waters. Zinc is found in seafood, fish, whole wheat bread, corn, oatmeal, eggs and nuts. In a pinch, men can also rely on vitamin pills. Magnesium may continuously, zinc are used only once for 50 days while to replenish the deposit.

Women can ensure that the intake of vitamin E is secured. Without this, the egg in the uterus can not implant. The easiest way to get to the vitamin E high-quality vegetable oils such as corn, wheat germ or safflower oil.

Men do not just need a cool head ...

...but also a cool abdomen, because sperm do not like overheating. At tight jeans, heated car seats in the winter to long hot baths or too frequent visits to the sauna should avoid to have children man. Rather, in the fairy tale settle urologist contrast, today the claim to, cycling make men infertile. If the saddle well adjusted (it should be level and not with the tip pointing up), no fruchbarkeitshemmende effect could be detected.

Healthy habits and a transition to doctor

It is true that many curvy women become pregnant without any problems. However, a part of the women who are well above the normal weight, hormonal imbalances, such as the polycystic ovary syndrome (in which the follicles do not get to jump maturity). Also underweight can adversely affect ovulation and menstruation. The body mass index (BMI) is an indication of whether a change in diet (not diet!) Is announced.

But whether normal weight or not - what is the ideal diet (not only when trying to conceive) from? Orientation is the simple food pyramid becomes narrower upwards: The basis form (full as possible) cereals, the next level includes fruits and vegetables, followed by dairy products and fish. should eat no more than twice a week to eggs and meat, and least sweets, fries and chips.

reduce alcohol

The desire to be Daddy, is to make their own alcohol consumption to the test a good opportunity. Occasionally, a glass of wine or beer is not a problem when trying to conceive. But too much can make to create the male germ cells, it reduces sperm concentration and increased the proportion of malformed sperm. In addition, erectile function, and in the long run, the desire for sex is attenuated.

give the fags jilted

When smoked, however: The desire to have children is a great opportunity to tell the Glimmstengeln farewell. Because only the total abandonment keeps the fertility to a normal level. Even moderate smokers have a much smaller chance of becoming pregnant. The toxins from the smoke hinder fertilization and implantation of the egg. Even male fertility, it is good the last "fluppe" express. Because quitting is known to be not so easy, sometimes support can be important. Has proven useful here as acupuncture.

The doctor check

When a baby is in the planning, a visit to the gynecologist can not hurt. This is especially true when a woman occasionally has trouble with itching, burning or unusual discharge. Because sometimes stuck behind infections that can cause you have to wait longer on baby, such as chlamydia. On this occasion, a woman can also mention if you are taking medication long term, because not all of them get along with the baby desire. Anyone who has thyroid problems, should be adjusted in case of infertility again well with the family doctor, because the thyroid also affects the fertility hormones.

Be careful when Gleitcremes

Last but not least, a word about Gleitcremes: whether they have influence on fertility, it is scientists disagree. However, there are indications that Gleitcremes affect the normal acid environment of the vagina and cervix so that sperm ascend severe or can pass through the cervix. It is safest woman waived during the fertile days on Gleitcremes or oils.


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