"Vacation with children is daily life under difficult conditions" is a holiday many parents tested common wisdom. But maybe you just have not found the family holiday that suits you? 10 suggestions for any holiday type, Convenient to adventurers.

What I expect from a holiday?

Holiday Family types

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The kids want to have fun, Mom wants to read in peace and enjoy the hotel that they have to worry about anything, Dad drive a bit of sport and jostling not three times a day at prescribed meal times to the buffet: to find the perfect panacea of ​​family leave is almost utopian. But with a bit of flexibility (this time we do that, the next time that ...), confidence in the future (as long as the children are young, it is so practical, but they are only times older, ...) and tasting spirits (perhaps makes us yes sometimes fun ...) can explore many possibilities for joint travel between deep relaxation and action. How would it be with for example:

1. Convenient: Club holiday in the south

Club Tours, like all inclusive, is for good reasons, a family classic: During the day, Keep the fun for the kids, pool for the parents, the evening entertainment for all, between food and plenty of sunshine - convenient It could hardly be if you just want to laze times maintained one week , Landeskultur you get only in homeopathic doses Club cosmos. Where exactly hotel, pool and beach are, in Majorca, the Canary Islands or Turkey, therefore falls maximum in question significant, what food to pile up on the buffet.

  • For: all not too unsociable sun-seekers whose children can be loved to be entertained by the animation team.
  • Travel time: Depends on how heat-resistant and flexible in scheduling the family. June and September are very hot and not as crowded. In mid-summer is roasted on deck to deck.
  • Getting there: Flight. At Club Koller, take time to rent a car.
  • Info: e.g. under www.clubfamily.de 

2. Varied: Individual Family Travel

With children's program without Club: The more customized version of vacation with child care offers more space and day design options. For instance, in a historical condo complex in the southern French Camargue with a mix of self-catering and restaurant plus age-appropriate programs for toddlers to teens, pool, garden, hiking and cycling routes, riding, water sports on the beach, city trips for the weft culture and shopping. Even pets are allowed.

  • For: Want to appreciate families who do not like Club fray, but connection is not averse Awechslung and for interest due a few hours a day go their separate ways
  • travel timeWith smaller children well in early and late summer, otherwise holidays.
  • getting there: individually
  • Info: for example, www.bambino-tours.de


3. Relaxing: Farm holidays, hiking in Tyrol

The mountain calls even in the summer, this time for walking, and between goats, sheep, cats, dogs and ponies on a farm most of the children are busy very happy. Ergo a worthwhile combination, a farm in the mountains, whether in Austria or South Tyrol, Italy. Many offer additional children's program, horseback riding, carriage rides, night hikes, etc.. convince bacon dumplings, pancakes, macaroni and ravioli hut also guarantees the palate. In winter like you just go back to skiing.

  • For: Animal and nature lovers, energetically moving children or small children who still like can be stowed in the backpack for hiking.
  • travel time: Spring to late summer, depending on the desired temperature for walking
  • getting there: Automobile
  • Info: For example, www.roterhahn.it, www.urlaubambauernhof.at

4. Free (quickly): tents on the Baltic Sea

Kilometers of beach, ocean waves, seashells, sandcastles and the water (keyword inland sea) is always there! The Baltic Sea is ne force, and tents on the sea for many children a freedom dream. In Prerow on the peninsula fish / Darß / Zingst, for example, the water is long shallow, so it was great to play and splash around for even the small (est) s. For society is always taken care of and otherwise the area offers many leisure and exercise opportunities: hiking, biking, Lighthouse shows, art in Ahrenshoop ... On rainy days you go just once in the morning from the car and to Charles Erlebnishof at Rostock or to the Maritime Museum and Ozeaneum in Stralsund.

  • For: Camping and beach enthusiasts who are not prudish - Nudist here for many a matter of course.
  • travel time: Of course the summer holidays. does not give a guarantee on unclouded sun and rain presence abstinence but's.
  • getting there: Car with an attachment. On arrival days during the holidays ALWAYS a lot of traffic and congestion.
  • info: For example, www.vcwmv.de/fischland-darss-zingst

5. It is fabulous: RV trip through fairyland

The Hessian Hanau, birthplace of the Brothers Grimm, to Bremen the German Fairy Tale Road takes some one hundred kilometers through the magical fairyland. Sleeping Beauty Castle, Town Musicians, forests, castles, lumber streets, half-timbered houses: on this tour come true tales and the imagination can flourish. On top there's the wayside events, open-air theater, museums, caves, climbing forest, wildlife and adventure parks - and camping sites for the individual traveler. In summer 2015 a new Grimm Adventure World opened in Kassel also.

  • For: Large and small enjoy traveling fairy tales and RV fans.
  • travel time: Spring to the golden autumn.
  • getting there: Camper or caravan
  • info: Www.deutsche-maerchenstrasse.de with brochure download including spaces.

6. Comfortable: Hausbootferien in Holland

Holiday on the water not would be a dream, a cruise with thousands of other people more? Then maybe sail relaxed on lakes and rivers by houseboat. Is in the home (for example, Mecklenburg Lake) and in many European countries, especially in the Netherlands, including cities stops (Amsterdam, Uetrecht) and water sports events. If you like, packs the bicycles for exploring one with. P.S. .: Dogs are often allowed on houseboats by the way, because you can then really the whole family to be there.

  • For: seaworthy boaters with confidence and nervous when children (recommended: from 6 until teenage) romp across the deck. No license needed.
  • Travel time: tulips in the spring time, good weather
  • Arriving by car; depending on where exactly it go of and go to
  • Info: for example, hausboot.de, www.ferien-auf-dem-wasser.de, www.nautic-tours.de

7. Instructive: Family Language in Scotland

Flawless Oxford English you rather not learn the bitter north of the British Isles well. But in a week language course for all plus a week's trip are between the imposing Highlands, really something to discover famous distilleries and countless haunted castles, the giant Loch Ness and Edinburgh honored for everyone to experience. An extremely worth seeing country - and the food is much better than its reputation!

  • For: families who have fun at the English classes before polynuclear backdrop. (Playful) courses are even for children over 3 years. With older children but certainly more meaningful - and more relaxed.
  • Travel time: Goes well in the summer. Clearly one is from rain not immune, but even know the Scots as midsummer feels.
  • Getting there: Fly to Glasgow or Edinburgh. Then car rental purpose trip. The left-hand traffic brings at least initially the extra adrenaline rush.
  • Info: for example, under www.easy-sprachreisen.de, www.visitscotland.com

8. Daring: City break to Rome

To cities traveling with children are the ghosts: Subject to proper preparation and if you was letting on pace and interests of kids, it was a great thing, say the one. A nerve-sapping battle with plaster tired little ghosts have experienced other. A test can venture in child-friendly Italy. Rome attracts among other things, an interactive museum, a zoo, the versatile Villa Borghese park, of course, the impressive ruins - and ice cream and pasta with tomato sauce till you drop.

For: Also find and the city from a child's perspective exciting to do without parents who are willing to high culture and extensive shopping trips (or this experience separately).

travel time: Outside the sweltering mid-summer in the warm autumn.

getting there: Flight, then public transport

info: For example, www.welcometorome.net/de

9. Adventurous: With Teens in Costa Rica

If there is to be something special, perhaps because the number of additional shared family holidays in the light of a nest aligned prepare teenagers is very manageable, an exciting long-distance travel with a fair amount of action and adventure could be just the thing. South America has as much to offer as the Inca Trail in Peru or an adventure trip in Costa Rica, among other jungle camp, rafting, canopy tour, tree planting and finally rest on the beach.

  • For: Adventurous families with older children who do not need their luck 24 hours Smartphone Entertainment, with knowledge of English - and corresponding budget. 
  • travel time: Between May and September, depending on the region
  • getting there: Flight, then coach or car hire for individual tours
  • Info: For example, www.familien-reisen.com

10. Departed: treehouse vacation, Schaefer carts, donkeys Travel

Hotel, apartment or house are laaaaangweilig? No mood for tent or camper? How about times with a donkey as a travel companion? Donkey walks there are close (for example, Brandenburg, Saarland - good for introductory weekends) how far (Ireland, Romania). Also, a change from the monotony of accommodation: tree houses can be found with varying comfort around the world. Or old-fashioned: Drag with the plan, circus, gypsy or shepherd cars through the country, for example in Switzerland, France, Italy.

  • For: Have all those times really what they want to do something else on vacation and accordingly open-minded children
  • travel time: Good weather
  • getting there: Depending on the target
  • Info: For example, under tiny-houses.de/baumhaus/baumhaushotel, eselwandern.de, www.france-ecotours.com, www.schaeferdorf.de, www.renatour.de

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