I'm pregnant, I can now eat and what does not? The question is probably every pregnant. Fortunately, pregnancy is not a disease and a lot goes on as before. But these 13 things you renounce better.


13 things that pregnant women should not do items

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Do not worry: your baby does not come from withdrawal when you stop smoking during pregnancy. increase cigarette contrast, the risk of miscarriage and double the risk of premature birth. Children of smokers weigh 200 grams less at birth on average and are more susceptible to infections. " Any non-smoked cigarette benefits the child", The assessment of the Cologne-based specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, Dr. Kirsten Benn.

In one study, it was shown in March 2015, 4-D ultrasound images that the unborn child of smokers showed more mouth movements. Normally, these movements decrease with the progression of pregnancy. The researchers suggest that this has to do with the central nervous system of fetuses. In the picture above, the fetus of a smoking mother is seen on the bottom row of the fetus of a non-smoker.

Fetus mother smoking

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Although it is often "a glass is probably not hurt", Is the best solution during pregnancy: Of all alcoholic stay away. Because it can make no exact identification of which amount assumes the embryo through the consumption of alcohol his mother harm. What is certain only: Regular alcohol consumption harms more than just occasional and the more alcohol, the more dangerous for the child. But this does not mean, unfortunately, vice versa: If I approve only now and then a glass of me, my child is not at risk. Even small amounts can already result in growth retardation and disorders of the organ and brain development.


Although excessive weight gain during pregnancy is not advisable - fasting pregnant women should not yet. "From fasting during pregnancy I would advise against principle"Says a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, Dr. Kirsten Benn. Food deprivation is too onerous at this time for mother and child. Nor are advisable fruit or rice daily for dehydration. Today we know that this is not helpful in water retention of the mother. Advised a balanced diet with all the essential building blocks - by fruits, vegetables, salads, whole grains, dairy products, fish and little meat and adequate hydration.


In a longitudinal study of 1,049 mothers Finnish scientists have the effect of licorice in pregnancy studied (February 2017). They found that children of mothers who had eaten quite a lot of liquorice in pregnancy, sections significantly worse in brain development that the girls arrived earlier puberty and brought more weight on the scale. Licorice contains a substance called glycyrrhizic, a natural sweetener from the licorice root, which inhibits a certain enzyme in the body of the pregnant woman. Thus causes the licorice that gets more of the stress hormone cortisol through the placenta into the baby's blood. These effects were observed in mothers, "more than 500 mg glycyrrhizic had brought to them during pregnancy, which are approximately in 100 grams of licorice"As it is called in German Medical Journal. Therefore, the study authors recommend pregnant women strongly against it, licorice to eat during pregnancy.

raw milk cheese

Especially raw milk cheese products made from raw milk (unpasteurized milk), such as raw milk cheese, contain listeria - these are bacteria that can trigger a so-called listeriosis. This is an infection that is old and sick people are dangerous, but also can harm demUngeborenen massively since the excitation cross the placental barrier. Although the infection in pregnant women can be treated with antibiotics, but the listeriosis is rarely recognized because it is not very different from the symptoms of a flu infection. In the leaflet to avoid listeriosis in pregnancy the Ruprecht-Karls University following foods are known as particularly risky: cold meats, salami, sausages and meat pies, food which after cooking a long time (more than 24 hours) were kept ( cold plate), raw meat (tartar), ready-made sandwiches, opened samples of mayonnaise and salad dressing, raw milk and its products, soft cheese, which may be made from raw milk cheeses, such Romadur, Roquefort, Camembert, Brie, etc. (especially the bark thereof), cream cheese (ricotta, feta), mussels and other seafood. Whether a cheese made from raw milk, must be indicated on the package.

Raw meat

Raw meat because of the risk of suffering a toxoplasmosis infection, first should refrain from expectant mothers to the consumption of raw meat, field salad or vegetables wash well and use gloves when cleaning the litter boxes and gardening. Toxoplasmosis infection can lead to hydrocephalus in the fetus (formerly known as water on the brain), encephalitis and inflammation of the liver cause. Pregnant women who want to play it safe, can be tested for antibodies. Or have they already antibodies, there is no risk to the fetus.

Coffee, cola, black tea, energy drinks with caffeine

With caution pregnant women should also enjoy caffeinated beverages. And that includes not only coffee, but also black tea, cocoa, cola and some so-called energy drinks. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) is due to various studies on caffeine consumption during pregnancy to the conclusion that of moderate caffeine intake - greater than 300 milligrams per day - no negative effects are to be expected on the pregnancy. That's about three cups of coffee or six cups of tea per day. A glass of cola contains up to 70 mg of caffeine. The main risk of an excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages is a lower birth weight of the baby. There were also studies that found a link between caffeine consumption and a higher risk of premature delivery.


Caution and restraint should be exercised in pregnant each taking medication. Aspirin, for example, should not and previously occupied only after consultation with the doctor during the last three months of pregnancy. Most important ground rules for dealing with medication for expectant mothers: None of income without having consulted the doctor! Not several medications at the same time and always take the lowest possible dose. Caution: Although herbal medicines - for example, laxatives - are by no means harmless. When prescribing medication, the doctor will always do a risk-benefit assessment.

eating for two

The unbridled appetite of many pregnant women in pickles is already proverbial. Many women experience unprecedented food cravings during her pregnancy, and with the well-intentioned phrase, one must " eating for two" the impression that it was wise to eating along for the baby today. However, nutrition experts advise against excessive calorie intake during pregnancy. Because by excessive weight gain increases the risk of developing a gestational diabetes or preeclampsia increased. Pregnant especially need more protein, vitamins and minerals for their altered metabolism and growth of the child. Therefore, the diet should be varied and provided with lots of fresh food. Beware of too fat diet and sweets.

Tanning Salon

Although brown skin in this country is seen as beautiful: During pregnancy is advised sunbathing both in the wild and on the tanning caution. Because under the altered hormone levels also skin pigmentation changes. Instead of flawless tan this can cause permanent unsightly dark spots. In addition, tanning seekers should always keep the results of numerous studies in mind, after which the skin cancer risk increased significantly through regular tanning visits.

Long-distance travel in malarial areas

Caution is advised during pregnancy even with exotic long-haul destinations. "Due to the relatively high risk to the fetus, pregnant women should not be encouraged in principle to travel to countries with low medical and hygienic standard"Wrote tropical medicine at the University of Rostock in the journal "the gynecologist", is not recommended especially traveling in malarial areas, a special risk of infection also provide hepatitis A, B, D and E are pregnant should of course go away only with adequate vaccine protection -. that is, the vaccinations should be done before pregnancy. For the Standing Committee on Vaccination at the Robert Koch Institute is the recommendation, "that is only to be vaccinated during pregnancy unless clearly necessary."


Diving with compressed air is becoming more and more popular, but it is too risky during pregnancy for both mother and child. For one thing, the pregnant woman is during physical change through such a stressful sport increased risks from, on the other hand the consequences of so-called DCI for the unborn child can not be estimated. When diving small gas bubbles are formed in the blood that are normally excreted through the lungs. However, in the fetus that is not yet possible. Animal studies have shown a link between diving and fruit damage.

Skating, horseback riding, skiing and ball sports

No, says the Cologne specialist in gynecology and obstetrics Dr. Kirsten Benn in pregnant women to sports with injury hazards - such as inline skating, horseback riding and skiing - and sports that require a strong bouncing movement - such as tennis, basketball and other ball game sports. In case of accidents, there is the risk of premature detachment of the placenta, strong hopping can result in too much pressure on the cervix. Suitable sports include walking, running, jogging and swimming.